Wanna Watch The One Life to Live/All My Children Premieres With These Hotties in NYC?


New York radio station Z100 is offering suds fans the chance to get a glimpse of the premieres of All My Children and One Life to Live ahead of the soaps' April 29 return dates. Oh and get this, the serial's red-hot cast will be present!

At 7 pm EST on April 25, the station is hosting a special event in honor of the two, beloved soaps coming back from the dead. In other Z100/soap news, Bethany Watson of the mega popular Elvis Duran and the Morning Show is slated to guest on OLTL.Watson will play a journalist, who takes on disgraced politico Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser). For more deets on how you can win a chance to attend Z100's AMC/OLTL event, click here.

Photo credit: TOLN

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    I would so love to do this, but they usually only pick women for this kind of thing. Would love to see some soap stars though! The last OLTL star I saw was Lenny Platt (Ex-Nate) on the train one morning.

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