Jeff Kwatinetz Talks Online Distribution, Business Models and Social Soaps With Forbes

All eyes in the entertainmernt business community are on Prospect Park's Jeff Kwatinetz, as the CEO's potentially game-changing plan to bring daily soaps online gets ready to kick off with the April 29 returns of One Life to Live and All My Children. Kwatinetz recently gave an exclusive interview with Forbes about the ambitious venture every soap fan is hoping he can pull off. Here are a few excerpts:

On why Prospect Park's The Online Network (TOLN) chose to launch with soaps:

"First of all, I love the soaps.  But they also presented us with an opportunity to take a property that has an extremely loyal, long-term fan base and resurrect it in a new format.  Taking One Life to Live and All My Children online was a chance for us to make these shows great."

On choosing online distribution over more traditional models:

"There’s a great advantage to online distribution. For starters, we don’t have to deal with region by region markets for distribution. We also eliminate carriage and distribution fees by going online. Our programs will still reach an extremely large audience, who don’t need to have a DVR to access our programs. Fans can access the content whenever, wherever."

We're pulling for ya, J. Kwatz! To find out how Prospect Park plans to monetize and market OLTL and AMC, click here.

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Thanks Jeff. Just tell good story and we'll be there.
And listen to whatever Agnes Nixon tells you.

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the 210 episodes includes the BTS /recap show that airs on Fridays. Its 168 original shows and 42 recap shows for each soap

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Well, I just did my research on the guy, and he seems to be quite the controversial figure in the industry. He also has an impressive track record working at The Firm.

Not to mention the obvious: he's hot! Laughing out loud

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i've seen him in person. its the angle of the photo that makes him hot and the lighting.

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Wow, I just did the calculations and to watch one year's worth of AMC shows on iTunes, 5 days per week, it'll cost about $258. Even at 4 days a week, that would be $206 a year. Add OLTL and it's around $500 a year to watch on iTunes with no commercials. Hm.

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That's reasonable, don't you think? As an alternative you can subscribe to Hulu Plus for eight dollars a month which totals 96 in the year and watch the shows commercial free. This is the time for soap fans to affirm whether they are truly loyal to these shows or not!