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Luke and Laura are shocked to see Stavros, alive and well.  Luke grabs a knife and holds it to Stavros’ throat, but Laura quickly reminds him they need to find Lulu.  Stavros promises to explain everything to them.

Alexis thinks Nikolas is confused when he informs them Stavros has Lulu. However, Nikolas tells Alexis and Elizabeth exactly what's going on.  When Nikolas helped Robert with the Faison mess, Helena was angry with Nikolas for interfering in her plan. She deemed him untrustworthy.  Nikolas soon realized his grandmother was up to something, and decided to play along and regain her trust.  
AJ is pleasantly shocked to hear Michael slept with supermodel Brenda, but asks about Starr.  Michael tells him about Starr’s break-up phone call, and explains Jax left Brenda.  AJ wants the honor of telling Sonny, but Michael feels he should tell his father himself.  
Michael tells AJ he was drunk, and a very understanding Brenda showed up. Michael admits he doesn’t remember having sex with Brenda, and mentions Carly finding out.  AJ is beyond thrilled to hear this, and knows Carly’s head must have exploded.  AJ becomes concerned about Michael’s drinking, reminding him of the family history of alcoholism.  Michael swears he won’t be drinking any time soon.   
Carly’s upset with Brenda for going after Michael.  Brenda reminds her again Michael is a grown man.  Carly mentions a girlfriend, but Brenda tells her Starr called and dumped Michael. Carly accuses her of taking advantage of a vulnerable Michael.  The two get into a fight, which is broken up by security.  
Carly admits she told Jax the truth about Brenda, because Brenda would have been Joss' stepmother.  Brenda reiterates that Michael is not a child, but Carly says Brenda was family to Michael. She feels Brenda abused her position of trust, and crossed a line. Carly threatens to call and tell Sonny everything.  
Brenda asks Carly not to tell Sonny.  Carly points out Sonny puts his women into two categories, whores and angels. She wonders how Sonny will react when he finds out what Brenda did.  Carly decides she won’t tell Sonny, because he and Michael don't need anymore stress right now due to Dante and Lulu's disappearance. However, Carly is sure Sonny will find out anyway. 
Olivia and Sonny stop by Dante’s apartment.  Olivia has a vision of Dante saying he couldn’t save “her”, and worries something happened to Lulu.  She snaps out of it, and finds herself actually hugging an officer. The officer leaves, and Olivia tells Sonny she needs a distraction from everything. She asks him about Brenda and Carly, so Sonny tells her about Brenda’s engagement and Carly overhearing.  Sonny admits Brenda started the fight at the Nurse's Ball, but he knows she won’t be happy with Jax.  Olivia asks if Sonny is in love with Brenda, and what that means for Kate.  Sonny reassures her he won’t be abandoning Kate, because he loves her.  
Nikolas continues his tale about Stavros' return from the dead. One day, he found Helena in her lab and saw Stavros recovering from his injuries.  Helena explained Stavros barely survived the fall in the pit, and she had been working to save him for a long time. She wanted to bring him back to his old self.  
Nikolas explains how he found his father looking at a photo of Lulu, and thought it was Laura.  Nikolas went to Helena with his concerns, but she only wanted the best for Stavros. She felt he wasn’t improving, despite her telling him about Spencer or visiting the German doctor.  Helena says they were in Turkey at the same time Lulu and Dante were getting Luke out of the prison. She reveals when Stavros saw Lulu, he lit up.
Helena claimed she tried to convince Stavros that Lulu wasn’t Laura, but Stavros wasn’t interested in hearing it. Nikolas then showed Stavros a photo of Laura and Lulu together, and asked his father let go of his new obsession.  Stavros agreed, but when Nik turned his back, Stavros knocked him out and took off.  

After Nik came to, he called Lucky to warn him and Helena overheard. She decided she couldn’t trust him again.  She went to Ireland to get to Lucky, but found Ethan instead. Helena grabbed him to use as a diversion. 

Nikolas tells Alexis that Stavros is convinced he’s in love with Lulu, which makes Dante a rival, whom he’ll likely eliminate.  Nikolas worries what his father has planned for Lulu.

At the compound, Stavros angrily declares he would never harm Laura, but she’s still upset.  He hoped they’d be a family again, so Laura says she’ll do what he wants. She vows stay with him willingly, if he lets Lulu go.  Stavros has already accepted that she will never return his affections, and moved on to someone else.  Laura and Luke realize he’s talking about Lulu.

Stavros explains he mistook Lulu for Laura when he first saw her, and then decided to court her by sending her the Ice Princess.  Stavros was also the one who knocked out Dante, and grabbed Lulu in the apartment. 
Laura is shocked to realize Stavros was the one who had Nikolas shot.  Stavros is angry with Luke for shooting Helena, but says he’s taking care of her.  He tells Luke and Laura that both Helena and Lulu have been put on ice.  
Dante finds himself on the Cassadine compound, and manages to overtake some guards to gain access into the lab.  He finds Helena lying on the gurney, and then spots another room.  When he looks inside, he sees Lulu on ice. 

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    Boy that Stavros, brings on a whole new dimention of crazy. Makes everyone else (Lisa, Helena, Faison, Jerry Jackes) all seem perfectly sane by comparison.

    I was impressed with how the story all made sense, in a soap sense. Helena’s need to make Aiden a Cassadine. Nikolas with Robert during the Faison stuff. Stavros and Helena being in Turkey at the same time as Luke/Lante. Well done.

    I liked the back and forth of Stavros telling the story to Luke/Laura, while Nikloas told it to Alexis/Liz.

    AJ’s reaction to Michael sleeping with Brenda and Carly’s reaction was hilarious. I did like that he got serious about the alcoholism.

    Yeah, for Dante being alive and using his brain to get into the lab and find Lulu.

    The Olivia/Sonny stuff seemed out of context on this particular episode, unless Kate’s coming back in the next day or so and we needed to be reminded of her.

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    did anyone else notice when Helena was talking about a woman doctor who ran a clinic in Switzerland? sounds like Dr. O to me. i love the way that RC ties everything together :). this means that things could go deeper than we are seeing right now …

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    LMAO, AJ’s joy at Michael sleeping with Brenda was hysterical. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know she probably did not have sex with Michael, but if it makes Cujo and Sonny freaking mad, I am all for it! :bigsmile:

    Sonny has more than enough exes on screen (Sam, Alexis, Carly, Olivia and Brenda) he does NOT need Kate/Connie. Damn. That’s six exes for the old moobster. Blech.

    No. Just say no to Niz. I am so tired of Liz being in triangles and quads (Lucky/Liz/Jason, Liz/Zander/Jason, Liz/Jason/Courtney, Liz/Jason/Sam/Lucky, Liz/Jason/Sam, Liz/Jason/Sam/John, Liz/Jason/Ric, Liz/Lucky/Nik, and now it looks like Liz/AJ/Nik. Enough!

    I had to laugh at the fact that Stavros and Nicholas look the same age! My cousin called and said,”Damn. Those two men are father and son? WTF?”

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    Brenda, you sassy b*tch! Nice to have you back! Further proof, if you pushed it a little more, you could make Mommy Carly’s head pop right off! AJ was having a minor “spasm” over the whole Brenda/Michael hookup that wasn’t. Comedic relief well delivered!

    Stavros, you are an unhinged delight! Laura has grown to old for you, so you traded her in for a younger model, her daughter! Poor Lulu looked cold in that freezer! Kinda smurfy! Helena on that table, creepy!

    @Rishel1015– Yes, I agree, the woman doctor Helena was referring to sounded exactly like Dr. O!

    The back story that Nicholas and Stavros were both telling their respective audiences were well intertwined. In fact most of the story is pulling together seamlessly, quite tight and has a great pace.

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    I am so stoked for RKK! He is amazing and for it to be with one of the BEST young actresses on daytime, Emme Rylan (damn Y&R for wasting a opportunity to get her on contract) has me excited for the story to come.

    Let’s hope it’s not wasted!

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    Oh how I enjoyed this episode.

    The Cassadine scenes were perfection. It all it in so well. I loved it. And it was great to see Nikolas interacting with Helena and Stavros.
    And yeah, Stavros really is crazy and creepy and hot. LOL
    I enjoy that Stavros is trading Lulu for Laura. Makes sense in a really insane way. LOVE that storyline.

    And yes, my guess also is that Helena was referring to Dr. Obrecht.

    A.J.s reaction of Michael spending the night with Brenda was hilarious. Not that he made a good figure as a father in those scenes but I got were he’s coming from. If I were in his place I would have laughed off my a** too.

    LOVED Carly’s little catfight with Brenda. Sadly the security got involved much too soon. ;) But yeah, I love Brenda’s stint so far. That really is the Brenda I know and love and makes me wish that Vanessa Marcil would stay.

  7. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    That’s why this Cassadine/Spencer storyline works, Starvos trading in Laura for Lulu as his obsession is on point. He obsessed over Laura for years and now her daughter is around the age Laura was when he had her, it makes perfect sense.

    I loved the flashback scenes with Nik/Starvos/Helena.

    Oh and I LOVE Niz……

    How great has Brenda been these last couple of days. This is the feisty Brenda that I love. I recall some great Brenda/Lily scenes that today reminded me of. Please keep this Brenda and don’t have her going to grovel to Sonny, please.

    LOVED AJ getting serious about drinking too much. That showed maturity.

  8. Profile photo of THEBEST

    The Cassadine story is pure gold! And what’s great is that even if Robert Kelker-Kelly hadn’t agreed to come back, they could’ve did this same exact story had they brought back Stephen Nichols as Stefan. Dante is quickly becoming the new GH supercop hero & I’m down for that. It was so creepy when he found Helena just lying there with her eyes open. LOVE the way that Nikolas warning Robert about Faison & Helena’s true motivation for trying to make Aiden a Cassadine were also weaved into the story.

    As for Niz, I LOATHED that storyline when it aired, but we can’t exactly act like it never happened since it was the sole reason for Nikolas leaving town & it was part of current storyline. I don’t think anybody wants Nik & Liz back together, but it does create organic conflict in the AJ/Liz romance. Also loved Alexis’ skeeved out expressions every time Nikolas mentioned Stavros. Could Sam be finding out the horrible truth that her uncle raped her mother?

    Like I said in the last post, it makes total sense that AJ would take pleasure in Michael “sleeping” with Brenda. What man do you know who wouldn’t enjoy the fact that his son bagged a supermodel, which pissed off his baby mama/ex-wife & his son’s stepfather at the same damn time? AJ brought it home when he showed concern over Michael’s drinking. I have a feeling that Sonny’s prolly gonna know for a fact that Brenda & Michael didn’t sleep together, which will make Carly even more pissed lol

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    Once I started to question Stavros’ age (shouldn’t he be somewhere at least close to Luke and Laura?) I just tell myself he spent 20 years frozen and didn’t age during that time. :D

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    Angie Lucy

    Other than the Sonny/Olivia scenes, this episode was fantastic. I loved everything Cassadine. Brenda and Carly’s catfight was excellent; both actresses brought it. The change in Brenda’s face when she realized that Sonny would have to know about her “fling” with Michael showed that VM can still act when the writing is decent. But Sean Kanan/AJ stole the show for me. It was priceless when he tried to stop being a brat about Michael’s story, but then said nope, he still had to be the bad guy and kept on laughing. But then, the grown-up gene finally kicked in and he talked to Michael about alcoholism. Great bonding moment.

  11. Profile photo of Peterascal

    Brenda was really putting the screws to Carly today. What fun! A.J.’s reaction was funny. Not the most comforting to Michael, but he brought it around by bringing up alcohol. Not jumping on Michael, just reminding him of what it can lead to.

  12. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I’m still mesmerized by how hot Robert Kelker Kelly is. Seriously, this man needs to give seminars on how to look hotter in your late 40s than you did in your 30s….

    The Brenda/Carly scenes were primarily what made me giggle today. Any time that Carly calls Brenda a whore, I just giggle……

    I am ready for them to bring back my Helena White Diamonds Towers Cassadine from the dead! I know Cartini said she’s REALLY dead, but I seriously hope they will rethink that idea……….

  13. Profile photo of nysam

    @diremommy….Genie and RKK are roughly the same age. She is 51 and he is 49. Geary is in his late 60s. They de-aged Stavros when RKK took over the role but I guess they suggested that being frozen for close to 20 years helped to rejuvenate him.

  14. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    This was a great ep! AJ’s delight over the Michael/Brenda (non)sex was hilarious. I like that he doesn’t try to hide his loathing of Michael’s other parents but was even more pleased to see him get serious about Michael drinking till he blacked out.

    The idea of Nikolas and Liz makes my skin crawl so I am really hoping that we are not being set up for an AJ/Liz/Nikolas triangle.

    The way the Stavros story was told to fit into already pre-existing show events was very well done and RC deserves props for making it so seamless. Hell he even went back to before he started with the show to explain why Helena would bother to try and claim Aiden as a Cassidine. That made no sense when it was happening so I appreciate RC making it fit with the Helena we know.

    I could watch Brenda and Carly have bitchy cat fights every day. It would be nice to get VM to stick around especially since the mob stuff is not so all encompassing anymore. Having her create trouble for Sonny and ConKate would give me a reason to care about the two of them.

    And RKK looks to be aging the time of his life playing full throttle batshit crazy. Stavros transferring his obsession with Laura to Lula makes a creepy kind of sense and I can’t wait until NuLulu gets thawed out and Emme Rylan starts working with the rest of the GH cast.

  15. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    So giddy- it’s all soooooo exciting.. Stavros really loves hitting people on the head. I love the way the whole story is coming together. It just shows if you have some patience you will see a bigger picture.. Still rooting for Stavros over Luke.

    I kind of thought AJ was immature with Michael. Loved Brenda toying with Carly. Anytime Carly gets a karma BSlap I love it..

    So excited!! Now on to who is Sams daddy!!

  16. Profile photo of Phoenix Tremayne
    Phoenix Tremayne

    Glad I’m not the only one picking up on Brenda and Michael NOT having sex; way to obvious; I think it be more fun if they had and Michael got Brenda pregnant and that’s why she leaves town.

    Glad Starvros gets a second chance since the last time 911 hit and his entire storyline was scrapped; great set up to show how Helena will return eventually; Cassadines just don’t stay dead (Here’s hoping for a Stefan return)

    What I love about the whole GH Anniversary and this subsequent episode is that the show feels like it did way back when I first started watching; action – adventure; over the top story lines.

    Pure soap goodness….

  17. Profile photo of sodsince16

    Star is gone with a one line explanation? Oy, when a girl says “move on” it really drives a guy wild…

    I liked the contrast of Nikolas’s disappointment that his father was brought back to life and seemed disinterested in spending any time with his son or grandson with the almost caricature style of Helena and Stavros’s monologues. It was post-modern juxtaposition that I thought intoned that we should not dwell on the implications of being brought back to life twice. I also appreciated when Stavros reminded Luke and Laura that all of them had come back from the dead at least once. I like when soap characters remark upon the oddities of living in a soap town.

    It’s the crazy nonsense coupled with romantic scenes (when Dante saw Lulu) that have brought me back to watching GH daily since the anniversary show.

  18. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I will first say I very much apreciated how the related “branches” of the “umbrella” story were tied together with the inclusion of Faison, Dr. Obrecht, and Robert. Nice to have that explained and the branches “leafed out” so to speak.

    While I applaud the return of the Cassadines and can understand a completely unhinged Stavros wanting to “trade in” Laura for L, the premise is just skeevie. Forgive me, but it’s one thing to portray or write a “cougar” or May/December relationship, but this obsession for L has the feel of pedophilia to it. Just rank. It’s bad enough that the possibility of Dr. Britch carrying the Lante baby is floating around. Plus, the decision to have a child of their own has, again, been taken away from L and D. Sure, from a pure drama perspective, she could very well be made to be pregnant but why do another “victim” situation where the woman can’t fight back? We’ve already had Kate/Connie raped against her will. At least she had the chance to fight back against Scully, Jr., even though she was overpowered. For my taste there was never anything “romantic” to Laura’s original captivity. And there was only pure terror (beautifully rendered, by the way, from GF today when RKK’s Stavros roared at her), visible in every fiber of her stance. Does anyone truly want to see L put in that type of scenario? Call me old fashioned, (and yes, from a “romantic” angle, I absolutely loved DZ’s D coming to find his lady love and kicking some serious a** in the process), and yes, I know it’s early, but this doesn’t smack of adventure. It’s more like how badly can we hurt and humiliate admitedly flawed characters just to do so under the guise of revisiting history?

    This doesn’t mean I will stop watching. Since coming to DC, I have learned to watch with a more concentrated attention to story construction, production values and character development as rendered by some wonderful actors. My favorites so far in this Spencer/Cassadine tale are delivering and that’s a lovely thing. Maybe that’s what I will have to hang on to… 0:)

  19. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    I was worried that there would be a letdown after the anniversary episodes and the Nurse’s Ball. Silly me!

    Today’s show was just great. I wasn’t watching the show when Stavros was on previously, but having been aware of it … and seeing the terror on Laura’s face today … just has me on the edge of my seat!

    Appreciated the flashbacks with Nicholas, Stavros, and Helena. Interesting to see how Dr. O will play into all this. I just love how everything is being tied together.

    Was kind of surprised at AJ’s response to Michael today … didn’t seem like much of a father. But then AJ has never really had to parent, so it makes sense he would react more like an older brother to the news of Michael “bedding” a supermodel. Still, it was really funny getting to see AJ revel in Carly’s misery!!! And I was so happy to see AJ put his father cap on when it came to Michael’s drinking to blackout. Might the writers go down that road???

    Sonny seemed out of sorts in this episode … but I so quickly forget he is Dante’s father. So I guess it would make sense he would be with Olivia. Connie (or Kate for that matter) doesn’t fit in this show anymore … it will be hard to see her come back.

  20. Profile photo of tealita

    I am in Spencer-Cassadine Valhalla and I never want to come back. It just doesn’t get any soapier or crazier than this. Bravo!

    Brenda cracks me up. Carly had to jump to conclusions and start running her big fat mouth before she gave Brenda a chance to explain, so why not bust her chops? Loved all that expert-hair flying around. LOL!

  21. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    To say that I literally laughed with delight throughout this entire amazing episode would be an understatement. Everyone else has more or less said what I’ve been thinking, but a couple of other random thoughts:

    – The production design, sets, lighting and camerawork have been outstanding these last couple of days, with this episode being a major highlight! Well done!

    – Loved how fitting it was that Helena was absolutely impressed and taken with Dr. Orbrecht! LOL

    – Thought the similarities to the Todd/Victor brainwashing on OLTL & Stavros’ recovery backstories were a little too on the money, but all is forgiven especially with how various plotlines from the past were woven in, just like was done when Jerry Jacks explained to Jax how the whole bioterror plot came together

    – Laura Wright really sank her teeth into those fight scenes

    – Stavros’ line referring to Lulu as his “Ice Princess” was an absolutely brilliant full circle moment that, in and of itself, tied together some 30 years of Cassadine/Spencer history. That blood feud began over the original Ice Princess; Stavros was cryogenically frozen once before; now revived, he’s going to do the same to Helena; and has already done so to Lulu, who herself will be figuratively & literally resurrected herself.

    I also couldn’t help but think of the masterpiece episode of Batman: The Animated Series “Heart of Ice,” where Victor Friez (sp?) aka Dr. Freeze loses his wife but has her cryogenically frozen to preserve her and their love, going batshit crazy in the process. When they got to the end of today’s show I thought there had to be some influence there.

    Overall, a most excellent episode all around!

  22. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    This episode did make me sad that Robert is still in some clinic somewhere. He was the one originally tracking the Cassadines. I really wish he could come and help them. But if Robert was to wake up, he would admit to seeing Robin.

  23. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This episode was so good, it felt like a primetime show. The suspense, the action, the mystery, the characters, the actors, the overall cohesiveness. In a word: Excellent!

    I do not have a single gripe about this episode. Not a thing.

    Love that Stavros is back. He hasn’t missed a beat, and can just pick up where he left off.

    The idea that Stavros, who has basically been “out” for the last 10 years, and thinks the world has stopped to where it once ended, is just picking up where he left off and wants his Laura – the younger version, is INGENIOUS. All this time I thought they wanted Lulu so they could use her as leverage against L & L. But this is so much better! Since Stavros can’t have Laura – he wants her daughter. It’s so approriate, and oh so soapy!
    Who thinks Laura will try to seduce him just to keep Lulu out of it?

    Can’t wait to really see Emme Rylan as “NuLu” !

    Loved all the Helena flashbacks. Loved her slapping Nikolas for his treachery – such a Hellz thing to do. Loved how all the multiple pieces came together on many storylines: Why Helena arranged Aiden’s paternity test results, them knowing Dr. O, the Ice Princess replica, Nik’s shooting. It all became clear. And I totally believe that Stavros would have his own son shot.

    Loved the hospital scenes. Was Alexis terrified or what? Her face when Nik revealed Stavros is alive. One could think there’s more to it than just random fear. I just hope to God they don’t go the route of having Sam be a child of incest. Imo that would be too much for a character of Sam’s stature.

    I didn’t enjoy Brenda yesterday, but I did today! Now I found it totally amusing how she is playing up Carly, especially since she deserves it. I’m just thinking this wont go over too well with Sonny…

    AJ laughing so hard was a tad bit too much considering that was his son there, he could have been more sensitive. But: if anyone does have a right to laugh at something like this, it’s AJ, after everything Sonny & Carly put him through. So I’m not that upset about it.

    W o n d e r f u l ! :)

  24. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I can’t find one thing wrong with this episode…I LOVED IT!

    I laughed at AJ, I thought he was hysterical…Loved the Brenda/Carly cat fight, Especially when Carly brought Sonny into it. This is when it seemed to finally hit home with Brenda what she had done…She never slept with Michael…she took care of him when he became obliterated in the hotel bar. She just wanted to torture Carly with the thought of her having sex with Michael…Karmic justice for Carly, WHO DID sleep with Tony Jones..her mother’s husband back in the day. That episode was just in the marathon…Coincidence? I think not with this current story line in progress.

    Loved how Kate Hall tied in all the loose ends with Nik and Starvos, telling past events of how we got to where we are now. It did make sense of confusing past events and motives.

    I think I am really going to get a kick out of Starvos…and I am glad Helena is on “ICE”. I would hate to think we lost her for good.

    Sonny and Olivia were the weakest link of the episode…and their scenes were setting ground work I fear, for awful ConKate to reappear on our screens. It has been heaven without ConKate and Starr…

  25. Profile photo of SavePortChuck

    What a spectacular episode! It had all the ingredients that made me fall in love with this show in the first place. It was a thrill listening to Helena tie all those seemingly random story lines together. I feel like the writers are beginning to shift the show from campy fun to masterful storytelling. The Ice Princess storyline coming full circle is absolutely brilliant!

    Has ABC tossed GH’s budget out the window? The wardrobe costs alone over the past week must be breaking the bank. How many killer outfits did we see Helena wearing yesterday? Even if they were recycled from previous appearances, each one was a knockout! And the Cassadine sets are absolutely gorgeous. Don’t know how Frank is pulling all of this off.

    So are they not even allowed to MENTION the OLTLers names??? Carly was talking about Michael’s “girlfriend” like she’d never met the girl. Michael hasn’t even said her name. And there has not been a single peep about Todd or John. It’s making me so pissed at PP that I want to boycott OLTL and AMC. If these characters can’t be on GH…fine, at least let them be written off the show properly instead of pretending they never existed.

  26. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    FLAWLESS – this is the best word for this episode

    My twin (Ghfan777) and JBJ said everything I was thinking and more

    I did not touch my FF button once during the show and for the first time in a long time I will be watching live today – I cannot wait

    I need to find Cartini so I can give them the biggest HUG ever

  27. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    You all said it all! The only thing I hope is that Scorpio will soon return. I know with the soaps being on a budget and all but may-be when Geary takes his anuual summer vacation they can bring back Tristian Rogers. Also hoping Lucy and Bobbie stick around, even if it’s just as recurring characters.

  28. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I absolutely loved this episode! There was no campiness which was a TOTAL refresher. I am excited to watch gh again, and I have not felt like this since gh changed its time slot and had the location scenes.

    Please keep it up!!!!

  29. Profile photo of gslam

    I can’t wait to get up this Saturday morning, make my french press coffee, and watch Thursday’s and Friday’s episodes. I’m giddy with excitement!

  30. Profile photo of giogio

    So looks like dead Helena is in the “bring back to life room”. Does anyone know here Kate/Connie is. Its been so long since we’ve seen her I dont remember what was the last of her.

  31. Profile photo of Ellichae

    I just read this online interview with Carlivati, and I think Bobbie will wind up with Noah. Also, did you know that the show is casting a 16-17 year old African American girl to play a character in a big storyline? Apparently she is capable of destructive behavior, but she does have a tender side within. Why am I thinking this is LAUREN FRANK, the missing Quartermaine heiress? That would be quite a story twist: Franco had a black daughter! I’m sure that A.J. and Monica will welcome her with open arms, but Tracy?????

    Here’s a link to the new interview with Carlivati:

  32. Profile photo of luvinggh

    Hey all! I’m not gonna repeat what everyone has said about this episode except to say it was fantastic! All I want to add is at the end of the episode I kept expecting Lulu to be brought into the dining room in some sort of catatonic state or just out of it. Knew this was ER 1st day back and was hoping to really see her act with everyone.

    But other than that little quibble great epi. :)

  33. Profile photo of mipeony

    Whew!!! RKK is so amazingly hot. Anytime they cut from Luke to Stavros or vice versa, I was like Damn, less Luke please!!!!! Hahahahahhaa…. GF did a good job of portraying her terror of Stavros. Cassadines have been crazy for decades, so none of it was a surprise really. I was ALMOST shocked Helena still lives, but CT is such an awesome actress playing her, that I can see her sticking around for years yet. There’s a really funny video somewhere on utube of a tween girl doing a review of GH and she says something about How come they can’t kill Helena, she’s OLD. Well they don’t kill her completely off because she’s awesomely crazy!

    How I loved the baby blue sweater on Nic in a few of those scenes yesterday. I don’t normally find him attractive, but TC was rocking that color blue. I have to say the waredrobe department is doing a stellar job this last few months, now if they would let Sam have a different colored shirt once in a while I’d be completely happy.

    I’m not sure if Brenda actually did the deed with Michael or not, but it sure was worth the whole thing just to royally piss Carly off for once. I was actually waiting for Brenda to throw Tony Jones in her face like someone else had mentioned, but she didn’t. Glad that Brenda isn’t cowering in the corner when she comes up against Carly this time.

  34. Profile photo of FoxyMegan

    [quote=Daniel St. John]RC deserves props for making it so seamless. Hell he even went back to before he started with the show to explain why Helena would bother to try and claim Aiden as a Cassidine.[/quote]

    So much good stuff to take in, I missed what was said about Aiden and why Helena fixed the DNA test.

    Can someone please explain?

  35. Profile photo of sodsince16

    One issue that I have with the writing of Ron Carlavatti is that most of his stories are told with the same trajectory.

    We start with a suspense filled mystery (Where’s Lulu, What happened to Robin, who is Aubrey Wentworth?, which one is Todd?)

    Followed by a surprise cast addition (Dr. O, Jerry Jax, Cutter Wentworth, Irene Manning)

    And finally a reveal (he’s back from the dead, bioterror, she’s Katrina Kerr’s kid, they’re twins))

    My issue is that the reveal is always done through exposition of the villain. It’s like the Bond movies where the villain always tells Bond his plan when he is captured, so that when he escapes he can stop the plan.

    With the current writing style nobody could be smart enough to figure out the crime because it is so convoluted. What is missing the times that a couple would bond during the solution of the mystery (Luke and Laura dancing in the department store, Anna’s tango, Mac dressing as a nun). The heroes of these stories need more to do than get captured and listen to the story of the villain.

    Thus, as much as I love these villainous monologues, somebody needs to actually solve a crime rather than have it revealed.

  36. Profile photo of luvinggh

    @FoxyMegan I believe the reason for changing the dna results was to give Stavros something to wake up to. Helena said Stavros was not responding to anyone and was hoping a new heir would be something that he would respond to.
    It didn’t work :)

  37. Profile photo of rsoorani

    I will never understand people angry at spoilers. Don’t visit the spoiler sites or go on social media till you watch the show. Difficult, but in this day and age, it’s what you have to do to keep the surprise!

    LOVE that Stavros is back! Baddie… hottie… who could ask for more? Well, I can. BRING BACK STEFAN TOO!!! :D And Valentine, Victor, whomever. Cassadines are awesome.

  38. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=FoxyMegan][quote=Daniel St. John]RC deserves props for making it so seamless. Hell he even went back to before he started with the show to explain why Helena would bother to try and claim Aiden as a Cassidine.[/quote]
    So much good stuff to take in, I missed what was said about Aiden and why Helena fixed the DNA test.
    Can someone please explain?[/quote]

    Realizing that Stavros had become fixated on Lulu, Helena attempted to distract him from his newest obsession by presenting him with a brand new grandson so she tampered with Aiden’s DNA test.

  39. Profile photo of Cornfed

    There were so many things i loved about yesterday’s GH, i never had the time to come on and recite them all!

    Bottom line, CarTini is restoring GH to 3 things it was famous for — international intrigue, the hospital, and the Quartermaines. They’ve succeeded immensely. I had a surge of adrenaline thruout the entire episode.

    Like Perkie, i loved the back and forth with Nicolas recounting all the events, as Stavros told L & L. Tyler looks fantastic and is really giving this story an extra spark and more credibility.

    Loved the Helena twist. Love Alexis STILL being in the mix in this story.

    I missed seeing Bobbie, i don’t want JZ to go :(

    RKK looks fantastic, a tiny bit campy out of the gate, but he got better as it went along.

    Loved the AJ/Michael/Brenda/Carly stuff. Carly CANNOT win this battle!

    Edit: I also heard the reference to the “German dr at the Swiss clinic”, so i’m sure we’ll here more about that! I love this whole sordid world of connections they’re creating…the possiblities are endless. And after reading that utterly FANTASTIC interview with Kin, Jane and Tony, i now know that Tony is pretty happy with the writing and he could have some input in this Cassadine story, who knows!

    Still see little use for Olivia, it’s a real stretch at this point!

  40. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    as much as I love these villainous monologues, somebody needs to actually solve a crime rather than have it revealed.

    Like when John McBain — the hero cop — solved the mystery that Caleb Morley was in actuality the product of a psychotic break of former rocker Stephen Clay, who had used hypnosis in his act to convince people he was a vampire and went crazy after the death of his wife, Livvie Locke Clay, thus sending him into a murder rampage before he was caught, eventually landing him in an Alabama mental institution from which he escaped and was presumed dead for a couple of years before he returned to Port Charles to claim his “Livvie” (Sam) and son Rafe?

    Like that?

  41. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Look how much response GH has been getting on this board, which proves how on fire the show has been. RKK is the perfect villian and his acting has been spot-on. I know villians usually don’t last on soaps but I would love to see him return now and again because he is SO great in the role. Love seeing Luke and Laura involved again in an adventure story. Feels like the old days.

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