Matt Lauer: “I Have a Lower Q Rating Than Polio Right Now”

Sometimes the best thing to do after months of bad press is find the humor in your situation. That appears to be what Today’s Matt Lauer is trying to do. According to the New York Post, Lauer joked about his plummeting Q Score and The New York Times scathing coverage, at New York’s Broadcast Cable & Film Division event.

“a bit surprised to be asked to host this dinner. If you’ve been following the papers lately, you know it’s been a bit rough for me. These days, I only get asked to host dinners if polio is busy. Yup, I have a lower Q rating than polio right now.”


“Katie has a way of making headlines. Who can forget when she was co-host of the ‘Today’ show? She got a colonoscopy on TV. Not to be outdone, two weeks ago, I got one in The New York Times.”

Do you think Lauer deserves the scorn people have been showing him? Sound off in the comments!

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    From what I have seen, the response on Ann herself varies. The issue is the role that Matt played. If he hadn’t been so transparent, it would have been easy to blame the suits. But he was…and so he gets the ire as well.

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    Matt Lauer: A waste of flesh, blood, bones and internal organs!! I hear when he had his colonoscpoy, the doctors found a brain tumor!!

    That pretty much explains things!!

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    TV Gord

    The comments he’s made about this situation over the past few weeks (months?) are all just trying to garner sympathy for himself. I used to really like him, but the day I saw the way Ann Curry was turfed from Today, something inside me switched off about him. Now all I can see is a guy who pretended to treat his team like family, but who is ruthless not too far beneath the surface.

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    TVGord …you summed up everything I felt about Matt! :beer: If you watched live that day of the announcement Ann was nervous wreck and how she pulled away said it all…I thought shame on you Matt Lauer…I’ll go to CBS now. :party:

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