Jesse Metcalfe on a Dallas Appearance by Victoria Principal: “It’s a Possibility For Season 3″

Victoria Principal broke the hearts of many old-school Dallas fans, when she revealed she had no plans of reprising the role of Pamela Barnes Ewing for the TNT update of the classic primetime soap. Could things have changed?

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood Live, Jesse Metcalfe, who plays Pam and Bobby's (Patrick Duffy) adopted son Christopher, said mama could be coming home in Season 3!

“It’s a possibility for Season 3, but, it’s not gonna happen in Season 2.”

I guess that means the mystery woman in Switzerland won't turn out to be the original Barnes girl. I wonder if it's Cliff (Ken Kercheval) and Pam's whackadoodle of a sister Katherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany)? Sure, Cliff told his daughter Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) that her aunt had died, but it wouldn't be the first time someone returned from the dead on a soap! Watch the interview after the jump.


The Season 2 finale of Dallas airs Monday night at 9/8c on TNT.

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    Oh god please let it be true…….I really hope Victoria P. has changed her mind.. And will join the cast in season 3….or even a cameo…the show really needs her…I wonder how much money was offered to her to reprise her role as Pam….if she decide to do season 3. I wonder was she the reason there will be a season 3….anyway… I got my fingers crossed.

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    Cool. The way the story has been told you would think she is coming back.

    If memory serves me correctly: Pam was driving, ran into a gas truck, the car exploded, she couldn’t stand to be married to Bobby anymore cuz of her injuries, she was spirited away, divorced Bobby via mail, and Bobby tracked her down at one point (played by a different actress) and she resisted getting back together with him and disclosed after he left that she was dying.

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    Well isn’t that the same thing Jesse Metcalfe said after the 1st season? And as long as Victoria Principal doesn’t see it as a possibility this talk is kind of nonsense. And I remember Principal just saying a couple of weeks ago in an interview that she has no desire of returning; not wanting to add another chapter of Bobby and Pam.

    I wish she would return. This season started to center around a possible Pam return and it would give the show a lot of new possibilities. Some higher ratings would great too for the show. But … you can’t do it without the star. So as long as Principal doesn’t say that it’s a possibility, DALLAS should focus on other things.

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    Ryan-Scott: Almost everything you had was correct. However, Jordan Lee found Pamela and told Cliff. Cliff told Bobby, but Bobby refused to go with Cliff to see her. Saying something like if she wanted to come back to him, she knows where he is. When Cliff found her she refused to come back and then told her doctor she didn’t want to cause anyone in Dallas more pain with only a few months to live. It was implied that Pamela was going to die because of her injuries.

    At this point with all the build up they need to bring Pamela Barnes Ewing, the original, back home to Southfork. If VP doesn’t want to do it then they need to say okay thanks, but are you sure because we’re going forward with this story. If she still says no then recast! Jacklyn Smith or Judith Chapman (actress who wasn’t hired over VP) or the woman who played faux Pamela in 1988 or the lookalike Bobby flirted with. As they say – – – – The show must go on!

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    Personally..I hope it’s Morgan Brittany’s Katherine Wentworth that returns masquerading as Pam Ewing. As a fan of Dallas from it’s conception in the 70’s…I’ve been kind of offended with Victoria Principals lackluster appreciation of her Dallas past. Morgan Brittany has been nothing but appreciative of her Dallas past (and fans for that matter) and I would rather see someone who loves the show they are on and appreciates the fans than someone who kind of poo-poo’s their Dallas past. But…this is just my opinion.

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    BTW – I finally understood why they kept emphasizing the fact the Christopher was adopted in the first season. Otherwise, when Pamela #2 was revealed the audience might question if he was having twins with his first cousin.

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    [quote=jthawk]or the woman who played faux Pamela in 1988 or the lookalike Bobby flirted with.[/quote]

    Actually, the actress (Margaret Michaels) who played the Pamela recast was the same actress who played the lookalike, Jeanne O’Brien, Bobby flirted with.

    If Victoria Principal is a no-show for Season 3, I’d be okay with Margaret Michaels making another brief appearance as Pamela, just to finally wrap up her story.

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    If Jesse is playing with us and Victoria ‘Pamela Barnes Ewing’ Principle shows up in the very last shot of the second season finale, I will just DIE. DIE I TELL YOU! DIE!!! Oh, I want me some VP/Pammy back so much.

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    OOH i would totally buy jackie smith as pam. she is prettier than vp is at this point and a stronger actress IMHO.

    Though i have to say my guess is that vp will be back just long enough to give her shares to christopher.

    that would give pamross one third, cliff one third and christopher with one third. As arguments and what not arose the power would constantly be shifting.

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    I watched most of season one, and for me, again, it was the vets who helped make the show successful.

    I’d LOVE to see them incorporate Sue Ellen more, AND bring back Pam.

    I’d definitely watch again.

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    RealityCheck 33








    Well, the final episodes have played out and now it’s known that VP’s Pamela Barnes Ewing characeter died 24 years ago to pancreatic cancer. We won’t have VP making any appearances on DALLAS unless its in a flashback, which I doubt will ever happen. So long Pammy.

    BTW, DALLAS has turned into a pretty damn good show. I’m glad it has been renewed for a third season!

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