Australia’s Channel Nine AXES Days of Our Lives!

Blokes and blokettes Down Under are going to have a hard time keeping up with the goings-on in Salem U.S.A. Australia's Channel Nine has cancelled airings of Days of Our Lives. Said a Channel Nine spokesperson to Aussie's TV Tonight:

"We made a commercial decision not to renew Days Of Our Lives.”

In 2007, Channel Nine stopped airing DAYS' Sony corporate half-sibling, The Young and the Restless.

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    Aussies got tired of Dannifer also…because it SUCKS! The past two weeks the Days taking a hit after a great week because it was Sooooooooo Dannifer heavy and you would think they would get the message, but of course not at DOOL, it’s spring and Ken is nowhere to be found but on the golf course, he really shows his concern by his action of NOTHING! I betcha Betty wouldn’t been caught playing golf when Days is tanking, she’s probably rolling over in her grave ready to haunt the spoiled Kenny and whip his butt!

    Sony will find a place on another dial, I would think, they did for Y&R. Aussie love US television.

    It’s a damn shame because Days does have some good stories on canvas but Dannifer is eating the show alive! |(

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    It’s been the same in the UK, we now have no current US daytime soaps on the air, BB, YR, DOOL all cancelled and ATWT and GL dissapeared long before they were axed in the US.

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    Yeah, DAYS is currently over a year behind in Australia. I believe they’re currently airing episodes that aired in late 2011.

    I don’t know if anyone remembers, but back in 2004 when DAYS was 4½ years behind in Australia, that network decided they wanted to catch up with the American airings and just decided to skip 4 years of episodes and pick up with the shows that started earlier in the year. People were pissed off.

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    It’s a big shame for the Australian viewers. The show is just now at the point we were in a little over a year ago. EJ & Nicole vs. Abe & Jennifer in the race for Mayor, Sami/Rafe/Carrie/Austin/Abigail/Chad/Melanie multidrangle going on. Under MarDar’s writing. Such a good period for the show, IMO.

    However, in the state this show is currently in the US – wouldn’t blame them…

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    If I’m not mistaken, I think they can still watch on Youtube. This is how I currently watch most of my international soaps (Coronation Street, El Cor De La Ciutat, Verboten Liebe, etc).

    It takes a bit of searching and a lot is out of sequence, but important stuff can be found.

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    Dannifer is, hands down, the WORST pairing I have ever seen on a soap in my 20 year viewing history! Melissa Reeves disgusts me. Jennifer Horton disgusts me. This story is eating this show alive! I have tweeted the folks over at NBC Daytime numerous times, voicing my concern with this GARBAGE that they are shoving down my throat, as are hundreds of others. My question is: Do they CARE that people hate this storyline?

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    I live in Australia (Melbourne), and as of yesterday, they were only up to the conclusion of that awful gambling website storyline in which Chad and Melanie were kidnapped. This is a problem with a number of U.S. shows that air here. They lag so far behind (while shows like The View and Ellen are only one day behind, due to the time difference), and since viewers can easily get current episodes online, why bother to watch old, outdated ones when they air? (I think they’d be better off doing with Eleven does in the morning with Neighbours and airing “vintage” episodes.) While it’s been nice to once again see Sami, Eej and the rest on a big-screen TV (I’m at the mercy of YouTube for the current episodes), I can understand why the ratings might be weak enough for Nine to cancel the show.

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    alstonboy, even if they are paying attention to what the fans say, you never get to see the results on screen until at least six months later.

    I just wonder what the hell they were smoking at last year’s 4th of July barbecue to come up with this unbelievably bad Plain Jen/Dr. Done/Hoey storyline.

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    I love this show, have only been watching since GL and ATWT went off the air, do not understand why so many posters do not like it because most of the story lines right now are fun, but that is just how I feel, seems many others do not share my view.

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