BREAKING NEWS: FX Canada to Air New Episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children!


Since news of Prospect Park's plans to reboot One Life to Live and All My Children first began to trickle out, one big question has remained — how would our neighbors to the North watch the sudsers? That question has finally been answered. FX Canada has signed an exclusive, North American deal to air the resurrected soaps!

That's right Canucks, you will be able to catch every scandalous hook-up and over-the-top return from the dead when OLTL and AMC return on April 29. AMC will air every day at noon EST/2 pm PST on the cabler. OLTL will air at 12:30/2:30 PST.

All My Children and One Life to Live are a unique addition to FX Canada’s slate of provocative and critically-acclaimed dramas,” said Scott Moore, President of Broadcast, Rogers Media. “As the only television channel in North America broadcasting these new series, FX Canada continues its commitment to deliver exclusive, premium content to its viewers.”

Prospect Park's Rich Frank is equally pumped to be in business with the Canadians. 

 “Our partnership with Rogers answers an overwhelming demand from viewers in Canada to access our transformed All My Children and One Life to Live programming, and incrementally furthers our footprint across all of North America. We have the fans to thank for forging this partnership, and bringing their shows to Canada,” said  Frank. “We are grateful to the team at Rogers Media including Keith Pelley, President, Scott Moore, and Malcolm Dunlop, Executive Vice-President of Programming and Operations for sharing our vision and empowering our network to reach this very significant audience.”


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    Im real happy for my Canadian friends and alot of family. But I sure hope Rich Frank gets pumped with some American station. I want a station!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of tazmaniak

    The content may be a problem. That new OLTL clip has Tea dropping the F-bomb. You can’t use that kind of language on American TV unless it’s a premium channel like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime or Starz. The only way it could air is if they edited everything out that wouldn’t fit on television. And even then you’d only have a few options because certain channels won’t even touch something with adult content. And I don’t know about you, but I honestly wouldn’t want to watch an edited version of the shows. One of the benefits of being online is that you have more creative and storytelling freedom without the interference of a network. Airing the shows on TV and in an edited form would completely negate that.

  3. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    Does anyone know if the episodes (via Hulu, iTunes) ill run 20 – 22 minutes or so, as if they were broadcast with commercials in the US, or are they around a full 30 minutes?

    It’s such a new paradigm because I was just wondering that about Arrested Development when Netflix releases that series. How long are the House of Cards episodes?

  4. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    So thrilled. I thought my suggestion to have AMC and OLTL on Rogers on Demand pay per view service was good but this is even better. Big Happy Dance right now!!!

  5. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=SoapyBitch]It’s such a new paradigm because I was just wondering that about Arrested Development when Netflix releases that series. How long are the House of Cards episodes?[/quote]

    I watched House of Cards so long ago but if my memory serves me (granted it is dodgy), House of Cards usually ran about 47-52 minutes (I think). There were no commercials because Netflix is a subscriber service. Hulu has commercials, though I cannot speak about Hulu Plus and whether or not they have commercials.
    I don’t think Arrested Development will have commercials, I have never seen commercials on any Netflix film or series I’ve watched.

  6. Profile photo of SusieQ

    That’s great news for my fellow Canadians that have Cable. Unfortunately those of us with Satellite might not end up being able to watch it at all since Bell doesn’t carry FX due to stupid media wars with Rogers that owns it and it sounds like these are exclusive rights. Hopefully there will be a way for the rest of us in Canada to watch it. Or get it not so legally like youtube or torrents or I might have to resort to paying for one of my relatives who has cable to get the channel and then record them on a dvd for me which seems a little extreme. In the meantime, I am harassing Bell to pick up the channel. The things I do for my soaps. lol!

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