INTERVIEW: Marc Samuel Dishes on “Overwhelm-azing” Stint as General Hospital’s Nurse Felix Dubois

Few characters on television right now are better with the turn of a phrase than Felix Dubois, R.N. on General Hospital. I spoke with Felix's potrayer, Marc Samuel, at the recent Paley Center event celebrating General Hospital's 50th anniversary.  I quickly learned the man behind Felix is just as fierce and funny as the character he plays.

Samuel shares how Felix will continue to have his girl Sabrina's (Teresa Castillo) back, as she battles evil Dr. Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) for Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and addressed questions surrounding Felix's own love life. Could a new man be on the horizon for the fabulous Mr. Felix?

Daytime Confidential:  We're loving Felix!

Marc Samuel: I gotta tell you, it’s awesome. You’re allowed to say what you want. Well, what’s written, but the way you want to… You know what I mean?

DC: A little improvising never hurt anybody.

MS: That’s true and they seem to like it, they’re ok with it.

DC: I just spoke with Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) and it looks like Felix is going to be helping his girl out; proving that Britt is a liar.

MS: Oh, absolutely! Felix has Sabrina’s back. They’re as thick as thieves; that’s his girl.

DC: We need to get Felix a man!

Marc: I think it's coming. I don’t know, but I imagine its coming.

DC: Maybe they could dig into the General Hospital archives and bring Lucas Jones back to town?

Marc: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe, or it could be someone knew, you know? Everyone needs love and I think Felix will get it.

DC: You’ve been a great addition to the cast — a nice breath of fresh air. The whole vibe of the show amazing right now.

Marc: Thank you. It’s been a privilege. I’m having the best time. The fans are awesome. I love me some GH fans! Let ‘em know; tell ‘em!

DC: We will! It has to be overwhelming and amazing all at the same time?

Marc: If there were a word for it—I’m going to make a word for it—it would be overwhelm-azing…I’ll work on that. [Laughs]

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  1. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Thanks so much for this. He sounds like such a nice guy, from this and other interviews I have seen aswell.

    I do like Felix, and hopefully he will get more storyline in the coming future and a lovelife of his own :)

  2. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I must admit he wasn’t my cup of tea after day 1 but I think it took me a hot second after that to fall in love with this character.

    There is an ease in his acting that I enjoy, now let’s find this guy a little romance

  3. Profile photo of liason4real

    What I like about Felix is that he is not being shoved, pimped or prodded down our throats to root for his character. Now, let’s find Felix a love interest, paging medical intern Dr. Lucas Jones!

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