Does Iyanla Vanzant Still Have Beef With Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie?

Does TV life coach Iyanla Vanzant hold a grudge against veteran journalist Barbara Walters? Vanzant says no.

The host of OWN's Iyanla, Fix My Life appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, where she fielded questions from a caller wanting to know if she'd ever appear on The View. Years ago, Vanzant infamously ditched her gig as a spiritual guru on The Oprah Winfrey Show for her own short-lived talk show with Walters' production company.

While Vanzant said she carries no ill will toward Walters, when host Andy Cohen piped in about bad blood between between Vanzant and Walters' long-time business partner Bill Geddie, she never denied the claim. Watch at the 2:19 mark below for the tea Vanzant spilled!

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    who’s always dishing out advice but never follows any.

    That is Iyanla!! lol

    I remember her on that show about women living in the house trying to get their life together. Then I seen her on the Oprah show years later. After she left the Mighty O, like a fool, she vanished right after that short lived talk show. That show was not produced well at all. She should have been patient like Dr.Phil and Dr. Oz was and waited for The Mighty O to give her a show.

    Doesn’t matter. I love her Fix your Life show. I don’t always agree with her methods but when she does break through to people, it’s so nice to see. Especially with DMX son Xavier. When she made him see that he should be compassionate to his father, something clicked in him and the tears started flowing. He finally understood.

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    tampon tammy

    This woman is a charlatan and has no place on television. They would never have her on the View because she is truly a nobody. The fact that this whole article is appearing is for some desperate publicity.

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