Will Sami Accept EJ's Proposal on Days of Our Lives? (SPOILER VIDEO)


EJ DiMera (James Scott) must have Beyonce's "Single Ladies" on his iPod. The dashing-yet-dastardly Brit will try to put a ring on Sami Brady's (Alison Sweeney) finger, this week on Days of Our Lives. Will she say yes? Watch the SPOILER video below to find out!




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At long last! I can't wait for these two to become engaged! Now, how about some more air time for them? I'm going through Ejami withdrawals!

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Can't wait to see this! Of course she's gonna say yes - why wouldn't she? Who would say "no" to that?!

This is something the current regime has done so colossaly right! Love EJami, they're exciting, and they belong together. Now all I want is to see a fabulous wedding for them and Kristen & Brady at the DiMera manse! After that, Sami & Kristen will be sisters-in-law! How awesome will THAT be? Laughing out loud

Now let's get Chad into the DiMera manse too, and have them all scheming and planning shenanigans. So glad the DiMera empire has returned! Smile