General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Laura sobs over Lulu’s lifeless body. She expresses regret over not being there when Lulu needed her most. She's thankful Lulu was her daughter. Laura says it should have been her. 

Next, Luke has his time with Lulu. He was proud to be her father, and doesn’t believe in God because of things like this.  He remembers Lulu as the stubborn, cynical teenager who stood up for him when no one else did.  He feels it was his responsibility to protect her, and he failed.  He asks her forgiveness.
Dante hugs Lulu’s body, and cries he won’t know what to do without her.  He remembers when they first met at Jake’s, and how he knew he was in love from their first kiss. He will always love her.   
AJ catches Carly letting herself into Michael’s apartment to make sure he’s all right.  He reminds her Michael is an adult.  Carly wants to go to Sonny, but AJ advises her against it.  He warns Sonny could fly into a jealous rage, and hurt Michael.  Carly defends Sonny, and believes he’ll see Brenda as the guilty party.  AJ says Sonny is a violent thug, and Brenda is his obsession.  He warns Carly not to treat Michael like a child.  
Sonny comes home to find his front door open and goes inside, guns blazing, He's relieved to discover it's only Michael, waiting to talk to him.  Michael confesses he got drunk and slept with Brenda.  He apologizes for betraying Sonny.  Sonny asks if Brenda was sorry, but Michael claims they had nothing to be ashamed of. He asks for his father’s forgiveness.  Sonny knows it wasn’t Michael’s fault, and commends him for confessing. The two hug.  After Michael leaves, Sonny decides he can forgive his son, but not Brenda.  
Dr. Obrecht informs Britt she’s leaving town.  Britt is upset she’s being left alone, despite her mother’s assurances Patrick will come around.  Britt wants a relationship with him, but her mother tells her to stop being weak. She reminds Britt the baby gives her power.  Dr. Obrecht advises her daughter to use the element of surprise. She asks Britt to bring her grandchild for a visit.  
Patrick runs into Sabrina, who says they need to discuss Britt.  Patrick doesn’t want the baby to change their feelings for each other. 
Bobbie finds Scotty getting drunk in his room. He kisses her, and then wonders what life would have been like for them. She admits she's done the same, but realized he only had eyes for Laura years ago.  Scotty asks about men in Seattle, but Bobbie hasn’t found the right one yet.  Bobbie tells him she’s heading back to Seattle. 
Patrick takes Noah to the airport.  Noah warns him not to let Britt ruin his relationship with Sabrina.  He tells Patrick to grab love with both hands.  Dr. Obrecht runs into the Drake men on her way out of town, and tells Patrick she watched the ball on television. She was moved by the tribute to his late wife.  She congratulates him on the announcement of his new baby. 
Felix implies to Sabrina that Britt might have planned the pregnancy, but Sabrina doesn’t believe it. She doesn't think there was a way for Britt to know Sabrina and Patrick could have been together now. Britt hears Felix say Britt will use the baby to break them apart.  Britt promises not to use the baby to break up Sabrina and Patrick.  
Bobbie calls Carly to say her goodbyes, and then heads to the airport. She runs into Noah there.  Noah tells her he will now be working at her hospital in Seattle. 
Michael comes home, and is angry to find Carly waiting for him.  He tells her to leave him alone. 
When Patrick gets back to the hospital, Britt assures him she won't cause trouble for him and Sabrina. She’s decided not to have the baby. 
Sonny calls his men to find Brenda, and bring her to him.  Connie arrives on his doorstep.
Dante hears Lulu’s heart beating, and Luke does CPR. He revives her, and the three are thrilled she’s alive.  Dante explains she was kidnapped.  Laura tells Lulu no one can hurt her now.  Lulu speaks, and says she’s never seen any of them before in her life.  

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    J Bernard Jones

    Random things:

    • Do either Luke or Laura know that Helena is on the popsicle gurney next to Lulu?

    • LOVED when Laura emphasised “Thank God!!” to atheist Luke and he didn’t quite know how to respond, particularly after his “I don’t believe in God” redux. What I liked so much here was how the scene was played underscored a fracture in Luke & Laura’s relationship that I don’t think was ever played much, if any, onscreen before.

    • Emme Rylan’s constant eyebrow fluttering kept me giggling through the monologues.

    • The way Sabrina stroked Felix’s face after he saw her and Patrick kissing was super cute! Ms. Teresa Castillo is a knockout!

    • Felix’s constant renaming of Britt! Dr. Brittle! LOL (And the little bitchy look Sabrina gave Britt!)

    • Did a certain rock star have some work done by the same doctor that that worked on a certain redheaded veteran actress on their way to Seattle Grace….er, General? That item wasn’t too blind…although I kinda wish I was.

    • Dr. Orbrecht! Come back to Port Chuckles! Planting that seed with Patrick was awesome! Stat!


    That is all.

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    Are they really going ahead with this Michael/Brenda thing, or is Brenda going to realize how absurd it is to make Michael and all of PC think he really did the dirty with his future stepmom?

    I was sooo bummed to see Kate/Connie in the previews for tomorrow, I had just gotten use to not seeing her on everyday and I was so happy. However I think a Brenda/Connie scene would be a hoot and a half.

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    It’s a miracle Carly never barges in on anyone while they’re on the john. If I lived in PC, I’d have six or seven different locks on each door and my windows would all have bars on them. :|

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    Did Sabrina have those fabulous clothes in her closet this whole time? Or after her makeover did she go shopping with a stylist. Did she go straight to the eye doctor and ask for emergency eye contacts? Also why are we subjected to Sabrina?

    Still need to understand why Dante (THE COP) or Laura (Who volunteered at the hospital for years) did NOT perform CPR as soon as they seen Lulu. They checked her pulse and should have immediately performed CPR. That part just puzzles me. Maybe TPTB didn’t have them do that so everyone can have a solo performance next to nuLulu.

    Did MB tell TPTB he missed the feel of steel in his hands so they let him have that scene with the gun? I don’t understand why a man with a zillion guards around his house wouldn’t have an armed guy at the front door. He had an armed guard at this door when he lived in that penthouse!

    I appreciate that Michael went like a man to tell Sonny what happened even though I think he should ASK BRENDA IF THEY EVEN HAD SEX! GEEZ. The boy admits to blacking out not knowing what happened and he’s just guessing. Did he even see a condom anywhere? Did he even smell his fingertips? How is he certain that he had sex? Glad he cussed out that meddling mother of his.

    Noah and Bobbie..hmmmmm???? Give Felix something to do. He shouldn’t be wasted on Sabrina propping. He’s too funny and a great character for that girl! Loving Britt. TEAM EVIL!! Take down that SOBrina! Even after Patrick tells that twit the baby will not ruin their relationship, she still whines.

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    Loved that they had Michael MAN UP and go to his father and tell him that he “slept” with Brenda! And any scene with Carly acting all fierce and mamma bear is a great scene to me!

    I am not for the CASADINE ISLAND saga and everyone lying over Lulu crying and crying while she’s presumably dead. It was literally the entire episode, which in soap world could be anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours depending on the other scenes episode. (I’ll go with 2 hours since in the span of time Sonny came home, his son come out, and damn KATnie got released from the hospital.)

    2 problems with it… there is clearly a body lying under a blanket on the table next to them and Luke doesn’t peek? Even when they leave that room tomorrow, Dante should mention something to Luke so Luke can through the old bag out with the recycables (since she will be recycled for more story). And, gosh darn-it, I thought we were done with lame amnesia stories on soap operas?! That’s the best CARTOONY could do with this story is give us amnesia, the OLDEST and most OVERUSED plot twist in the books?! Honestly, and I don’t care what anyone says, this was the DUMBEST move around!

    Do I get the feeling that the Britt is pregnant story will be tied to the MAXIE is pregnant story in so much as a baby switch will occur?! I don’t think that Britt is pregnant or somewhere along the way she will lose the baby and DITZY Maxie will still have the “I hate babies but I am a GENO” Britt as her doctor and with dear ole Dr O, Maxie and Britt will ‘deliver’ together and Maxie will lose her kid.

    I’m just saying that’s what I think will occur.

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    I somehow think the “amnesia” thing with LULU is so Emma R. can take on the character as her own. JMB was so great in the role, it’s hard to fill her shoes. This way Emma can take on a new version of LuLu, and it will also cause more complications with Maxie, since Lulu won’t remember about the baby Maxie is carrying for her and Dante.
    Tony Geary always delivers in his scenes, more so then Maurice B. who sometimes can be distracting with his stumbling over the lines and looking at the camera. Just my opinion.

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    The episode was likable.

    Lulu was too much alive to be presumed dead but it was more funny than anything else. And yeah, of course her amnesia is for Emme Rylan to give the character her own take, which I’m fine with.
    And if my child was lying there, I wouldn’t be bothered to look what other dead people are lying around there. Don’t get that point. My daughter just died and I should be interested in what other dead bodies the Cassadines have lying around there? NO! That would make no sense.

    I like how they play Laura and Luke’s relationship. Under the surface you can see how damaged it is through their conversations.

    Sonny hold on to his gun just a little bit too long. Didn’t need that scene. But I’m glad that Michael has matured that much that he told Sonny the truth. And yeah, of course Brenda is the whore in Sonny’s eyes. Like A.J. said, he thinks she is his property.

    Britt/Dr. Obrecht scenes were great. And yeah, Britt is probably pregnant with Lulu and Dante’s baby.

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    Forgot to mention, I thought DZ was also great in his scenes crying over Lulu. He’s a great actor, so curious to see him and Emma together as Dante and Lulu. I somehow think they will be great together.

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    This episode was okay. There were a few things that left me scratching my head, but it’s all good.

    Laura, Luke & Dante all were great in their scenes, like that they had individual scenes. Especially loved Laura’s scenes, they weren’t overtly dramatic, and touched upon something that hasn’t much been talked about: Her abscence from her children due to her illness. I’m glad they addressed that.

    However, Luke’s speech nearly made me laugh. A comment on ICE fishing, when your daughter has just frozen to death? I know it was on purpose and wasn’t meant to be funny, but I just thought it was silly.

    And the fact that they were doing these monologues, when the whole audience knows she’s alive, seemed a bit unnecessary. Like it was designed just so the actors could show their chops. Of course, that they did, but still. I don’t like when they do something JUST for that purpose. They could have had Lulu just wake up at the beginning. Also, the fact that you could see Lulu’s eyes moving didn’t help.

    Having said that, I’m very glad Emme Rylan is now on board.

    Loved the Dr. O scenes. Kathleen Gati truly is a great actress. She can deliver almost anything without blinking. I really hope (and think) that we get to see her again.

    Loved the sendoff for Noah & Bobbie. I’m so glad Bobbie is finally getting some romance in her life. Really nice, and respectful touch from Cartini :)

    I really don’t get this Sabrina thing. So, thusfar she has either not cared about her appearance, or has been perfectly happy with it. Now, suddenly, after a special celebratory night, she suddenly thinks it’s important? Doesn’t make any sense to me. This doesn’t fit with her persona, at least not the way they have tried to sell it. Either she is now trying to transform herself into something she’s not, or she tried to be someone else before and has now revealed her true colors. So which is it? They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

    It seemed kind of off for Sonny to not even get mad with Michael. I wasn’t expecting a shoot-out, but this was just a tad too mellow. Especially since Brenda IS the love of his life, is he going to just rip her a new one? I don’t know what to make of it, but I hope Brenda & Sonny won’t be in complete shambles after this.

    Loved AJ sparring with Carly, and him yelling “boundarieeeesss!” after her! :D Sean Kanan is so great with comedy.

    So, Konnie is back. Guess it was coming, I have to say I’m impressed with Cartini on how long she was gone, that was very nice. Let’s hope she’s now integrated.

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    I really enjoyed this episode…

    –Sabrina and Patrick are pretty cute as a couple. Hope this whole baby thing doesn’t put too much of a kink on their story.
    –Britt, Britt, Britt….while I admit she’s a more fun character than Sabrina, she’s still a bitch. AND the whole revealing she’s pregnant in front of everyone at the nurses ball honoring Robin was extremely low. Like a snake. AND then she made that horrible comment to Patrick about Robin afterwards…how anyone can prefer that character to a nicer one is beyond me. I do feel a LITTLE sorry for her because she seems like she was raised to not have a soul with two awful parents and this makes her character much more multi-dimensional, but still. Britch is a snake and I hope she gets everything she deserves. BTW, shouldn’t Britch be fired from General Hospital? Otherwise, what was the whole point of that whole private detective thing?
    –Really enjoyed Michael confessing what he feels happened with Brenda to his father. And hopefully we will hear from Brenda that it didn’t happen–but by this point who will believe her? Looking forward to that confrontation! And Brenda needs to stay on the show for a while.
    –Hello Connie/Kate! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her and I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it. I think I like it that we haven’t seen her.
    –The Cassadine/Spencer saga has been awesome. I have just loved it. I kind of cringed when it came to the “mourning speeches” given about Lulu, because it just seems like time wasters. We all know she’s not dead. They wouldn’t have recast the role if she were dead so the whole time I’m like okay, okay let’s get this over with to the part where she opens her eyes please. It’s only more captivating when you know the character is actually dead. So far, I like new Lulu although we haven’t seen much and I am totally okay with her having amnesia, as cliché as it is. This allows Rylan to “restart” the character for better audience ease. I hope it doesn’t last too long, I wanna see her in action soon!
    –Wow, that Carly sure is a meddler isn’t she?
    –Very sad to see Bobbie leave PC…was hoping she’d stay and Lucas would come onto the scene. Interesting to see Noah leave with her, hope to see them back soon. They certainly got a better send off than Jax who just left or Johnny, who to be fair is in prison, but he could have gotten a little goodbye in there. Oh well.

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    I think that Lulu’s amnesia will be the result of brainwashing performed on her by the Cassadines. They did the same thing to Lucky in addition to changing his face(which they never addressed when Jonathan Jackson returned!).

    I believe that she will think that she is married to Stavros, that is why in the previews, she tells Dante that he isn’t her husband. Stavros wanted to replace Laura with her and Helena was so desperate to please him, they just reprogrammed her to be a Cassadine and hate the Spencers. The deep freeze probably completed the process.

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    Loved the AJ & Carly exchange. Those two are good together and have the potential to be an old school Monica & Alan.

    Glad that Boobie and Noah are heading out of town together. A simple sweet happy ending. Hopefully they can get a group rate on their plastic surgery or at least their dye jobs.

    Wasn’t a fan of grieving over thawing Lulu. I couldn’t help but remember the pain, anguish and shock L&L felt when Lucky died in the fire in 1999 and comparing the scenes. These scenes weren’t as well written, directed and acted. The crazy ice fishing line from Luke, Emme’s fluttering eyelashes and the crazy context of Cassadine Island reminded me more of SOAPDISH than good soapy GH drama.

    I’m guessing that New Lulu’s amnesia is a way to reboot the character. Not happy with the over used amnesia as a plot device but understand it. So here are some suggestions for names for New Lulu…..

    Stone Cold 2.0 (Homage to rebooted Jason)
    Bitter Cold

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    [quote=NAN]DZ is a wonder. He can do anything from light banter to total sobbing. He was right on the money yesterday.[/quote]

    Co-sign. This young man is under rated as an actor and often overlooked in this (current, overly large) cast. I also very much loved the juxtaposition of him, AG and GF in their individual “monologues” with a seemingly lifeless L. Definitely tissue worthy. And more heartbreak on the way, I’m sure.

    Personally I am still working through bitterness that Julie is not L. This was the type of material both of these actors deserved to be playing at this time, and together. Nothing against the recast. Yes, Julie chose to leave. But I can’t help thinking this story could have been started sooner, (even with GF’s air time concerns with Y&R), and we might have had her presence grace GH for the 50th Anniversary year. The extra time she graciously gave them in extending her contract could have made the difference between her staying and now having to deal with/get used to someone who may or may not be keyed in to/respectful of all that Julie built into L over her 7 and a half years. I don’t have a problem with change, per se. (And yes, I’m aware that it’s very early with the recast in the role.) However if that change is so radical that one doesn’t recognize the character, speaking only for myself, it smacks of disrespect for both character as well as the artist who built that character.

    I also believe the writing demands that had to be fitted in to accomodate the transplants wreaked havoc on the timing for the Ice Princess revisit.

    We shall see what happens. Being honest (because I don’t know how else to be), I’m watching for D/Dominic Zamprogna as I believe he will be carrying the pairing for the near future… 0:)

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    I see everyone noticed ER’s eye’s fluttering throughout the episode. Did anyone notice that she swallowed? I mean, her whole throat moved. I think it was while Luke was talking to her….That had me laughing

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    TV Gord

    [quote=pjc722]I am not for the CASADINE ISLAND saga and everyone lying over Lulu crying and crying while she’s presumably dead. It was literally the entire episode, which in soap world could be anywhere from 2 minutes to 2 hours depending on the other scenes episode. (I’ll go with 2 hours since in the span of time Sonny came home, his son come out, and damn KATnie got released from the hospital.)[/quote]

    Your reference to soap timelines made me think of something that made me chuckle the other day. Patrick ran into Sabrina as she was coming to work and she said in that she’d better get ready for work. Then, Patrick took Noah to the airport and returned (which can’t be a short period of time), and when he returned to work, Sabrina was still standing near the elevators and still hadn’t gotten ready for work. It’s little quirks such as these that make me enjoy “my stories”. ;-)

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    J Bernard Jones

    TV Gord wrote:

    Your reference to soap timelines made me think of something that made me chuckle the other day.

    Gone are the delightfully daffy days on As the World Turns when characters would fly from Oakdale, Illinois to New York City, get from LaGuardia Airport in Queens or Newark Airport in New Jersey to Manhattan or to Manhattan and then to Brooklyn, track down somebody, have a confrontation, get involved in a shootout, interface with local authorities if a bad guy was involved, get from Brooklyn to Manhattan or from Manhattan back to Laguardia in Queens or Newark Airport in New Jersey and back to Oakdale, Illinois before two other characters in Oakdale had ordered and finished breakfast.

    And let’s not even talk about the 32 second round trips between Oakdale and Chicago! :O

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    Even though amnesia has been done to death on a soap, I agree that in this instance it can work, especially when the role has been recast and itcwill be interesting to see what Emme brings to the table. I haven’t watched Y&R in a while so all I see is the “Named Heiress”. I hope that Lulu 2.0 brings a little more Spencer to her game.

    I loved the vets saying their goodbyes and leaving. It is the way people do it every day after gathering for a special event, they have lives and they need to get back to the day to day.

    As for Michael and Brenda, I think it’s ludicrous that anyone would really think that they slept together. It does, however give Sean Kanen a chance to show his comedic side. Love his scenes with Carly. What I am waiting for is the face off with Connie and Brenda.

    Speaking of Connie, these past few weeks without her prove the point that Connie has outlived her usefulness. I willbe glad when Connie goes back to Bensonhurst. Maybe she can take Sabrina with her. (Okay, just a thought…suppose Sabrina hooked up with Dante after Lulu2.0 decides she doesn’t want marraige and babies right now?)

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    [quote=Yoryla]And by “Ummm…Thanks?” I mean: What is that supposed to mean?[/quote]

    I’m not sure what’s going on, but reading your comments makes me lol

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    Oh, never mind, I found it. So you, FoxyMegan, have taken it upon yourself to come up with this witty initial-thingy called GHC, which stands for “GHaters Club”, right?

    Well, all I can really say to that is: LOL. If you take a look at my posting history, I’m sure you will find at least 80 % of positive postings about GH. Not to mention a post from me at nearly every topic there is on GH since last fall. Not to mention those “little” topics I have opened up on the forum section, promoting GH’s 50th anniversary. Those were opened up for “you GH fans'” viewing pleasure.

    But, hey, I understand. The attention is always nice, right? :)

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    YORYLA is definitely not a GHater. We don’t see eye to eye about most things, but you are definitely a positive poster when it comes to GH.

    I’m still finding my way with GH, but the whole Cassadine Island thing…I don’t get it. I guess I’m missing the point because its tied into history, but it just seems waaaay over the top to me.

    I gotta say, I’m in the minority, because I really really like Sabrina and Felix. IDK why…or what it is, but I like them. I know a lot of people say Sabrina is on too much, and she may be, but she is part of the reason why I keep tuning in. Plus, I like felix A LOT.

    Can someone tell me where Lucky is??? I wasn’t watching when he left, so I have no idea where he is…and why he hasn’t been around at all. It was mentioned on one of the episodes, but it was never really explained why he left in the first place.

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    Honestly, foxymegan, SHUT THE HELL UP!! If someone dislikes a show, a story or an episode doesn’t give you the right to judge them or even continue to use the juvenile “haters” title for them!

    We all have opinions and deserve the chance to express them!!!

    It’s because of the peoe who speak up and voice their opinions garbage would still be on GH and the show would have been canceled because those people who you call HATERS would have stopped watching instead of fighting to make GH better!

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