Joe’s Plan Starts to Unravel and One Acolyte Meets His Final Story on Fox’s The Following

With only a couple episodes of The Following left this season, things are really starting to hit the proverbial fan.  Mike (Shawn Ashmore) returned to cop headquarters, and immediately recognized Roderick as his torturer and Carrollite.  

However, the shady sheriff was able to make a getaway when Mike pulled his gun on him, and was promptly tackled by the clueless townie cops.

The FBI immediately began a manhunt for Roderick, and the shaken acolyte returned to Maniac Mansion and told Joe (James Purefoy) they had to flee.  When Joe said it wasn’t time yet, Roderick realized Joe had a side agenda.  When Joe refused to reveal his plan, Roderick made things personal, by saying Claire would never love him again.  Joe grabbed Roderick’s neck, and nearly choked him to death. 
Roderick was pissed.  He decided to flee before the FBI could figure out the location of their safe house.  As collateral, he ripped Joey out of his mother’s arms (Natalie Zea) and doubly kidnapped the boy. 

Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) went rogue (surprise), and held a press conference.  He promised full immunity to the first Carroll follower to turn himself in and lead them to Joe.  Ryan was lying of course, but those pesky followers didn’t need to know that!
Joe and his followers watched the live broadcast, where an increasingly agitated Joe scoffed at how “desperate” the FBI must be.  All of his followers nodded unconvincingly in agreement. 
Determined to regain control, Joe dispatched Jacob (Nico Tortorella) and two random followers to retrieve Joey, then torture and kill Roderick. 

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    This show started off with so much promise, but it has devolved into a parody. The FBI are presented as total incompetants. Im all for the suspension of disbelief but this show gets more ridiculous week after week.

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    The two guys posting just above me, sure hit the nail on the head, in regards to how silly this show has become. They really should wrap it up and start fresh with a new story next year. I find Joe to be a real ass and that stupid looking thing he has been involved with, is just way beyond sad.

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    I couldn’t watch this show more than the first two episodes. At first I thought it started out good and had a “fresh” idea, which I still kind of think, but it is just too violent for me.

    It slobbers and uses gruesome violence and offers that up as groundbreaking and fresh, I personally don’t view any kind of value in that.

    Also, I don’t buy Kevin Bacon as the main good guy. He has always been bit of shady in my book, and does best in roles as a crook with a twinkle in his eye.

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