Joe's Plan Starts to Unravel and One Acolyte Meets His Final Story on Fox's The Following

A pretty follower girl turned up at the FBI’s base of operations.  She said she wanted to make a deal.  Ryan & Co. were not about to fall for that same act, since the followers had fooled the FBI too many times.

However, she put on the waterworks, and they let their guard down.  At that second, she pulled a hairpin out of her coif, jumped onto Nick’s back, and stabbed him in the eye! 
Talk about horrific.  Eye injuries freak me out!  Could this be the end of another FBI agent?
What did you guys think of The Following episode, “Havenport?”
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This show started off with so much promise, but it has devolved into a parody. The FBI are presented as total incompetants. Im all for the suspension of disbelief but this show gets more ridiculous week after week.

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22 January 2011
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The only reason I watch this show now is for comedic value. It's just really, really dumb.

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The two guys posting just above me, sure hit the nail on the head, in regards to how silly this show has become. They really should wrap it up and start fresh with a new story next year. I find Joe to be a real ass and that stupid looking thing he has been involved with, is just way beyond sad.

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I couldn't watch this show more than the first two episodes. At first I thought it started out good and had a "fresh" idea, which I still kind of think, but it is just too violent for me.

It slobbers and uses gruesome violence and offers that up as groundbreaking and fresh, I personally don't view any kind of value in that.

Also, I don't buy Kevin Bacon as the main good guy. He has always been bit of shady in my book, and does best in roles as a crook with a twinkle in his eye.