TOLN Releases a Pretty Effin' Amazing Trailer For The New All My Children (VIDEO)


Okay, okay, I will be the first to admit it. I was more than a little cynical when I first learned Prospect Park was making a second stab at bringing back All My Children and One Life to Live. There, are you happy? 
With only a matter of days left before the soaps return on April 29, I  have to say, I am hella impressed with what I'm seeing so far! Today, TOLN revealed a trailer video for the new season of All My Children. Although I will argue anyone down that it was only my pollen allergies, a couple of tears were a' shed.

My DARLING, BIANCA (Eden Riegel)!!!!! ANGIE (Debbi Morgan)!!! DIXIE (Cady McClain)!!! PETEY (Rob Wilson)!!! PETEY (Rob Wilson)!!! Did I mention, PETEY (Rob Wilson)??? Watch the video after the jump.




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I'm loving me some David and Cara pent-up PASSION, as well as his dysfunctional family angst that never seems to end! What has me excited most though is Griffin apoplectic about David's hold on Cara "after all these years." That's something they can build on despite the angst! Smile

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Looks amazing!

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Wow, 33 comments including this one. If all 33 of us watch, it's sure to be a hit.