Cady McClain’s Alter Ego Suzy F****** Homemaker Explains How to Watch All My Children Online (VIDEO)

How on Soap Earth am I just discovering Cady McClain's Suzy F****** Homemaker videos??? I am coding on a gurney, as I witness the cigarette-wielding housewife explain how to watch All My Children on Hulu. Check out the crazy fun after the jump!

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    If you can turn on a computer and navigate to Facebook or your favorite website, you can figure out how to watch OLTL and AMC. Even hooking up a Roku box or Apple TV is easy. It’s all a matter of hooking up a wire into your tv. It’s not like back in the day when you had to figure out which cable went where when you hooked up your Nintendo or VCR.

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    I watch on my 46 inch tv. The reason I am stressing this is because I wish someone who is good at giving simple instructions using the correct terms would please take the time to post here.

    My son hooked mine up so I am doing the best I can. Nothing is hard to hook up once I was shown.

    I watch just about everything online thru tv. I still like the comfort of my tv. Netflex is accessed the same why hulu plus is accessed. The streaming netflex.

    I have internet thru cable. Then I have modem which allows me to use laptop anywhere in house. I bought blue ray hooked to tv which has sticker saying wifi etc. (Toshiba) But I am sure they all have it now.

    I pay 7.99 a month but there is a free trial period also.

    So it is internet, modem, blueray with wifi (sticker will be on player) and 7.99. I sit in my usual chair and watch on tv screen most of my shows now. I just click. Tonight I watched the clips of oltl and amc. I can’t wait. Plus, they will not have all the restrictions on story, etc.

    Most shows are on there at this point. I still resist sitting at laptop although a lot of people do now which is great. These are just rough instructions. Best bet is to ask someone familiar with hooking up electronics.

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    Great job. I didn’t watch either show, but my curiousity will get the best of me. The promo for AMC looked good.

    I’d like to see the boundaries they push with this format.

    I don’t think the shows will be “your grandma’s soaps”, so some of that audience may no longer tune in.

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