Corbin Bernsen on Jeanne Cooper’s Condition: “Huge Progress With Mom Today”

Keep those prayers coming for The Young and the RestlessJeanne CooperCorbin Bernsen recently tweeted an update on his mother’s condition. Said the actor:

This past weekend, Bernsen revealed on his Facebook page, Cooper had been hospitalized with a dangerous infection.

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    Piggbacking how so Secrets & Lies? Corbin hasn’t mentioned nothing about any show. He’s been keeping fans very informed because as I some are very very worried. Maybe the low is when you gaze into mirror and spat off about a gravely ill woman. ;)

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    Secrets and Lies

    harlee490, before you get too smug:

    “Mom mouthed Sh*t last night 3 times. Not sure if she’s over all of this, or pissed she can’t watch #psych 2night. Improving either way!”

    Corbin stars on “Psych” it’s a TV show airing tonight and he’s using tweets about his mom’s health to remind people to watch. Even going so far as to imply that she is upset not about being in the hospital or missing work but about missing watching his show. Twitter whoring at its worst.


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    That was not his intent, I can guarantee on Friday with her on a vent he did the only thing he could do for her and that’s getting as many people he could find to pray.

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    I don’t believe that was his intent either.

    All the tweets he’s delivered and this was the first one with one mention of his professional life?

    Considering his mother is progressing, he can finally start thinking about other things.

    I admire his devotion actually.

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    Longtime fan

    I have watched the show from the beginning and I must say that I am very disappointed with the new writers. They don’t seem to know the characters.
    We are now seeing our favorites acting out of character! Most of them would never do the things they are doing now! I also think the directing is terrible! They break away from the story at the wrong time and chop up every scene; this causes a loss of interest in the plot. Also the music drives me up the wall, it has too much vocal,therefore; distracting from the actors voices.
    The story about Lily and Tyler is boring. Where are her children? They seem to be gone. I’ve had enough of Summer and her bad behavior! I hate that they broke up Adam’s marriage; it was just starting to develop into something stable. Why do the writers want to break up all of the marriages? Lets have some good ones!! Also, the very worst thing is that awful new resturant with the blue tile posts and bad looking walls! Bring back Glowworm and Gloria! Please!

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    Longtime fan…I think you are echoing some of the recent frustration you’ll see from big Y and R fans.

    Overall, I glad with the direction of the writing, but yes, a lot of small things are missing.

    I just hope that Jeanne can return so we don’t have to deal with that huge loss!

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