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Lulu refuses to go anywhere with her parents and Dante.  Laura explains Lulu was kidnapped.  Dante reminds Lulu he’s her husband, but Lulu says Stavros is her husband. She's adamant that she doesn’t know any of them.  Dante tries to kick start Lulu’s memory by telling her about their wedding day, but it doesn't help.

Luke wants them all to back off, but Dante’s worried about what exactly Stavros did to Lulu.  Laura explains to Lulu where her name came from, but nothing jogs her memory.  
Spinelli pays Heather a visit, and asks for her help in finding Franco’s daughter.  Heather pretends to not know anything, but Spin appeals to her feelings for Luke. He mentions if Tracy gets the information, Luke will get back together with her.  Heather agrees to tell Spin what she knows. 
Patrick is shocked when Britt says she’ll get an abortion.  Britt knows Patrick was horrified to learn she was pregnant, and doesn’t want to raise the baby by herself.  Britt grew up without a father, and wouldn’t do that to a child.  Britt tells Patrick he’s free, and can go back to his life.  
Nikolas is on the phone with Spencer, when a new doctor arrives and begins asking him personal questions.  Epiphany catches her, and explains the doctor is actually a reporter for a tabloid.  Nikolas threatens to sue the reporter, and then have her fired.  
Sonny’s glad to see Connie, and asks who she is.  Connie admits she’s neither Kate nor the wild Connie. She’s been integrated and is using her given name.  Connie has to break up with Sonny, because she can’t break apart again.  Sonny loves all of her, and doesn’t understand why she needs to break up with him.  He wants to talk to her doctor, but Connie reiterates she must stay away from him. She kisses him on the cheek before leaving.  
AJ finds Tracy at Kelly’s trying to sell her relish to Shawn.  She reveals she’s going to relaunch the condiment.  AJ tells Tracy that Spin is off to find the missing heir. Once he finds her, AJ will get her to sign with him.  He warns Tracy to keep fighting or exit gracefully. 
Tracy knows AJ won ELQ, but she’s going to start her own company and produce the relish.   AJ reminds Tracy that even though she might have the recipe, ELQ owns the rights to the name. A disgusted Tracy storms off to think of a new name. 
Felix and Sabrina discuss Britt, and Felix snarks about how Britt will use the baby to get back with Patrick.   Patrick tells Sabrina that Britt wants an abortion.  Felix confronts Britt, who says he knows nothing.  
Dante feels they need to get Lulu off the island, but Lulu refuses. She tells the trio they can’t make her do anything, and she’s Stavros’ wife. She should be safe on the island.  Luke warns that she isn’t, so Lulu finally agrees to leave with them. However, she doesn't want Dante's help. Laura worries about what Stavros did to traumatize Lulu. 

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    I’m liking nuLulu so far. She seems to be holding her own all things considered. I also think DZ is bringing it.

    Loved Felix making fun of Britt to Sabrina.

    So totally wanted Patrick to call Britt on her crap and say, “ok, go ahead”

    Love me some Robin Mattheson.

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    DZ is really underrated as an actor, he’s been bringing it the last couple of days
    I think it was JBJ or another post in another thread that the amnesia will give ER a chance to make Lulu her own, and I know she’ll kill in the role as they generate story for Lulu

    I really hope they’re writing Kate/Connie off the show.

    Epiphany calling out Katie Couric’s fake doctor was hilarious. Piph and Felix have all the funny lines, I love them!

    Also it was great seeing Heather back, besides Helena, she’s one of my favorite villains, hope we get to see more of her in the future

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    Lotsa funny lines today.

    I think I’m really going to like Nulu. JMB is a phenomenal actress, but her Lulu was a tad bit shrill and jaded for me. Hopefully ER will soften Lulu up a bit.

    Epiphany might be tough, but if I were a nurse at GH, she would have to beat me for the job of giving Nik a bed bath! :party:

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    I found that scene between Laura and Lulu amazing. Great chemistry between Genie Francis and Emme Rylan. I like the story so far. Especially since it’s not just an amnesia story but more of Lulu being brainwashed by Stavros.

    Heather’s back!!! :D Her scenes with Spinelli were awesome. The line with the letter was hilarious. Great comedy. I also like that they keep coming back to Heather. On every other soap a character like this would have been “killed” off a dozen times by now or just shipped off.

    I’m kind of interested where they do take Connie now. I really hope that she gets time away from Sonny. And I can only wish that we are done with this DID stuff for the time being.

    Isn’t Britt showing a little bit too much to be still able to abort the child!? Her talking about an abortion when you can already see that she’s pregnant seems just very weird.

    I love Felix by the way. Great character!!!

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    Lucy D.

    I too was hoping when Connie said bye to Sonny that she was leaving town. But the coming attractions show no such luck, which makes no sense. If being around Sonny is bad for her (and I don’t get why), then the best “cure” would be to leave. Maybe she isn’t integrated. Maybe she’s lying. Whatever she’s doing, I wish she were doing it elsewhere.

    At the Nurses Ball Britt said she had 6 months to go, which means she’s within legal abortion time. I think they made her pregnancy stomach WAY TOO BIG. She’s quadruple the size of Maxi–who had to get pregnant first.

    I have been blown away by the performances of DZ and Genie Francis these past 2 days. On point, amazing and heart wrenching.

    I’m still loving AJ. He brings a certain “verve” to the screen. He needs to go straighten things out with Elizabeth NOW.

    I don’t hate Sabrina, but she’s not a Patrick match. Neither is Britt.

    At any rate I love this show these days.

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    I liked the chemistry already between Lulu and Dante/Laura also. I’m glad they are doing this brainwashing storyline so she can make Lulu her own. No more ShrewLu.

    They HAVE to get Felix his own storyline. He actually looked like a bully. That whole situation his none of his business and he is harassing her. I know Sabrina is weak and can’t speak up for herself but they should not have Felix harassing that girl like that. It’s not funny or cute. Give that boy his own storyline!

    Didn’t understand Tracy freakin Quatermaine begging Shawn to sell Pickle Lila in Kelly’s. First of all he doesn’t own Kelly’s. Her BFF who is also her ex husband does. So while Luke is busy with Lulu, Tracy could just call Bobbie and ask her can she sell Pickle Lila in Kelly’s. Also where are the freakin customers!

    Why did Konnie have to come back?? They still aren’t done with the Brenda slept with Michael storyline and they already bring this thing back? And why is Sonny yelling at the woman? She just got back from therapy! I watched the Jessica integration storyline. I don’t have to see part 2.

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    Why oh why did Connie Kate come back? One of the issues of cartoony from their OLTL days was that they never could grasp fan dissatisfaction with story or character direction until it was too late and fans were in an uproar. The very same story with Jessica had more twists and turns than a slinky and no one was more dissatisfied than the fans but Tess kept returning and we all kept uttering UGH at the tv.

    Though I hate a amnesia story I love emme as lulu so I know she will change my mind and deliver!!

    Britt’s story will be revealed to be a baby switch with Maxie’s. guaranteed.

    Tracey should have enough money not only to hire an ad agency to come up with a product name but a story behind the relish but she should have enough dough to hire one or two salespeople to go out and market the stuff. Plus, unless she plans to sell only 2 bottle a week, it’s the local shop-rite/whole foods/trader joes or piggly wiggly she should be trying to sell to and not a coffee /dinner spot on a dock. Please make this a smarter story than just a plot device to haveAJ whine or Tracey shriek! And for crying out loud, give Tracey her own place. The idea that she is still living at the q mansion is ridiculous.

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    Loved Tracy’s shout out to Wyndhams! Although it would seem odd at to ask a department store to carry relish.

    I completely lost it when Heather asked Spinelli to deliver a letter to Steven Lars. That was absolutely hilarious.

    The Katie Couric scenes were great! I didn’t have much hope after seeing the making of them on her special. I think she was purposely screwing up her lines and cues just to be all “look how silly and adorable I am” In the end… she totally pulled it off. Wouldn’t mind seeing that Kelly Curtis stir up some more trouble! Katie Couric’s show? No thank you.

    Sorry but I love me some Connie/Kate/whoever.

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    @pjc722….I wonder why Tracy doesn’t move into Ned’s old place he lived in. She use to live there back in the day. She doesn’t have to live in the main house with AJ and Monica. Also it use to be like 100 ppl living in that mansion. It has to be big enough where they don’t run into each other everyday.

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    Finally they have killed Kate off completely. This new Connie can not be around Sonny because her two alters were vying for the same man. It was going to be difficult to be with Sonny. He is the reason she split in the first place. This makes perfect sense.

    This leaves the door open for Brenda to return to Sonny. I would like to see a Sonny and Brenda 2.0 or should I say 5.0 at this point?

    As far Connie I hope she does get her life together. I would of preferred they just wrote the character off the show and send her back to Paris or her death. But if she will remain in PC i hope they can find a good man for her. Probably the new character Roger will be coming back as. RC and FV I am sure are aware of the fact that we are over the DID story. Lets see where this person takes the story. Kelly is very talented and i would like her to try the fashionista role for a while.


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    Very glad to see Emme Rylan making Lulu into her own. Like others have stated, this amnesia storyline is actually quite a clever way to change the actress behind the part. I especially loved the natural, easy chemistry between Emme and Genie. So happy to see them in scenes together again, after Y&R. I’m sure it was comforting for Emme to have at least one person she knows on stage with her. They had such good mother-daughter chemistry: “Lulu? What kind of a name is that…?” Great line! :D

    Katie Couric was surprisingly entertaining. She acted better than I expected, and it was fitting that she was a reporter. Liked her scenes with Nikolas and Epiphany. And also catched that Epiphany was giving Nik a spongebath, had to love her glee at the thought, she went all “tee hee” on him :D

    Well, at least Connie is now integrated, and we have an answer to the name problem. It’s Connie now.

    Felix is looking mighty fine…And they mean to tell us he doesn’t have a line of men outside his door?!

    Always good to see Heather, love Robin Mattson. I love how she always pops up when you least expect it. If it hadn’t been for the preview yesterday, I would have been completely surprised to see her at this point. And it was good to see a Spinelli + Heather scene. She just has her own chemistry with everyone on the canvas.

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    I too thought that Britt’s baby bump looked too far along for an abortion. I don’t care for Britt at all and can’t feel sorry for her. Had they decided to write her with even just a hint of compassion for anyone else before this, then maybe I would feel different, but nope.

    Sonny… well the world revolves around him as usual. He can’t seem to ever think for even one minute that he is not the best thing for any of the emotionally fragile women in his life, and I was for damn sure when Kate/Connie asked him who he thought was at the door, he was surely thinking Brenda.

    GF has good chemistry with the new Lulu. Hopefully this actress will be able to play Lulu with a little less arrogance, and be less of a raving mad shrew.

    Loved Epiphany today, was hoping we’d get to see TC without his shirt on, he’s looking more buff this go round.

    Hum…. who’s going to play Lauren Frank? If it’s KA, then I hope we get to see something from her other than just another version of Starr.

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    I think Britt is actually carrying Lulu ad Dante’s baby and will switch it with Maxie’s for revenge. Considering Patrick’s history with Robin, was it ever mentioned that they either didn’t use protection, it failed or were they using some left over defective Quartermaine condoms?

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    I think Emme Rylan is going to work out well as Lulu and how clever was Ron C. to write the “amnesia” storyline so Emme can do her own take on the character. How lucky is she to work, on her first days on the show, with Tony and Genie who bring out the best in all their co-stars. And DZ is a great actor and I think he and Emme are going to work well together. He has those great eyes that show such emotion.
    I like that Heather will keep making appearances on the show. Robin M is just so great in the role and it’s obvious she is one of Ron’s favorites. I laughed also when she mentioned the “letter to Stephan Lars”. Ron C is great with comedy. I used to laugh so much over David Vickers on OLTL. Heather and Felix come out with these lines that are just so funny and I am really enjoying that about GH which was once SO dark!!! (Just watch Soapnet showing 2009 episodes of GH).

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    DZ was great, as usual, but those scenes would have been so much more moving and sad if JMB had done them.

    I don’t dislike this new actress, she’s just not my Lulu.
    I’m afraid that just like GV’s Lucky was never Lucky for me, ER will never be Lulu either. I’ll just have to look at her as if she’s some new character.

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    GREAT episode! LOVE Emme Rylan as Lulu! She is going to be fantastic! LOVED her scene with Laura. I see great things ahead.

    Katie Couric on GH was fun and Epiphany shooing her off was even better. It’s nice to know Katie enjoys soaps. Or it could be just a ploy to get more people to watch her talk show….whatever, it was harmless.

    Can Britt still have an abortion? Isn’t she past that point? Whatever the reason, Patrick better not be with her. She’s lame and I am glad Felix can dish it out just as well as Britch, or dish it out better. I still don’t see how Britt is still working at GH after the “investigation.” I hope they address that.

    I’ve never had an issue with Connie/Kate and this new integrated Connie seems to be working fine, although I am not sure what they can do with her. I am hoping she will get her life back together and get paired with someone else so Sonny can be with Brenda.

    Answer me this…if AJ is still head of ELQ, then what’s the point of Tracy having Pickle Lila? Is she starting her own company…I don’t understand. How is Pickle Lila supposed to save the day if Tracy isn’t head of ELQ?

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    I was never a fan of Emme(Marcy)Rylan. I don’t doubt that she is a good actor, she just is one note for me. She plays the same character no matter what show she is on. Lizzie is the same as Abbie and now Lulu will be a copy of those characters. And if people think JMB was shrill, wait until you hear ER’s high pitched screech in every scene.

    She is like a cross between an Olsen Twin and Cheri Oteri from SNL.

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    J Bernard Jones

    GHteenybopper wrote

    I think it was JBJ or another post in another thread that the amnesia will give ER a chance to make Lulu her own

    I wish I could take credit for that observation, but it wasn’t me. However, I agree with it most certainly. I’ve been a fan of Emme (nee Marcy) Rylan ever since her days on GL and as much as I loved me some Julie Marie Berman, I’ve taken a near instant liking to Ms. Rylan as Lulu already.

    Also, welcome back Connie!

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    Did anyone else notice that AJ referred to Tracy as his crazy great-aunt? She’s not his great-aunt, she is his aunt. She was his father’s sister.

    I wonder how long they will continue to use the opening that has Julie Marie Berman in it? I found it ironic that it aired at the beginning of Emme Rylan’s first full episode (well, first fully conscious episode).

    Britt and Patrick had sex on the January 10th episode, so she is right on the edge of beginning her second trimester. Her baby bump is 3 or 4 times larger than Maxie’s, and she got pregnant 10 days before Britt!

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    First off, Dominic Zamprogna is consistently delivering emotionally rich work, swinging from deep running relief and concern to gut wrenching fear that his beloved may not have returned to him whole and unharmed. Material like this has been long overdue. I am reserving judgement on what I see of the recast. For me, at this point, despite my knowing her work from GL and Y&R, she is not much more than a seat warmer/place holder. I don’t mean to sound cold or cynical. It is what it is. And you all know I’m very honest as to what I write.

    As for Julie and what she built into L, there have been many times where the writing she was given, I believe, was distorted to give the impression that her L was not worthy of being likeable or dare I say lovable. Yes, I loved L and her near constant search for a place/family to belong to and Julie’s take on her from the beginning. The overt hovering during the initial start of the faux surrogacy is a prime example. If she was directed to “exagerate” this quality, I’m of the opinion that this may have been something she didn’t agree with. We’ll never know.

    I’m also curious why RC is inviting viewers to “fall in love with Lulu again” acording to a tweet I came across. Huh? What? :~ Why was this promotion not important when Julie was paired with Dominic? Now that the recast is in the role, and understanding the need to get used to seeing her, this smacks of disrespect. I know I’m a broken record and a lone voice on this board regarding Dominic and Julie’s pairing and the hatred that it engendered. So, please forgive me if I’m not falling head over heels that there is a resurrected emphasis on this pairing. Am I happy to see them? Absolutely. The sad thing is, this promotion should have been going on long before any Cassadine or family building storylines were finally fleshed out on the storyboards… 0:)

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    “Answer me this…if AJ is still head of ELQ, then what’s the point of Tracy having Pickle Lila? Is she starting her own company…I don’t understand. How is Pickle Lila supposed to save the day if Tracy isn’t head of ELQ?”

    I believe Tracy explained that she plans to start her own company to market Pickle Lila and then buy ELQ back and kick AJ out on his ass.

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    I was never a Lante fan until RC took over the show and they became this adorable young married couple. Of course, once the whole “baby drama” started with Lulu shrieking at Maxie and the nasty miscarriage sex with Spixie quickly moved me off the Lante train.

    I was hoping Connie was going to say goodbye to Sonny, pack her bags and leave town so that Lucy can take over Crimson.

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    SwanQueen59 I agree with you. Your not the only one here who loved the overwhelming chemistry DZ and JMB had. It made me remain a Lante fan through some not so great s/l’s. I saw that tweet you mentioned and I too thought it showed disrespect toward JMB as well as the inclusion of ER in the GH 50th photo.

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=Sadie39]I saw that tweet you mentioned and I too thought it showed disrespect toward JMB as well as the inclusion of ER in the GH 50th photo.[/quote]

    I saw that tweet too and did not see it as disrespect it said to “again” which says to me people were already in love with LuLu not to diss JMB – RC knows that he will ahve to win over die-hard JMB fans

    Also in regards to Emme being at the GH 50 Photo maybe it’s because ER is now a part of this rich history she has been working at GH for at least a few weeks and maybe Emme thought this was the best opportunity to meet with all of her new co-workers. Or maybe it’s as simple as it was something she had to do for her job…I mean it’s not like JMB stuck around to celebrate

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    Dom has been the master performer in this search-for-Lulu story and he alone is the Lante story right now. His portrayal of his love for his wife had re-energized the pairing, but the effect would the same if Julie were still playing Lulu and the dramatic impact of those scenes with Lulu waking up would have been greater for me if Julie had been playing the part. Why? Because she is the one who I have seen be so completely in love with Dante, her inability to feel that love would have been more heart-wrenching than having a strange face and voice act the scenes.

    Re the rest of the show – enjoying Felix – my favorite new addition by far!! And I do like Robin Mattson as Heather!

  26. Profile photo of Aurora2

    [quote=liason4real]I was never a Lante fan until RC took over the show and they became this adorable young married couple. Of course, once the whole “baby drama” started with Lulu shrieking at Maxie and the nasty miscarriage sex with Spixie quickly moved me off the Lante train.

    I was hoping Connie was going to say goodbye to Sonny, pack her bags and leave town so that Lucy can take over Crimson.[/quote]

    Re Lulu’s scenes with Maxie: Did you ever stop to think that painting Julie in this one-dimensional light was done deliberately to make her look less appealing so her recast would look more appealing??? If so, the plan seems to be working. I commend Julie for being a good team player and for acting this part. However, as a Julie fan, I regret that her last story on GH played her in this light. Prior to the last couple of months, Julie’s Lulu had been showing considerable maturity, softness and vulnerability – especially in the emotional scenes dealing with not being able to carry a baby. Then the writing did a complete switch creating a situation which is easy to blame on Julie but which was directed by the writing.

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