Loser Liam to Hopeless Hope on Bold and Beautiful: “I Will Never Feel About Anyone The Way I Feel About You” (VIDEO)


The love triangle that ate America is slowly-but-surely moving back to the frontburner on The Bold and the Beautiful. With Liam (Scott Clifton) set to marry Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) yet again, of course he can't resist the urge to toy with Hope's (Kimberly Matula) emotions.

Am I the only one who finds absolutely no root value in any of these characters anymore? Thank the Soap Gods for Caroline/Rick/Maya and Katie/Bill/Brooke. Watch the teaser for Thursday's episode of B&B after the jump!



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    Someone from this pathetic triangle needs to get in front of Taylor’s car and end up dead. I don’t care who but please take the temptation from Brad Bell to write yet another wedding or anything that involves Liam, Hope and Steffy.

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    Another classic soap line (which I’m SICK OF) – “After all we’ve been thru..”

    If I was headwriter of a soap, I would tell my staff to convey that sentiment another way in their scripts or they’re out!

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    This Liam-Hope-Steffy nonsense needs to be over and never visited again, I am a Steffy fan and I’d like her to have her baby and move on with someone else, ANYONE ELSE!

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    In the words of my favorite View co-host…”So what! Who cares?!?!” I could care less about those three. I can watch B&B in 6min when they are on. Can they take a trip down to the basement at Forester and send Thorne up?!

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    This triangle is moving to the front burner again?? When did it ever leave? By now, why do Liam and Steffy have to get married?? By this time, instead of a wedding, cant they just shake hands and then they could be married? I mean what else can they say for wedding vows?

    Also, what has happened to Caroline? Why is she such a bitch now? When and why is this happening? It came out of left field.

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    I keep expecting a PSA at the end of one of these Steffy/Liam/Hope episodes with the three actors facing the camera and saying “If you or anyone you know suffers from terminal indecision, there is help.”

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    I didn’t enjoy the trio from hell today but honestly get this crap out the way before May sweeps, which Brad’s May sweeps will be about Brad\Katie\Brooke love nest. He’s got to know he has a winner in this story.

    Today’s episode with the other players were great, Katie don’t even remember which will be most excellent when she does. ;) simply b\c of HT…

    My favorite part was Maya\Caroline\Rick…Caroline falling into the clothes wreck…hilarious! J) Totally took me off guard but I can’t get enough of Caroline…if there ever was another Brenda Dickson we just found her in Lindsey! :O I love it, best entertainment on B&B right now is Rick\Maya\Caroline :D

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    Brenda Dickson was never this cartoony a soap bitch. (Well in the end b4 being fired, maybe she was)

    But this actress playing Caroline is playing the bitch soooooo over the top that its uncomfortable to watch. The body gestures, the open mouth, the odd tongue twists, the pointing finger, all the while maya is always looking sane. It would make me look at Rick and question why or what he sees in her and then question if he likes that then why do I like him?

    I have no problem with her being a bitch but having Caroline being a cartoon one doesn’t make things fun for me. I’d rather see the actress tone it down a bit unless they plan on her being a lunatic along with dayzee.

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    I watch Y &R daily and have tried getting into B&B but I just can’t! The “dumbing” down of all the males on the show makes me sick. I just can’t stand the whole stupid Liam/ Hope/ Steffy thing. Liam can’t decide which women he really wants and these 2 beautiful ladies falling all over this whimp of a man?! How Stupid! The same thing with the whole Bill/Katie/Brooke- her own sister’s husband and she continued to act like nothing was going on and then slept with him. I am turned off by all the males on the show because they are all whimps!!!

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    I just starting rewatching the show after years away so I haven’t experienced this triangle.

    I don’t care too much for Liam yet. I do like Hope, but have a problem with the Steffy character.

    Seems those two do deserve each other. And Taylor’s involvement of course is always irritating for me.

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    OMG, give me some of Carter’s six pack anytime. :p

    Like other’s that punk azz clown Lame NEEDS to be killed off. The most useless character in daytime.

    There are not enough words in Webster’s dictionary to describe the INTENSE dislike I have of this effing idiot.

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    Brenda Dickenson wasn’t cartoonish? Holy ish, she was Cartoon Network over the top. In the very beginning BD was calm, but that changed pretty quickly.

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    Yeah….I’m not feeling this Liam dude. But I’m missing all the backstory. As for Brenda D, she has been one of the only ones to get away with camp on Y and R… I personally loved her. Just still would like to know what changed that caused her to go over the top, and lose her spot on the show ?

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    She BD has a autobiography out, just released this week and read excerpts on amazon pretty interesting. Might have to check out the hardcopy at B&N

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    I like hope, Liam and Steffy. BUT I do not like Steffy with Liam. They are not soul mates and Liam does not love Steffy the way he loves hope. There is no comparison IMO. Hope and Liam belong together already! I like Steffy best when she is with someone like bill or is alone.

    I like bill spencer best when he is cheating on his wife. (Terrible, but that’s when I find him most enjoyable). Loved him with Steffy and I like him with Brooke. *I’ve only been watching the show for about 2 years so I don’t know much of the history and don’t have a loyalty to bill/Katie.

    I love Brooke Logan and I CAN NOT stand Taylor. I know people say brooke is a ho bag (don’t know the history) but I don’t care! I found her boring with ridge but I’ve enjoyed her relationship with bill so far :)

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    Although I am not a fan of Clifton aka Liam, for the most part, I think he is a good actor as well as JMW. Now that we lost Stephanie, JMW is the best on the show. She has shown herself in a lot of different s/l and has done well w/them. When I see Hope on the show, I walk away or shut it off completely if I think it will be about her whining and repeating all her old “it should have been me that was married to Liam”, so tired of that and her fake tears.

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    You are so so right. Why do they portray Hope as having such high morales when she is a tramp just like Brooke. Chasing a married man. Accusing Steffy of lying and scheming when everything Hope says to Liam to comfort him is really just plant little seeds of doubt in his mind.I would love to see Taylor snap and run them both over with her car. Oh even better set their house on fire or push them off a yacht. That would be great.

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