All My Children’s Agnes Nixon: “I Always Have a Great Story in Mind For Erica Kane!”

All My Children returns to the digital airwaves in under two weeks — without the soap opera's most famous face. Will legendary creator Agnes Nixon be able to convince her protégé and pal Susan Lucci to return as Erica Kane? Here's what Nixon told TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan:

"Susan has so many other commitments these days but I certainly see her in our future.  She is such a talent and a dear friend. I remember the first time I saw her when she auditioned for AMC. I thought she was too beautiful to be a good actress. I was so happy to be wrong! I do hope with all my heart that Susan will be free enough to come back to us for a while." Adds the scribe with a laugh: "You know me. I always have a great story in mind for Erica Kane!"

If anyone can convince the star of Lifetime's upcoming dramedy Devious Maids to make an appearance in Pine Valley, it's Mama Agnes!

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    OH I’m screaming…if mama Anges can convince for susan to return even part-time w\story…AMC will hit the stratosphere in publicity! :bigsmile:

    How will Erica deal with herself seeing it in Miranda? Good story! Got to go read this interview…Thank you Jamey for the posting! :bigsmile:

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    I think this is an absolute amazing opportunity for ALL MY CHILDREN not to have Erica return… or even Tad… at the beginning of the new run. I love both of these iconic characters but it allows the show to start off fresher without these 2 characters, to establish the new direction and model for the show, and gain new fans plus bring back the old ones.

    Down the road when the shows are established fully I can easily see Erica returning to Pine Valley and it bringing a huge amount of press and buzz to the program.

    I definitely look forward to the start of this second round.

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