Days of Our Lives Spoofs Magic Mike in April 23 Episode

What in the name of Alice Horton has the men of Salem stripping to their skivvies on Days of Our Lives? TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan is reporting Daniel (Shawn Christian), Rafe (Galen Gering) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) will take part in a strip show to benefit Salem University Hospital — and to help out Cameron (Nathan Owens)! Say what now?

According to Gering:

Cameron's in danger of getting caught and losing his job as a doctor so his pals help him out by joining him on stage," says Gering. "If we all shake our tallywhackers for charity, how bad can it be, right?" The guys are dressed YMCA-style: Gering as a construction worker, Martsolf as a cop,Shawn Christian [Daniel] as a cowboy. "Eric clearly has a lot of experience doing strip shows," cracks Gering. "And I think Shawn was pretty drunk so he was having a good time, too. I was just trying not to embarrass myself but I kept remembering what they taught us in acting school: Dare to suck."

Ya'll ready for Magic Mike Does Salem


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    And suddenly, the stripping storyline became interesting!

    I hope Days now realizes to take full advantage of this, and promote it well, to get viewers.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]This I want to see. :)

    Sadly, EJ, Vargas, and Sonny aren’t doctors.[/quote]

    Neither are Rafe and Brady yet they are stripping.

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    Now this episode of Days I will have to watch for sure! I like that Cameron, Rafe, Brady, and even Daniel are stripping. Daniel may be an annoying character but he’s not bad to look at and has a great hairy body!

    But I do wish that EJ would strip, imagine that greek God stripping (sigh). Throw in Will, Sonny, Eric, the really hot guy that works with Father Eric too!!! Whew!

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    All of these men are over 40 (Gering by a hair, I think) and yet their bodies are RIDICULOUS. I guess it’s not that notable, but it impresses me. Christian is closer to 50 than 40 and he’s in incredible shape. He must diet and work out 7 days/week–no taking Sunday off for him.

    ETA: Agree that the St. Luke’s contingent of Vargas (also in his early 40s, incidentally) and Fr. Eric (40ish) would put this storyline over the top.

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    Hot guys, lame attempt at getting attention from the media and fans. It won’t work since not only do the sets look sooooooo darb and dull when you mix in the rest of the program and the stupid stories going on, a new viewer will fall asleep before any of the men drop their towels.

    Plus I stopped watching a while ago and I am confused on why Cameron started being a stripper? (And when did Salem get soooo darn close to Chicago?) But with Lexie’s death I can’t seem to understand why he might not have gotten something monetarily from him OR in this case since the character has been on the show for a little bit and Abby and Cameron have technically been dating for well over a year DID neither tell the other that not only was one a virgin but the other was a stripper in a tiny club in chicago?!

    (I don’t understand why Days just didn’t go to a real male revue club in LA to do interior shots of Cameron dancing when the set looks like the boardroom at TITAN)

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    The writers show also include EJ, Lucas, Father Erik ( it is for charity right?) Sonny, Will, Chad just so the charity raises the most not to mention the rating it would produce. I will be recording it of course. What a missed opportunity for the others. Maybe next time, when the church needs to raise money.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]bitch bitch bitch[/quote]

    ;) I understand

    I love the all the eye candy is why this makes it fun! :) You know what they say “Candy is dandy but sex doesn’t rot your your teeth!” Well, Hey Mon, here’s your strippers you wanted even if not the sex you wanted but hey can’t have everything….hehe ;)

    SoapA…off topic in reference of Bette Davis, I ordered movies and got them Saturday and thought I had ordered “Another Man’s Poison” which when ordering
    I couldn’t decide between this movie and “The Letter”. It was “The Letter” which is another wonderful movie :) so I made another order Saturday and did order “Another Man’s Poison” along with 2 movies with Joan Crawford “Possessed” & “Harriet Craig”…in Harriet Craig Joan is just a bitch! :love:

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    pjc722, get a life! And please refrain from sending me offensive messages. I will report you the next time you do so. You are definitely the most negative poster on this site. So much so that even when you make the occasional half-hearted attempt to be positive, it sounds completely false.

    If you thought the words “bitch bitch bitch” applied to your post, then a guilty conscience needs no accuser.

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    Harlee, The Letter, The Little Foxes, and In This Our Life are three of my favorites. I love Bette in all her roles, but I especially love when she’s the unapologetic bad girl. I think she chose to do In This Our Life because of her views on civil rights. (She was an early activist.)

    I keep meaning to watch Harriet Craig but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. According to Joan’s daughter Christina, the real-life Joan had a lot in common with that character.

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