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Ellie bumps into Maxie, who isn’t in a good mood. Maxie is angry with Ellie, because she believes Ellie is spying on her again.  Ellie admits she figured out Maxie’s secret was about Britt’s baby, and Maxie plays along. However, Britt overhears them talking, and spirits Maxie away for her check up. 

Spinelli gives Sam a check he received from AJ for services rendered. She tells him she doesn’t need the money, and he should keep all of it.  Spin tells her he was hired to find Franco’s daughter, and Heather gave him some information.  Sam gets a call that her nanny is sick, so Spin offers to babysit Danny while she goes to court. 
Michael tells AJ he told Sonny about Brenda.  AJ tells him Tracy isn’t allowed to advertise the relish under the name Pickle Lila. Michael thinks they should make their own relish. 
Olivia informs Sonny that Dante found Lulu, and they’re all on their way home.  Sonny tells her Connie is back, and Olivia is thrilled, especially since Sonny stuck by Connie through everything.  Sonny blurts out Connie left him, because she can’t be near him. Sonny asks Olivia to keep an eye on Connie for him.  
Carly finds Connie taking apart Todd’s office to resurrect Crimson.  Carly calls her Kate, but Connie tells Carly not to call her that anymore. She's Connie, and can’t have any triggers that might cause her to regress.  Carly’s glad Connie is doing well, and knows Sonny must be happy about her progress.  Connie admits she broke it off with Sonny, and Carly becomes enraged since he never left her side.  Carly tells Connie about Brenda’s return, and advises her to be sure about the break-up.  
Alexis petitions the court to have Lucy be declared Rafe’s legal guardian.  Lucy takes the stand, and claims she has Rafe’s best interest at heart.  The judge worries about her fitness as a parent, and lists off all her recent bad deeds.  Alexis brings in Sam, as a character witness.  Sam tells the judge Lucy saved her and Danny’s lives. She’d trust Lucy with her own child.   
Spin meets with AJ and Michael, and gives them an update on Franco’s daughter.  He believes Franco’s mother knows the child’s whereabouts, and plans on paying her a visit.  

Ellie overhears Maxie and Britt discussing the baby, and how the secret wasn’t about Britt’s unborn child.  Britt kicks Ellie out, and Maxie worries about what exactly Ellie heard. Ellie goes to Spin with her newfound information on Maxie's baby. 

Olivia finds Connie, and is happy she’s back. However, she questions what Connie was thinking when she broke up with Sonny.

Carly calls Spin to find Brenda, but he tells her he has another case. Therefore, Carly decides she needs to deal with Brenda herself. Carly goes to Sonny to tell him Brenda seduced Michael.  Sonny already knows, and Carly wonders why Brenda isn’t dead.  

The judge decides Lucy is not fit to be Rafe’s guardian, and denies the petition.  Alexis says they need to find someone else in PC, who can take him in.  Sam can't think of anyone. Lucy chimes in and suggests Sam be Rafe’s guardian.  
AJ decides Michael is right, and they should make their own relish to beat Tracy at her own game.  Shawn offers to let them use the kitchen.  Brenda walks into Kelly’s.

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    Loved everyone fawning over beautiful little Danny. Love that everytime we see that baby, he’s eating something!

    I was hoping Lucy would win the petition. Not sure how I feel about Sam being Rafe’s guardian.

    I liked the Carly/Connie scene. Carly showed some maturity, at least until she started ranting about Brenda.

    Olivia on the other hand, needs a smack.

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    I actually would have liked to see more of Heather and Spinelli instead of just him telling what Heather told him.

    It made sense that Lucy wouldn’t win the petition. But Sam of all people as Rafe’s guardian? That makes no sense at all. Sam is a single mom of a little child. Why would she want to take care of a teenager? Stephen Clay story or not, it just seems to much for Sam.

    I liked the Carly/Connie scene … but Carly is back at what she does best – being totally inappropriate. Last night she screams into Michael’s bedroom and today she’s asking why Sonny hasn’t killed Brenda yet!? Seriously, this woman needs to stop getting into everyone’s face.
    Carly just told Sonny’s first love how much he’ll hurt over this but then is expecting that he’s killing his great love? Because that wouldn’t hurt him?
    Carly proves over and over again that she is the most immature woman on the canvas. She learns maybe for a couple of months but then she’s back to her old self that I just don’t like.

    Olivia could leave town for all I care. I just don’t care for this character anymore.

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    Loved seeing Danny today
    Wish we could get more scenes with Maxie and Spinelli instead of Ellie just eavesdropping and then talking to Spinelli about it. Would be nice to get some Spixie scenes especially now that they are writing Spinelli as a grown up.
    Carly = unnecessary
    I really love that Brenda is milking it for all its worth. The funniest thing is that Brenda doesn’t even have to do anything – she just lets Carly run around in circles around town frantic and Brenda doesn’t even blink an eye lol

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    [quote=stefanstavros]I think they’re going to start a Connie/Sonny/Olivia triangle…[/quote]

    Yeah, why not. But with a recession still on and Sonny seemingly “out of the business”, Olivia will have to settle for a poly-blend dress and a tour bus down to Atlantic City; the buffet at The Showboat, included. :D

    Poor Connie. She finally has her sh*t together, but still has to listen to verkachte, manipulative advice from Carly and Olivia.

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    I always thought Rafe would end up with the Quartermaines. They were friends with the Barrington family for years, and this would nicely mirror Emily’s adoption. Wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

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    Lucy raised two little girls one of whom is an adult now and the judge is saying she’s not fit to be a parent??? But Sam, with a bigger record than Lucy, is?

    Free TJ!!

    So Connie/Kate is able to just take over Todd’s magazine again? I thought he bought Crimson?

    So legal eagle Alexis couldn’t find any Barrington around town?

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Britt today. The way she talked to Ellie was just epic. I loved it. That was so real life. That’s how I talk to nosy suckas.

    Felix and Ellie are starting to get on my nerves. They have no lives and are too busy in other people’s business!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=soapjunkie88]Carly is back at what she does best – being totally inappropriate.[/quote]

    Hahaha, ain’t that the truth. Between her barking at Connie about things that are none of her business…and Maxie accusing Ellie of stalking her, when it is MAXIE who is at Ellie’s place of work, I was laughing at all of the in-your-business shenanigans that were going on! Pretty funny!

    Does anyone know whose picture Sonny had in his hand? Is it someone from the history of the show or someone new we’ve never seen before?

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    I believe that was supposed to be a picture of Connie from their high school days in Bensonhurst. I guess they thought red hair would make her look 25 years younger.

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    I know there has already been one day after the Nurses Ball, but this episode really made me feel like a Monday after a weekend of partying. It felt like “back to business as usual” with all the returns to the storylines of Connie, Rafe/Molly, Lauren Frank, and not naming the Three Who Have Left. This is not to say I didn’t like the stories showcased today, per se, they just aren’t all that interesting.

    I actually kind of like Britt & Maxie’s friendship, if you can call it that. Hopefully they can help each other out in keeping their respective secrets, *evil laughter*. Loved how Britt thinks of Ellie as totally insignificant. I like Ellie, but she should quit the snooping.

    I’m just not buying that Sonny is crying his eyes out over Cate/Katonnie/whatever, and not even so much as blink an eye about Brenda and Michael. No. Glad to see Brenda back, hopefully she will have a scene with AJ today. Still laughing at the absurdity of a Brenda & Michael hook-up. I can’t even imagine how they would look together in bed :D

    To me, it’s totally plausible that Connie can’t have anything to do with Sonny anymore. He didn’t cause the DID, but he has been a part of the ride and reminds her everyday of everything that has transpired. Plus he did cause some of the changes in her. It’s totally natural for her to have to cut him out of his life, I would do the exact same thing. How irresponsible and stupid were both Olivia and Carly for nearly yelling at someone who just got out of a mental institution? Hello?

    So I though He Who Shall Not Be Named owned Crimson? How did it become Connie’s? Did he sell it to her? One of the reasons why I hate this situation.

    Loved seeing Danny, and Sam looked amazing! Loved seeing the Sam/Spinelli friendship back. I can totally buy them as friends and collegues, and hopefully their agency would be more featured. I would love to see Sam be a kick-ass P.I. for a change.

    I have no investment in the Rafe/Molly/TJ triangle. Not really into either of the boys, and the storyline is just too young for me. Sorry.

    Lucy looked great today.

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    Micheal Easton will be returning soon so I wonder, is that why Sam will be Rafe’s guardian? Caleb is his real father. I am very curious to see what character ME will play. Have a feeling KA will play Franco’s daughter, but I rather her be Scotty’s daughter because I can’t stand anything Franco.

    Have been watching on Soapnet 2009 episodes of GH and Liz and Nicolas really did have chemistry between them. The way they looked at each other -WOW! The problem with the whole relationship back then was Lucky, but he is no longer around so I am really starting to like a Liz/Nic/AJ triangle.

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    One of the major nitpicks soap fans have is when a character desperately wants a baby, goes through hell to get it (i.e. baby switch, kidnapping, the like) and then when the baby is returned we only see it on special occasions. Another nitpick is when a character dies or leaves, we never hear about them again.

    I think Ron Carlivati must agree because we rarely see Sam without little Danny– just like a new mother would be in real life. I know its difficult working around the rules for child actors when you’re filming a soap, so I’m really glad they’ve made it work so we see adorable Danny often. And frequently we are reminded that Jason was Danny’s father and his ties to the Quartermaines. Kudos to Carlivati & Co for getting this right!

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    Welcome to the dark side angelwendy15. Nik/Liz is where it’s at!! Since they have been back on screen. I wake up extra early (I work third) to campaign for them online. I wear my Niz t-shirt I had made at the mall when I go out. I am a stan. I have NEVER in my 20 years watching soaps ever cared about a soap couple or even a character this much. But Niz is what I always pictured soap couples being like.

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    i actually think KA will be playing Serena Baldwin as I read that she was taping scenes with Scotty. I still don’t get why John cant just come back as John, change his last name and don’t mention back story. John Smith, detective in the PCPD who will boink Sam. Todd looks like he could pull off a Cassadine but I read something about him being another lost Quartermaine. Weird, but if it gets us more Q’s, im for it. Also, imagine the comedy with him living in the Q mansion with Tracy, Monica, AJ and Alice?

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    And I believe since KA will likely be Serena, that Lauren Frank/Anderson may turn out to be a character already on the show (COUGH Ellie Trout COUGH).

    When they were talking about Franco yesterday and then panned to Ellie at the hospital, that was my first thought. Gives her a tie to PC once Spinelli and Maxie reunite.

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    I’m still not sure that Franco’s daughter is even a daughter. They made it pretty clear that the mother was very adamant about keeping the child from Franco and moved frequently. What’s to say she didn’t lie about it being a girl to throw him off? Meaning it could still very well be Spinelli that is the missing heir. Soap writers love to throw red herrings at the audience, and the shot of Ellie right after the discussion of the missing heir could be just that.

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    [quote=Yoryla]Glad to see Brenda back, hopefully she will have a scene with AJ today.[/quote]
    I’m still waiting on a Brenda/Lucy scene. :~

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    I enjoyed the Sam, Spin and Danny at the penthouse scenes. It seemed like a lot of it was them going off script. Plus as an added bonus I got to see Michael and AJ doting on Danny as well. I think Danny should just hanging out in all the scenes- such a cutie..

    Carly was working my last nerve! Seriously why does she think Connie should have to coddle Sonny while she tries to recover. Why in the world does she think Sonny should just go around killing people.. Geez… Hoping Brenda clears the air with Michael today..

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    I’m a tiny bit bored with the show right now…not sure why?

    I did like the Carly/Connie stuff yesterday.

    Olivia and her beauty mark need to GO GO GO, like yesterday. I realize that in the old days soap characters used to sit around discussing other characters, but how many more times do we need to see Olivia and Sonny discussing Connie? Either put them in a triangle together or ship Olivia off.

    I liked Cranky Maxie.

    Michael had great hair yesterday, glad they are keeping it dark(er) and not his natural mousy brown.

    Liked seeing Sam and Spin and Lucy.

    DYING to see Brenda and Niz; they’re about the only exciting things on the show right now. For some reason, i can’t wait to see Laura return to Scotty. If they entertain the idea of a Tracy/Scott/Luke/Laura quadrangle, i wouldn’t it mind one bit!

    I gotta say, i could much more easily swallow KA with Kin Shriner than i could with Howarth, who i was admittedly never a fan of.

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    [quote=samIShot]And I believe since KA will likely be Serena, that Lauren Frank/Anderson may turn out to be a character already on the show (COUGH Ellie Trout COUGH).[/quote]

    I agree that Ellie (which could be a nickname for Lauren) seems to be hinting at, but James Franco is only 35! There would have to be some aging/explaining done here.

  20. Profile photo of wiggum

    [quote=mfarris70][quote=samIShot]And I believe since KA will likely be Serena, that Lauren Frank/Anderson may turn out to be a character already on the show (COUGH Ellie Trout COUGH).[/quote]

    I agree that Ellie (which could be a nickname for Lauren) seems to be hinting at, but James Franco is only 35! There would have to be some aging/explaining done here.[/quote]

    Well his twin brother,Jason is EIGHT years older than him!

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