Klaus Wants to Be King in Backdoor Pilot For TVD's Spinoff 'The Originals'! (VIDEO)


One of television's sexiest baddies could be getting his own spinoff. In the April 26 episode of The Vampire Diaries, the action moves from Mystic Falls to New Orleans, as the supernatural sudser offers up a backdoor pilot for The Originals.

Look for Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and his assorted, sociopathic, vampire siblings to face off with Marcel (Grey's Anatomy's Charles Michael Davis), as a witch uprising threatens the Originals. Okay, that's enough verbiage about it; watch the steamy promo after the jump!




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I'd follow Klaus to hell if i could.

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6 February 2012
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I really enjoy VAMPIRE DIARIES and I would probably watch THE ORIGINALS if its made into a series. Sure, it's sort of campy and young in its demo... it is THE CW... but it's well written and acted and enjoyable escape on a Thursday night.

I know a lot of you on here complain that all I do is complain but this is the type of show (not the vampire aspect unless done well) that daytime soaps should look at for inspiration in writing and story. As well as, the revamped Dallas and, dare I say it, BRAVOs Housewives where fights break out and enemies are enemies.

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Believe me Hell is not a place you want to go. SMH.

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Sometimes a spin off just gives you two so so shows instead of one good one. Ratings for TVD were down last week. I think TVD loses something major without klaus