Erika Slezak, Vincent Irizarry and Thorsten Kaye to Guest on The View on Thursday, April 25

This should be interesting… TOLN Soap stars Erika Slezak, Vincent Irizarry and Thorsten Kaye will appear on The View on April 25. The trio's upcoming appearance will come just four days before All My Children and One Life to Live return on April 29.

I wonder if the co-hosts will bring up the lawsuit Prospect Park just filed against ABC, regarding the soap reboots? The View airs weekdays at 11 am EST on ABC.

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    Having them on the view & breaching contract are two different things. PP said ABC wasnt going to air ads of OLTL that featured RH as Todd, even PP already paid for said ads to run.

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    This is all so wierd I dont even know what to say anymore. ABC boots them off the air then they go on ABC 4 days before the show begins. Everyone went all the way to crazy this time. Thats for sure!

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    The two issues can be mutually exclusive.

    From a business standpoint, each side sees benefit in publicly ‘playing nice’ while squabbling behind the scenes.

    PP benefits in the obvious ways, by getting their stars out to the public to promote this new venture.

    How in the world does ABC/Disney benefit, you might say? By showing to the world that they’re willing to allow their ‘vanquished’ former shows a space to promote and launch this new product by lending PP their View audience (not as large as it once was, but still significant enough). ABC hopes to come out ‘smelling like a rose’ by posing as ‘Lady Bountiful’ inviting their poor relations to sit at the banquet.

    Am I being a little dramatic? Perhaps. Still, this is probably an effort to soften their corporate image with daytime viewers especially, (as it was tainted by AMC and OLTL’s cancellations) in a ‘charm offensive’, perhaps hoping to recoup some viewers who may still refuse to watch The Chew or Katie.

    And these shows pose no threat to them as they are now online and not on broadcast TV (of course, there is always the possibility that some will choose to stream at 1 and 3 pm EST in NYC metro area, for example).

    Although, the appearances of these show’s stars on the View may have the unintended consequences of getting some fans upset all over again and they may resolve that they dislike ABC/Disney even more. Either way, I think ABC decided that whatever negative consequences that might result are worth the risk.

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    This gets me wondering as to when ES, VI, and TK were booked to make this appearance on The View. The timing is interesting seeing as how PP filed the lawsuit this past Thursday. Curiouser and curiouser… 0:)

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    I’m starting to think this whole lawsuit thing happening now just as OLTL is ready to premiere, is to bring publicity to the shows, since ABC is having them on The View. Very strange.

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    Babs will bring it up. She’s been out of control with her mouth as of late. I notice that unless she is totally done with what she wants to say you better not even try to get in a comma cause she will say, wait, im not finished. She will say it, unless she either wont be there, or abc will say to her now Barbara, dont ask the lawsuit question.

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    I think Babs is probably the ONLY one who’ll be allowed to bring it up (lol). I’m thinking she will, it’s a TV squirm-worthy question and I think this is EXACTLY the type of question that Walters revels in.
    Oprah’s been known to ask these types of questions too, but Walters seems to delight in them. It’s going to be one to watch, that’s for sure.

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    Regardless of whether the topic of the lawsuit comes up, these people are just actors. They have no real connection to the lawsuit itself and would have nothing to impart other than their opinions on the merits, and if they are wise they will not say anything. No need to alienate your current boss when it’s not your pissing match and you have no say in the outcome anyway.

    As for why ABC would allow The View to have these actors on, ABC only licensed the shows to PP, they did not sell them outright, so that means ABC will be getting royalties if the shows air and continue to be successful. It is in ABC’s best interests to promote the shows.

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    TV Gord

    There’s a good chance Barbara won’t even be on that day (I think she’s only on twice a week these days). There’s a co-host that day (Gretchen Wilson), so chances are, Barbara will be watching from her office or from home. Also, they’ve been pre-taping a lot of shows lately, so it may not be live (especially the week before sweeps begins).

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    I think it will be hard to side-step the whole thing, since they will have to discuss just why the shows are “back” (ABC cancelled them), which would make it hard not to cast ABC in a bad light in that discussion. Still, the lawsuit amounts to The View ladies’ bosses being sued by ES/VI/TK’s bosses, so it’s not really about them personally, just like it wasn’t about the actors personally when ABC cancelled their shows. Maybe they’ll just frame the whole interview as “oh, those wacky folks we work for–they’re something else, aren’t they?”

    I’m no fan of the View (quite the opposite), but I seem to recall AMC and OLTL actors appearing on the show after the cancellations. How was ABC painted then in those situations?

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    with the three on them on together none of them
    will get much of a chance to speak,
    based of past appearances of stars from AMC & OLTL on that show…
    it’ll be like this:
    Intro of each with video clip
    how excited and glad they to be back , it’s practically a miracle
    what can you tell us thats new: it’s edgy that’s all we can say
    an allusion to the lawsuit
    be sure tune in on hulu or itunes
    we have to go to commercial break.

    I know it must be done, but unfortunately- too predictably formatted!

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    I definitely think PP has a case to argue. Characters were “borrowed” and their stories ultimately changed, whether we agree for the better or worse. If GH and ABC had not signed the actors to 3 year contracts (whether the norm or not) or included a clause in there that stated they had to go to PP OLTL if it was picked up in the time frame agreed to with ABC, we might not have had these issues.

    It’s simple, if GH hadn’t hired any of the actors, they might have signed with the show. OLTL has the largest returning cast than AMC so we can’t say whether or not the actors would have not signed on to the show. The shooting schedules definitely make it easier for the casts to have other opportunities while committing to OLTL.

    Plus, if GH had not taken the 3 characters or actors and then PP opted not to even use those characters in the reboot (by choice) I am certain this blog would have been LIT up with being mad that Todd Starr and John, legacy characters, were not going to be on “THEIR” show.

    PP has done a great deal for daytime soaps by spending the money to bring these two shows back. A lot more than ABC ever did for any of it’s soaps dating all the way back to Ryan’s Hope to today. It’s put a renewed focus on daytime drama. CBS has done the same. NBC is struggling to figure out what it is altogether.

    I think it will be interesting to see how this will play out and is great REAL LIFE DRAMA. hehe

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    TV Gord

    Carol Burnett was on The Rachael Ray Show today, and they took questions from the audience. One audience member asked if Carol would return to AMC now that they’re online. She said, “All they have to do is whistle”. Carol Burnett is the greatest!

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    I remember Thorsten Kaye and Whoopie are close buds so I’m sure that’s why he’s on. May-be they won’t discuss the whole law-suit mess, it’s just publicity for their on-line launches.

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    Talk about a publicity stunt? The article about all this was in the NY POST, the paper that has all the gossip. Great publicity for the launching of OLTL and AMC. They said the View will not talk about the lawsuit.

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