Tyler Christopher Sticking Around General Hospital!

Looks like at least one of Laura’s (Genie Francis) boys will be staying around Port Charles. Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) updated his followers on Twitter about the status of ABC Family’s The Lying Game’s renewal and gave General Hospital fans some good news. Christopher tweeted:


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    Wonderful news! :)

    This probably also means there is going to be a real AJ/Liz/Nik triangle! Who could have ever thunk it?! Liz in a triangle as the centerpiece! Good times :)

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    Great News! I think Frank V and Ron C will treat Tyler with more respect then Guza/Phelps did. I read in interviews how hurt he was when they let him go. I’m ready for a Liz/Nik/AJ triangle!

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    More episodic temporary story until Lying Game gets renewed and then he’ll split again. I miss the days when soap writers had long term story in mind. General Hospital is a disjointed mess.
    It has no direction. The Cassadine popsicle junk has put me to sleep. I never thought I would ever get bored with Luke and Laura but alas I have. I ffed all that Stavros junk. Emme Ryland must be thinking “what kind of freaky Deeky Science fiction if this S+it? I thought GH was a soap opera not the Twilight Zone, LMAO.
    Genie and Tony deserve better than this junk. I can only hope that Cartini have the sense to use Kin Shriner to stir up some real trouble, perhaps with his old pal Heather. But I doubt it. As for Tyler its good to see him but I dont see any really compelling story coming for Nik. Theyve already started to rehash his fling with Liz. He and Becky have great chem but without JJ there as Lucky that’s just softcore porn an an excuse for Tyler to strut around baring his tattoos and biceps. SMH.
    I love how the GH audience is so starved for vets that like puppies they jump for scraps that fall from the table. I’d like to see Carlavati craft some compelling storylines that have substance for these talented actors. So far he continues to write cartoons that give a nod to GH’s outrageous past. But I have to say it again. Cartini are not Gloria Monty. Their homages fall flat! Sorry. Where’s the FF button. SMH.

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    TV Gord

    bishbay, you missed the, ” ;-) “. I’m having fun with the word hater these days. Just trying to get us all to lighten up. :-) Soaps are supposed to be fun. :-)

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    Kbird I think of a hater as someone who doesn’t have much positive to say on a subject. In that context if someone called be a Brooke Logan hater I wouldn’t take it personally I would say guilty as charged. Calling someone a loser is entirely a different matter. Yes things sometimes cross a line around here but in general we don’t personally go after one another and even then it’s usually over stuff that builds up over long periods of time. This – not cool

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    People who defend the beliefs that transblahblah holds don’t–can’t–insult me in any meaningful way. They’re to be pitied, and shooed when they become pesky, as trans has been, repeatedly. I wonder, though, if kbiddy is a sock puppet of hers, or just another Chik-fil-a lover/gay person hater.

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    Wow, ya’ll are off the chain in here these days. (giggle……..) :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    I love Tyler and this is great news!! Just keep him away from KA’s new character……

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    What is with all this negativity on this site? It is become saturated on most of the posts.

    Getting back to positivity, I am so glad that Tyler is staying on on gh. This is great news!

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