Bell Family Turns Out For ‘Yesssss! 2013′ MOCA Gala (PHOTOS)

Members of the Bell family, including Maria Arena Bell and husband Bill Bell Jr., walked the red carpet at MOCA’s “Yesssss! 2013" gala on April 20 in Los Angeles. Check out more photos from the event after the jump!

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery

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    [quote=Rosey]I’m sorry but MAB should not go shopping by herself. She looks like a fool in that dress. She needs to hire a stylist.[/quote]

    Maybe she already has a stylist… that hates her.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @hey mon: The glory days of ratings loss for Y&R. That’s what she has on her record. As well her stories that were not even close to what Bill Bell had for the show at its height.

    So my question for you is….

    “What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!” :D

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    I’m trying to be positive today, so I’ll refrain from what I’m thinking about that dress that MAB is wearing.

    Okay, I can’t.

    Y&R let someone who left her house thinking that piece of cloth on her back was chic make creative decisions for a venerated daytime drama?! Tsk, tsk tsk.

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    I would truly like someone to sit down with Maria and ask some questions about her time with Y and R.

    I don’t mean her any disrespect. I believe she wanted the show to do well since she is a Bell.

    I’d like to know who was responsible for some of the worst character writing we’ve seen, and also some of her better stories. I may be able to understand what was going on with her, and would also like to know what she thinks about the show if she watched it today.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @pferrando: I don’t know that you can get the truth out of her since she took credit for the first months of her run there when it was Josh G.’s work that put the show back on track for that short time period and when he was fired that’s when the fall began.

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    hey mon

    Crazy kooky MAB.

    Hard to believe the woman who was responsible for Chelsea, was the woman responsible for Genevieve.

    Gave us Shadam, but also gave us Shictor.

    Cast Max Uhrich as Fen, cast Yvonne Zuma as Daisy.

    Crazy kooky MAB.

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    MAB wasn’t all good or all bad.

    I stand by my position that if the woman would’ve FOCUSED more…and actually sat down and TRIED to write a good balanced show, she would’ve been one of the best current writers in daytime. She had good ideas. The execution was just BAD. And she got really heavy handed with certain things, like psychos. She obviously didn’t like writing for the black characters, and yeah, I put it on out there and didn’t use “diversity”. She didn’t write for the blacks…PERIOD.

    But, I liked the Jabot Takeover story…even if it was short. I actually thought MAB had some really good psychos…Patticakes, Ricky. She had some really bad psychos (Daisy, Sarah Smythe, Jana 2.0)

    I liked the Nikki’s alcoholism redux…I liked Nikki and Deacon. I liked Christine suing Phyllis again.

    She had her moments. But she was doing entirely too much, and she had a very weak supporting team with her…Hogan Sheffer, Scott Hamner, and I’m sorry, but I never liked Paul Rauch either…yeah, I said it damnit. lol

    Oh well. I like Josh Griffith, so I’m happy. These last couple of episodes have been much more interesting. Josh just needs to amp it up even more..but I get the feeling he’s waiting for Sweeps…

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    MAB had her good, her bad and her ugly times at Y&R. In the end I lost all respect for her as she was giving delusional statements and bullying more than one actress through storylines on the show.

    She made some good decisions. I even liked certain stories written by her. But in the end she was over her head with handling both – the position as head writer and executive producer of the show. Not to mention her job at MOCA.

    I honestly believe that she meant well in the beginning and just completely lost it near the end. Her behavior was anything but professional and her firing reasonable.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I hate having to defend Maria but, IMO, it’s unfair to say that she never wrote for black characters. Weren’t Sophia, Yolanda, and Malcolm all introduced or re-introduced during her time at the helm?

    Since they all turned out to have failed storylines, I think it would be much more fair to say that she didn’t KNOW how to write for them, which might or might not be just as bad.

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    [quote=hey mon]Crazy kooky MAB.
    Hard to believe the woman who was responsible for Chelsea, was the woman responsible for Genevieve.
    Gave us Shadam, but also gave us Shictor.
    Cast Max Uhrich as Fen, cast Yvonne Zuma as Daisy.
    Crazy kooky MAB.[/quote]

    And there folks is it in a nutshell…MAB was bipolar ;) Fits perfect hey mon.

    As SoapA stated MAB did write for A-A but had no clue of story and that’s not black, white or purple thing just not prepared for a job and its intensity. Bill would had never been in charge of MOCA & Y&R at the same time…Bill worked hard and long to create Y&R…all consuming but he delivered in the end.

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    hey mon

    Stoney — If you think that MAB didn’t write for black characters, even though she gave us Sophia, Moses, Sarge, Devon, Harmony, and nuMalcolm; then what about us Latinos? She was even worse with with us. Her only Latino, poor Ricky, lasted all of 9 months, before she killed him off, and made him a psycho, one of the most popular male characters on The Show in a long, long time.

    But every time I see Dylan on the screen, I think of how much I liked Ronan before he went dirty.

    Every day (which is almost every day) that JoshG dedicates to telling Avery’s story (not only from today’s POV, but in flash-back POV covering years ago), I think of how MAB just had her a slut who jumped on Nick Newman after basically only knowing for just a week.

    When I think of the hapless way that Cong Wheeler’s s/l was wrapped up, I think of the great shooting of Jack that Patty did, right after throwing plant fertilizer in Adam’s face, and then taking off for the church rectory.

    But that is enough of the defense of MAB, she is a part of history.

  12. Profile photo of stoney07

    I never said she didn’t introduce AA characters. But introducing them and WRITING for them are two totally different things.

    She introduced Sophia…and initially we saw her more because she shared scenes with Tucker. When she was put in Neil’s orbit, and Malcolm, how often did we see her? MAYBE once a week…just like with the rest of them.

    Harmony was introduced…and we saw her mostly in the background of the scene. She NEVER had an actual storyline, except the one that played offscreen with her trying to mend her relationship with Devon. We saw that story maybe 3 times a month.

    Sarge…No explanation needed. He was Jack’s PT and then he was gone. I don’t even count him.

    Moses? Give me a break.

    NuMalcolm lasted MAYBE a year. And even then, he was shown also maybe three times a month.

    None of these characters were integrated into the show. THey tried to slap them into the Chancellor clan, but THAT didn’t even work. WHY? NOT because of the story, NOT because of the acting, but because there was no dedication to it. We saw them the least of EVERYONE on the show. Three or four times a month does not mean characters have a storyline. And everytime I mention that the blacks weren’t written for, then I get the whole “What about Asians, what about this…what about that” and I AGREE…HOWEVER, my point was that she didn’t write for characters THAT WERE ON THE SHOW. I’m not talking about her not casting any other groups. I’m talking about her casting big names of black actors, and then putting them in shitty roles and not writing for them.

    At least with Maura West, she was put in a shitty role, but shown at least three to four times a week. Same with Genie Francis.

    If she’d at least TRIED with the black characters, and given them awful stories like the rest of the cast was getting, then I’d be okay. But she never even tried, and I don’t even see how that point can be defended.

    She added two of the most popular black characters in soaps to the show. Angie and Jesse. And combined, they probably had less than HALF the time Daisy or even Lauren (Who was recurring) had. So no, I can’t take back what I said. I stand by my statement that she didn’t write for the blacks.

    And no I’m not MAB hater. I defended her…and I still do to a certain degree. BUT, there’s no defending the fact that under her helm, the African Americans took the back seat for the FIRST TIME since they’d been on the show. Then of course we had to hear “the Winters are boring” blah blah blah…but how can a family be interesting when they’re not WRITTEN for? I don’t get it.

    At least with the new regime, they are TRYING. They have Neil in a relationship. They write for them. They are shown no less than twice a week (unless there’s something MAJOR going on in another story). The show is balanced. Some don’t like Neil and Leslie, and a lot of people don’t like Tyler. BUT, at least the writers are TRYING to be unbiased.

    I just wish the fans would be as well -_-

  13. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: Y&R has a majority black audience. If more Asians, Latinos etc were watching the show you could make the claim. It’s about the audience you have. You build them up. That’s called the best and easiest business move you can make.

    On the other hand all the black castings were wrong under MAB. You have to know how to cast characters. And African Americans is another story. During MAB’s run she was always trying to copy what was happening in the 90’s or pre-LML.

    Thinking of it the black characters were fully integrated under LML and seen no less than 2 to 3 episodes per week. Often times more.

    What the real deal was is that after VR left the show there was no one there willing to fight for equality in front of and behind the screen and so we saw that diminish.

    And I know you like to defend her somewhat Stoney. But Maria was no writer. She didn’t have what it takes. Because a writer understands the show they are writing for and writes from that standpoint. You don’t write Y&R like you would Passions, Days, GH or Dark Shadows. So it is a nix on her ever being a writer. Nor were her co-writers good for Y&R.

    When LML gutted everyone who knew anything about Y&R that was the moment we began to see the changes.

    And yet Lily’s paternity storyline under LML was far superior than any of them crumbs Maria was throwing at the black characters on the show.

    Damon Porter storyline too:

  14. Profile photo of pferrando

    Yes, it was LML that gutted the show.

    Neither LML or MAB did much for the writing, however at least Maria returned the Y and R look to the show after LML turned it into a mess.

  15. Profile photo of harlee490

    Pferrando..& David…Yes LML did dismantle the whole show from top to bottom but it continued to bottom out with MAB in the writing. Both is as guilty as the other one. Maria might returned the look of Y&R but the stories were gawd awful….but it’s in the past and thank sweet Jesus we still have Y&R on the air. Those clips you posted on the character of “Damon Porter” character dates back around ’03 and Lily’s paternity wasn’t LML David sorry to say because it was in ’05 a year before LML arrived…it was one the last stories of Kay & Jack and it was superior to both LML & MAB because neither could write that kind of drama. It was excellent story and executed as Bill would had executed the beats.

    We got minor problems now, I repeat minor problems nothing compared to the last 7 years. Today’s episode was good mixture of balance of vets & newbies but MTS is scarce of late. I had my Phack today and the Phyllis & Avery was good shiz today! :O Overall it was best in 2 weeks…Josh keep it up and 2 days a week of Dylan. ;)

  16. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    MAB, I love you, MAB! Damon Porter was as boring as #ell. How long did he last? All of a year, if that? Red had a ride on him, then he went to Japan, and that was it. And he didn’t even go back to ‘Andromeda’.

    And Harlee, we don’t have minor problems with today’s Y&R. We have a few (Fen, Lauren, Michael) pulling the weight of the many (Avery, Dylan, Nick). We have stupid idiotic story-lines (Kevin, Chloe), and people being totally ignored who shouldn’t be (Alex, Noah, Nikki).

    Bad execution some of the time (Arrest of Marcus, Jamie leaving town), and but some very highs (Adam getting shot). There is some hope for some of the old-timers (Victoria suddenly being interesting).

    So overall, Joshua G is not some savior, and MAB wasn’t the worst thing ever. That would be LML, even though I liked the focus on Gloria.

  17. Profile photo of harlee490

    Hey mon, yes Damon was a bust character, if memory serves me..just off the top of my head he was brought in for Ashley, working in the lab with her but ole “firecrotch” (TraceyAbbott ;) ) got her hooks in him. He wasn’t on long a year maybe 2 at the most. But is example of how Bill and his longtime writers had done things, if not working they were gone. This is why Bill, Kay, Jack ALWAYS had frontburner storylines for the vets, they always weaved the newbies in slower to see if they would take off with the audience…if they did (ie: as Phyllis in the day) work they were kept but if not they were wrote out…pretty simple.

    Today’s soaps (all of them) don’t weave new characters into the canvas but slammed down our throats (was going to make a comment about the only thing good about being slammed but I will digress ;) ) Maybe because they don’t have the time as before because soaps move at lightening speed and not always a good thing for a story.

    Here is a great example – B&B and trio from hell…regardless on how you & I feel about this trio every soap beat (maybe somewhat overplayed) has been playing and regardless it is classic story telling of the past. Ed Scott is Co-EP & Kay & Jack is on that writing team and lets be honest there is no denying the ratings have rose tremendously over the last 2 years since and have kept the ratings surge and climbing continuously & they been part of Brad’s team. I would give anything to see this group back at Y&R or at least Ed Scott as EP if we can’t have Kay & Jack back… ;)

  18. Profile photo of pferrando

    Harlee…that would be a dream.

    I do think what B and B is doing does work, although I don’t know what to think of that show (different post).

    I agree and don’t think we can have a soap move slow these days. I think Josh is trying though, and I appreciate some of the slower moments, especially when I remember not too long ago how quickly everyone was getting laid or married under MAB (sorry my bud Hey mon).

    Since this post is about Maria I gotta say that I think she understood that she felt the show had to be faster than Bill’s Y and R, but she went about it the wrong way with the frenetic writing. So again I have to say there was some good to her tenure.

    I wonder why Kay or Ed…or even Jack or Sally S haven’t been approached about helping out where they belong. Jill?

  19. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Brandon21224: Kristoff Saint John and Bryton James. When they both spoke out about the lack of screentime for African Americans they got sidelined. Kristoff was given 3 months off and Bryton was not used for a while. Everybody knew it was payback because Jeanne Cooper, Melody Thomas Scott, Eric Braeden, Jess Walton and Peter Bergman were giving royal roastings of the state of Y&R and the brass to the press regularly. Also Michael Muhney was sidelined under her for speaking out.

    I remember Jeanne Cooper complaining about the lack of airtime. She said she was not gonna be reduced to serving rice pudding and cake. And that if that was the case that Maria could put a blonde wig on another old lady.

    When Eric Braden had that contract dispute he went to 20 news outlets thumping his chest about Y&R and when he returned 2 months later he was still talking shit to the press.

    Peter Bergman always gave those slick disses of the writing in interviews. But it was apparent what he was saying.

    Melody Thomas Scott thought she was Susan Lucci when they asked her to take a pay cut to 900,000.

    Jess Walton acted a fool because she was the first asked to take a paycut.

    Yet it wasn’t until Kristoff spoke out in a podcast interview about the truth of the diminishing screen time of the Winters and Bryton tweeted about it that they were blacklisted.

    Old Michael was blacklisted too because he was outspoken about the writing and things.

    Maria was one wicked witch of the west to those she saw as less important who she thought would not stand up to her. But if VR was there she would have put Maria in her place.

  20. Profile photo of stoney07

    VR isn’t really trying to “worm her way back in” in my opinion.

    Actually, the show needs her more than she needs the show. I think she’d love to come back, but her top priority is equality on and offscreen. That is why she keeps “making a fool of herself” on twitter as some are saying. She isn’t campaigning to get back on Y&R. She’s campaigning to get black execs, writers, producers…at least ONE behind the scenes. Unfortunately, its all falling on deaf ears by people who feel like she’s desperate for money and a job, when in reality, the woman isn’t hurting at all financially.

    To be perfectly honest…I think it shows just where we are. How some are allowed to speak out, and others aren’t. How some can campaign and bitch and complain on twitter and other’s can’t. Of everything that has gone down on Y&R behind the scenes, Victoria Rowell is the one “blacklisted”… though I have to say, I don’t think she’s been blacklisted. I just think she’s only interested in returning to Y&R…because she has a loyalty to that show and she wants to see it survive…unlike many others (including some ‘fans’)

    Anyway, this is a whole other topic and I can argue about this all day because its frustrating..but at the end of the day, VR doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone…especially not some people who refuse to see the point and turn a blind eye to what was obvious ON and OFFscreen.

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    Lauralee’s husband is just “okay” looking to me.It’s pretty obvious she has darkened her hair because her blonde hair use to be way lighter.

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