Pickle-Lila Invades The Chew on General Hospital!

It looks like the enemy of Tracy’s enemy will soon be her friend. TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan caught up with Jane Elliot who revealed Tracy and Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) go into business together to beat AJ (Sean Kanan). However, that’s not the only twist! The war over Tracy and AJ’s different Pickle-Lila recipes will land them on The Chew in an epic “Clash of the Condiments.”

Do Tracy's plans go off without a hitch? Hardly. "Nikolas gets cold feet about sabotaging A.J. and he traps Tracy in her hotel with two beefy bodyguards to keep her away from The Chew," Elliot says. "Tracy miraculously gets away and bursts into the studio while A.J. is being interviewed, much to his chagrin." Adds the actress: "Frank will kill me if I say anything more. Let's put it this way: This is the denouement of the relish storyline and things are going to take a very interesting turn."

The “Clash of the Condiments” will take place on General Hospital on May 13 and 14. Read the entire preview at TVGuide.com.

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    Are you kidding me, this is WONDERFUL! :D

    Love the Pickle-Lila storyline! Although I’m not sure how I feel about Nikolas helping Tracy, but love that they’re going to The Chew. It’s cross-promotion! A word, that ABC has finally added into their vocabulary :)

  2. Profile photo of brettyboy

    ABC are pathetic, they will stop at NOTHING to try and get the soap fans to watch their soap-replacement cheap crap; first we had Genie Francis on The Chew, then Katie does the GH special, then Katie appears on GH and now Pickle Lila crosses over to The Chew!!!!!!

    ABC, Get a clue, if you want the soap fans to watch your daytime line up, put soaps on!

    I will watch OLTL and AMC while The Chew and Katie air next week haha!

  3. Profile photo of pjc722

    Without THE CHEW, I’d be happy.

    Not a fan of a relish saving a company and actually then being the start up of another, but with the addition of Nicholas into the mix, this is getting better.

  4. Profile photo of snizzle

    CBS has done cross promotions between their soaps and game shows.

    With that said the Pickle Lila s/l looks like it will get interesting. Of course any sl w/ Jane Elliot is good. My soap loving heart will never watch the Chew though!! It’s just so ridiculous when there are so many other cooking shows on cable.

  5. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    From what I understand, this whole scenario will be playing out on GH–that is to say, we won’t have to tune into The Chew in order to see AJ and Tracy tearing each other apart. It will be a sort of “show-within-a-show,” with the Chewbies (heh) guest-starring on GH those two days. So I don’t look at it as a GH crossover–it’s the Chewbies coming to GH to do a crossover and try to get a few more dozen people to watch their show.

  6. Profile photo of Grimm

    I think the notion that the current wrinkle in the “Battle for Pickle-Lila” saga – the fight for the name with without the ingredients vs the recipe using a different name – being a total take off on the ABC vs Prospect Park fight for the Llanview 3/actors is spot on.
    Very much a Carlivati move to spin the drama into something that can work for story.

  7. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I just want this relish story to wrap up. It was cute at first, but I’m over it. “The Chew” angle is cool with me. It makes sense. Plus, it’s network synergy. I don’t see anybody rolling their eyes when Sheryl Underwood guest stars on Y&R or B&B/Y&R stars turn up on “The talk”, which replaced ATWT. There’s no need to be angry anymore. AMC & OLTL will be back next week, so the war is over. It’s been 2yrs. GET OVER IT.

  8. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    Please let this story end.

    Why don’t Tracy make some kind of super condom considering what happened a couple of years ago.

    Seriously, unless this relish can cure cancer. it’s not all that.

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