Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "Lacey"


Rumpelstiltskin Embraces The Dark Side

Somehow, Rumpel managed to get “Lacey” to go out on a date with him. The date didn’t go well at all, and “Lacey” disappeared in the middle of it. Rumpel searched for her, and found the beauty making out with a familiar face from The Enchanted Forest. “Lacey” confessed she only went out with Rumpel because she was trying to be nice. She yelled Belle was gone and never coming back.
A heartbroken Rumpel wandered to his car, where the man who was kissing Belle confronted him. At this point, Rumpel was done being nice. He magically ripped the man’s tongue out, and beat him with his cane. Lacey happened up on Rumpel lashing the man, and commented everything she heard about Rumpel’s dark side was true. Rumpel admitted it was, and Belle seemed to be turned on by his confession. Rumpel continued to cane the man more, and Belle smiled with pride. Look out, Storybrooke! A new dark pairing just might be on the horizon.