Chelsea Digs Herself Into a Baby Daddy Hole on The Young and the Restless

Adam (Michael Muhney) confronted Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) about being pregnant and demanded to know if Jason Morgan…err…Dylan (Steve Burton) was the father. Chelsea admitted she was pregnant, and told both men the child was Dylan’s. Adam told Dylan that since he got Chelsea pregnant, she was now his problem. After doing some fast explaining to Dylan and Adam, Chelsea rushed off to get the support of her friend Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) marched into Newman and pronounced to Victor (Eric Braeden) she was ready to go to work. She had to work very hard to convince him to let her come back to the family business. Adam interrupted his sister and father. Victor told Victoria he needed to talk to Adam alone. When Victoria left, Victor asked what was bothering Adam because he could see something had gotten under his son’s skin. Adam finally revealed Chelsea’s pregnancy and the two shared a nice father/son moment.

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) tried to make amends with Chloe, but she wasn’t having any of it.  Kevin finally convinced her to give him another chance after apologizing. Then, they both admitted their love life wasn’t what it used to be. Kevin and Chloe said they wanted to spice things up again, as long as it wasn’t illegal.

Chelsea arrived at Chloe’s office and quickly told her friend what a mess she is in.

Leslie (Angell Conwell) and Neil (Kristoff St. John) were at the hospital, where her father had had a heart attack, when Tyler (Redaric Williams) showed up wanting to know what happened.

Noah (Robert Adamson) blurted out to Sharon (Sharon Case) that Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Avery (Jessica Collins) were getting married.

The episode ended with Sharon showing up at Adam’s door and the two kissing. Is this Shadam redux all about their emotions or other relationships?

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    Don’t worry, Adam. The odds are that Chelsea is getting pregnant with her fourth child as soon as this one’s out. She has a baby for everyone. :tired:
    I’m so sick and tired of the Chelsea character. Especially in her scenes with Chloe. I’m all about friendships in soaps but this one is just sick. These two chicks running around town and Chloe trying to find Chelsea a baby daddy and one hot stick for the night… :Sp

    Adam and Sharon are still hot but it’s not about them anymore. Obviously they write for Adam and Chelsea. And maybe for a Nick/Sharon reunion when Avery does something like cheating with Dylan. Even though I thought that Shick was out of question … for like ever.

    Nice to see Noah. Give that boy a storyline!

    Adam/Victor is nice … don’t like the way Victoria is written.

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    I liked pretty much everything about this episode after a couple of disappointing and boring ones last week.

    And it appears that they are going there with Adam and Sharon, and I just can’t get behind it. He stole her child.

    I think they’ve done some redeeming for Adam and I like that aspect of it, especially with Victor seemingly giving him a chance as his son.

    And yes, let’s get Kevin and Chloe split up ASAP.

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    So JFP is basically using old GH plots for this show.

    When Chelsea was going on and on about how Adam would take her baby and all this crap, I just kept think isn’t that the same thing Carly on GH said about AJ? I guess SBu wanted to play this storyline since he played it like 15 years ago

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    I thought today’s episode was the best in about 2 weeks because of the mixture of vets & newbies…the stories were paced better. I loved the Phyllis vs. Avery and Phyllis calling Avery out “Bitch”…LOL! Love my Phack today was the best part for me :love: I liked the scenes bwt Chelsea\Dylan\Adam today.

    Kevin & Chloe the break-up needs to happen like yesterday but it does look like it going to happen. Thank goodness.

    As far as Gus (TT) only signed to do 20 episodes and maybe Gus will die and this woman’s name he’s mumbled is setting up for the next story and Leslie will try to investigate? I like Leslie but I want Neil to have his own story also and not prop up Leslie either, KSJ deserves his own story. I enjoyed Noah & Sharon moment.

    Shadam is moving forward and not unhappy or happy because I’m a lukewarm fan of Shadam, not about the actors or chemistry because they do share, it goes back to Adam and what he did to Sharon but that’s my bag. :~

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    :love: Sooo happy Adam and Sharon are having some some loving and caring scenes together,just love them as a couple.i still love the chemistry between Chelsea and Cane,those two are explosive .

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    I hate what Chelsea is doing to Adam and Dylan but I am really interested in watching everything. Adam is breaking my heart with how sad he is and how he is dealing with it. I practically cried when Chelsea opened the gift and read the letter…seriously heart-wrenching scenes.

    I have to say that I really like Adam and Sharon as a couple. They seem to fit each other. I’m not sure what will happen when the truth about the baby comes out, but for now I intend to enjoy their togetherness. :)

    I got the feeling today that Fen is going down the road towards being Michael of yester year. This thing with Summer definitely gives me that vibe.

    Speaking of Michael, he is breaking my heart. He’s so sad. I want to smack Lauren. She’s seriously getting on my nerves with this whole Carmine thing…and I don’t get what she sees in him. He gives me the creeps.

    I saw nuKyle – I miss oldKyle already. However, I’ll give this new one a chance. I don’t get why they recast the character with someone who looks younger when they are obviously going the route of Kyle being into Phyllis.

    Jack and Phyllis are cute but I can’t help but feel that they won’t last.

    Victoria is being an idiot and Billy appears to be on a slippery slope.

    Kevin and Chloe are being idiots.

    Noah should get more screen time.

    I don’t care anything about Leslie/Neil/Gus/Tyler/Lily.

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    Even though this recap was yesterday’s episode, I have to admit that I really liked today’s episode where the fall out of Chelsea’s admission started to come clear. Not only has her lie made it harder for Dylan to leave town which in turn will rock the early… too early… engagement to Nick as he’s now questioning her love.

    I just can’t seem to get the ultimate reasoning behind why Chelsea is lying to Adam EVEN after that lovely and sweet letter! I know everyone said that Adam never indeeded to leave GC because of Newman and Sharon, but I don’t think that’s a great enough reason to allow her to lie. BUT EGAN is an amazing actress so I can overlook the lie for a short bit longer.

    But if she doesn’t fess up we are going to have THE MOST CONVOLUTED LOVE TRIANGLE EVER SEEN ON DAYTIME. With the central couple being Chelsea and Adam we will have Chelsea lying to Dylan that he is the baby daddy making it hard for him to reach Sharon while Adam will vy for Sharon to forget Chelsea. Throw in Avery for good measure and her lingering feelings for her former lover and her budding romance with Nick and it’s already complicated. Now throw in to that pot Phyllis, because you always need some spice in a stew, as she is angry over Avery and stealing her former MAN! With Jack foolishly not seeing any of the signs EVEN with his dead dad telling him to open his eyes and we have ONE PENTAGON LOVE THINGY going on.

    Is Gus dead yet?

    Honestly, it’s sad when I don’t care whether Chloe and Kevin survive. I just want them done.

    Oh, CAN THERE BE A TRULY happy couple on this show? A little too much drama and not enough fun. BUT I have to say, I buy everything the actors are putting out there.

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    harlee490 … I’m in the other direction when it comes to Phyllis and Avery. Even though I’m not that enamored with Avery and find her quite uninteresting, I do find Phyllis to be her usual hyper-hypocritical self; and it gets annoying when she goes into Phyllis overdrive.

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    Restless Fan

    Today’s episode (Tuesday) was one of the best I’ve seen in weeks. Finally some pathos and characters reacting. Even the music didn’t bother me. I hope the writers continue to mix character interaction more. Too much of the same gets stagnant and boring. Plus Phyllis is needed to add spice to the rather dull Nick/Avery/Dylan mix.

    @harlee: Yes they need to break up Kevin/Chloe. I would love for Chloe to start circling Billy’s orbit again. That was the most interesting that character has ever been. I would love for her to find out how Billy obtained, On The Boulevard. As for Kevin, I’m not sure what I would do with the character. He’s been bland for awhile. The cast is still heavy and maybe a Kevin break wouldn’t be a bad thing?

    As for Gus, his back story is unfolding faster than I’m caring or even interested in. The writers need to develop more organic ways of introducing new characters instead of shoving them at us. IMO Gus should have stayed in jail anywhere from 4-6 months while he and his relationship with his children was more defined. An exhortation would have been much more compelling with an in-depth back story (remember how beautifully Kevin was introduced?). Instead we have a pretty mediocre character right now. It also doesn’t help that the one character the audience does want to see more of (Neil) is a supporting player in the storyline. Bad move.

    Shadam does not bother me like it used too. I’m hoping Chelsea keeping her unborn child’s parentage a secret from Adam is a play on karma for him stealing Faith away from Sharon. Time will tell.

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    i have been watching this show forever and i like dylan with sharon. i think they would be good together. i liked adam and chelsea together . i dont like the whole billy gambling again thing . i love him and victoria together they have a great chemistry together.and what is it with kevin being a thief that storyline is ridiculous. and lauren cheating on michael is getting old. they need to replace fenn .. that boy is truly annoying .

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    SBu couldn’t even register emotion when he was told that he was going to be a father by his trick Chelsea. He would be an excellent player in a sketch-comedy parody of a soap actor–but here he is, on our screens 5x a week and now having the #1 soap on the air slowly but surely written around him. When will the madness end? This man gets paid to show up and do this?

    And yes, this is a total, boring retread of Carly/AJ/Jason, right down to Adam (like AJ) being the badboy blacksheep son of the town mogul. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

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    RealityCheck 33

    [quote=pferrando]And it appears that they are going there with Adam and Sharon, and I just can’t get behind it. He stole her child.[/quote]

    Kevin & Chloe are remarkably irritating to watch. They need to go ASAP.

    Sharon got over Adam’s actions. The last time I watched, Faith was OK and being parented by both Nick and Sharon. I think it’s time to let it go. JMO.

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    [quote=pferrando]And it appears that they are going there with Adam and Sharon, and I just can’t get behind it. He stole her child.[/quote]

    Yeah, this particular scenario has been something that’s always been beyond my scope of thinking; I just can’t see any mother bonding with her child’s kidnapper in any substantial way. And while everyone and their mother loves calling Nick a hypocrite–yes I know, he tends toward the self-righteous but that stupid sister of his has him beat in the hypocrisy department by miles–I totally agree with him on the point he made to Sharon about comparing him and Avery to her and Adam; hello you idiot, Avery hasn’t stolen anyone’s damn child or done any of the other despicable things Adam’s pulled in the past(it’s moments like that when I find it difficult to suffer Sharon’s clueless ass). I know I’m in the minority but I just feel like Adam belongs with Chelsea and Sharon needs to give her nether regions a rest for a minute or two.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]So JFP is basically using old GH plots for this show.
    When Chelsea was going on and on about how Adam would take her baby and all this crap, I just kept think isn’t that the same thing Carly on GH said about AJ? I guess SBu wanted to play this storyline since he played it like 15 years ago[/quote]

    That has been happening for eons, so what is the complaint? I mean Ron C & Frank V. is recycling their old plots and stories from OLTL and doing them on GH. Nothing unusual.

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    But tedew that’s Phyllis and I would rather see in in overdrive than Avery cooking!
    No Shadam please! The man stole your child woman! What mother can love a man who stole her child and gave to to someone else?

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    hey mon

    JoshG is really writing himself into a hole with Chelsea saying the baby’s father is Dylan. I can just see JFP marching into Josh’s office and saying, “My boy Stevie isn’t ingratiated enough into Genoa City’s canvas. Make him Daddy of Chelsea’s baby!”

    Lovin the way Phyllis can really tell Bobblehead off. She does a great job.

    And I hope that Adam and Sharon get to fire-trucking again and again. He stole her child, gas-lighted Ashley, threw away the memory card in 2011, you name it. But she still keeps coming back again and again, must be his mojo, or his tongue ability, or something-something.

    You go Joshua Griffiths, you go!

    Just saw today’s ep. The return of Fen. I love this guy. And the new Kyle, gargantuan — like my ol nickname in high school, Gar-gan-tu-Juan. This nuKyle guy must be at least 6’5″. Poor Fen, dude, you don’t have a chance.

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    The only difference I see in the way that Carly was written in saying that Jason was Michael’s father to keep him away from AJ was the way AJ was at that VERY MOMENT in time on the show. He was a BADDIE and Carly couldn’t stand the way he treated her or others. Sure, Carly is and WAS no angel then… or now… but there was more for the audience to go on then a selfish motivation.

    It’s ‘selfish motivation’ on Chelsea’s part, egged on by Chloe’s past success and failure at doing the exact same thing to Cane. When Chelsea found out she was pregnant she and Adam may have been at odds with one another but it really had to do with what Chelsea wanted to do and what Adam (mentally) could not and that was leave Genoa City. At the time, Adam had one friend besides Chelsea and Sharon, and that was Jack who was shot (like Adam) and Jack trusted Adam to run Newman. Sure, then Sharon needed him and foolishly he went to her.

    Even if Adam had slept with Sharon at that time, THERE WAS NO MOTIVATION that he deserved the baby to be hidden like this.

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    Gus was a waste of a story to me because as someone else said here it was shoved down our throats and never fully dramatized, especially with Senator Wheeler.

    Now some of you might disagree with me here but think about it this way, in 6 months if someone mentions Wheeler will many of us remember him RIGHT off the bat?

    Or even his 2 scene dead daughter, Stephanie?

    Throw Gus in there and when you mention Gus in 6 months will you remember him without having to ask “who?” and then getting the convoluted back story? NO. I don’t think we will.

    Characters like Mary, Sheila, Hope or even TRISHA are remembered IMMEDIATELY and their stories are easily recalled. Why? Because we got to know them. We slowly learned who they were, their relationships, their love and STALKING of characters on the show. Gus? Who?

    (Even Dylan’s dad in 6 months will be such a faded memory to explain that he came to town just to die the next day will still be hard to recall)

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    OK, people, so Chelsea had sex with Adam on New Year’s Eve, December 31st… I’ll give ya a day with January 1.

    She informs Dylan that she is due around Thanksgiving, November 28.

    WOW… that makes her pregnancy 11 months. OK, sure she lied because she knew she was 3 months preggers when she succumbed to that HOT BODY!!! (I would succumb to it and I aint even able to have a baby and I’m a guy!)

    I just hope that if the story does continue until she does give birth… I have no problem with that but the show has to stop having her whine that what she is doing is wrong (since she’s still doing it)… that when she does go into labor and the baby is over 5lbs that Dylan isn’t dumb to believe she had a 7 month FULL GROWN new born and its still his kid.

    Nothing better than Dylan going ape on her in the hospital bed for lying and then having Adam… in true Newman form… serve her with custody papers WHILE she is still in bed!!

    Now that would be drama worth watching. (Well, I think so. LOL)

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    People keep saying that Adam stole Sharon’s child and how she can get involved with her baby’s kidnapper. And by standards, if this would be happening in real life I’d question it but it’s a soap opera and even so-called supercouples have done unspeakable things to each other.

    The most famous couple might be Luke and Laura from General Hospital, who became a supercouple after he raped her.
    Like it or not but Victor Newman is pretty much responsible of the death of Nikki and Jack’s baby. Since then they were married how many times?
    EJ DiMera not only raped Sami Brady on DAYS but he also let her believe that their daughter has died and replaced her then-husband Rafe with a doppelganger. Not to mention Sami shooting EJ or him blackmailing her son into working for him. They are currently a couple.
    Ridge decides to take advantage of his Logan on B&B when she was no longer interested in him and raped her while she was on sleeping pills. Not to mention that he pushed her son from a roof during a fight and publicly humiliated his “great love” multiple times.
    Sam McCall watched Jason’s son Jake getting kidnapped on GH and did nothing to stop it from happening. Jason afterwards threatened Sam’s life … a couple of years later they got married and have now a son of their own.

    What I’m trying to say. Soap couples do unspeakable things to each other. They always had and they always will. It’s a soap standard and something that’s overlooked by other couples on a daily basis.
    In the end of it all it’s about chemistry. That’s basically what is making us falling for these couples and what lets us believe in them again and again. For me Shadam is no exception. ;)

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    I really liked the Chelsea character when her and Adam first got married. Now, she’s just become a shrieking shrew. Saying Dylan is the father is so dumb. Why isn’t Dylan questioning more about if he’s the Dad since they only spent one night together? The story is just another reason to put Steve B front and center but I feel the character is being forced on us too much that he is turning me off. It was the same way on GH toward the last years when he was on almost everyday. I like Steve Burton but I still just see Jason Morgan playing another character.
    The last scene with Adam and Sharon seemed so ‘staged”, over-the top. I like the chemistry between Adam and Sharon, but I don’t see them getting back together again because they are both bad for each other.

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    [quote=harlee490][quote=logan_echolls]So JFP is basically using old GH plots for this show.
    When Chelsea was going on and on about how Adam would take her baby and all this crap, I just kept think isn’t that the same thing Carly on GH said about AJ? I guess SBu wanted to play this storyline since he played it like 15 years ago[/quote]

    That has been happening for eons, so what is the complaint? I mean Ron C & Frank V. is recycling their old plots and stories from OLTL and doing them on GH. Nothing unusual.[/quote]

    Recycle that may be, but with the same bad actor playing the same basic role, now you know that is a first and that JFP doesn’t have any I MA GIN A TION….in my best Barney voice.

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    i can’t stand chloe’s character at all anymore and they could easily ditch kevin as well as far as i’m concerned.

    but now that i heard them talking the other day about how their marriage is super boring, i’m wondering if THEY aren’t going to be the ones with the ‘open marriage’?! i hate the thought of ANYTHING that gives these two idiots more air time. they’re running around committing crimes and every once in a blue moon one of them will talk about poor DeeDee and how she’ll have two parents in jail, and then they go out and do something equally stupid.

    as for chelsea, i don’t know how she can stand being friends with an airhead like chloe.

    now that ameila heinle is no longer the receipient of the ‘sh*tty hair’ award, i nominate elizabeth hendrickson. her hair has been a freaking mess for MONTHS. Her dry split ends have dry split ends.

  24. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    You got to love NOWAY’S comment, about Steve Burton being a bad actor. He is not only bad, he is just plain terrible. What a shame to have him on this once, outstanding show. Also, his part makes him seem really stupid, in regards to being father of baby. Unbelievably dumb story line.

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    Yes, I believe that Adam and Sharon have chemistry, it’s just hard for me to believe SHE could get over it. Same with Luke and Laura on GH, I personally disagree with that couple and always have even though I don’t watch GH.

    BUT, I personally feel that Adam has pretty much been redeemed in that Y and R way (Michael, Kevin), so if they are going to pair them up, there’s nothing I can do. PLUS there are far worse stories I’ve witnessed the past 7 years. This doesn’t rank anywhere near the worst. (Clear Springs will always be the WORST.)

    And I’m loving what’s being done with Chelsea and her pregnancy. There’s a lot that can happen with this, and if it keeps Dylan from having back story flashbacks about Avery, then it’s a winner in my book.

    I’m over the Gus thing too. I think they should have him die and then proceed with the fall out. I’m sure too that Tyler is probably Wheeler’s but obviously there’s still a secret or two there that we can find out about with Gus. Sorry. Don’t like the character much. And it’s actually putting Neil on the backburner as he just supports Leslie.

    More Noah! More Chavez! More Paul!

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    Steve Burton’s job on Y&R is secure. No matter how much some of us are not impressed with how he does it.

    I do wish they’d made him a tough cop, a hard-nosed prosecutor, or even a dangerous criminal (not a mobster ;)). His lack of emotional range would have been much easier to accept in one of those kinds of roles.

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    [quote=pferrando]More Noah! More Chavez! More Paul![/quote]

    Yes yes yes to all three of those guys getting more screentime.

    I feel like there was a couple minutes there after JFP and JG came on where the show was wonderfully balanced writing and character wise. Then came Steve Burton and his insta-back-story with Josh Griffith’s muse Avery and now characters and actors that I love–paging Robert Adamson–are either getting backburnered hard or showing up long enough to prop up characters that I just don’t give a damn about(RA’s three minutes of airtime during that episode where Noah had to prop up Tyler and those two hair models was criminal). I don’t have near the disdain that many have for SB, his acting or even the character of Dylan(and I’d take Dylan any day over Tyler, who I haven’t liked from day one and still just can’t get my back into no matter how hard I try). The simple truth is I could take or leave him any day of the week(though I’ll say again the chemistry between him and both Sharon Case and Melissa Claire Egan is great; Jessica Collins, not so much). Still, I’d like to see alot more Noah and Chavez–and if it’s in scenes together so be it ;) –not to mention Fen, Paul, Cricket, Jill and Nikki and far less Dylan, Dylan’s backstory, Tyler, Kevin and Chloe.

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    Plenty of yuck! :p

    Chris, not that I’m counting, but I think Dylan has now been on 7 days in a row. That’s definitely not the balance that most Y and R fans looks for.

    I don’t dislike him either, but enough is enough.

    So many other interesting characters we should be seeing!

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    LML threw EVERYTHING into that stupid reliquary story:

    We had Nazis, the Holocaust, Brad Carlton’s longlost mother, his revelation that he was really George Kaplan, stolen art treasures, Colleen getting kidnapped, Sharon and JT getting kidnapped, Jana as murderer and kidnapper, Nick playing detective, etc.

    I know there were a lot more parts to that story, but, thankfully, my mind has erased some of it. The horror! The horror!

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    Yes, I’m not a fan of Dylan at all but not a complete hater it’s how he’s now swallowing up the airtime.. |( Dylan does have chemistry with Sharon & Chelsea, so go there Josh and let Phyllis & Faith be the pain in Avery’s derriere causing conflict but Nick just might take Sharon’s advice and go slower into the marriage.

    As for Tyler I’m ok with him but I hate how they are forcing Tyler & Lily…now before someone accuses me of being a Lane fan, or prejudice (used so loosely on this site) I’m not prejudice or a Lane fan. The Lane fans are going to a problem as well so why not take the time to have the fans getting to know those two and play the beats for the setup…it’s not happening and more than likely it won’t last because of Lane will scream bloody murder…it’s exhausting and who won again…. ;) Having Lily jealous of Lola how ridiculous or Lily will probably sleep w\Tyler in May sweeps and it’s painting Cane like a effing saint! :| I think they should had more of attraction or flirting going on for months back & forth, have Lola around and Tyler is attractive to her and seeing her and let Lola be a rip roaring bitch and go after Lily. Some of things is not in the Lily character and I don’t even care for the character…I just know how they have wrote Lily for the past decade. It will blow up in their face would make good drama….again it’s rushed! |( Viewers are not digging on the character of Tyler because how they introduced him and came across as a player didn’t help…tread lightly or by autumn Tyler might be wrote off completely from the canvas….hmmm :tired: That would be a shame but nobody to blame but Jill & Josh….

  31. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Yes the reliquary and Clear Springs stories were from LML.
    And also Nikki and Jack running for senator (I can’t believe I just wrote that) and a whole bunch of other shit.

  32. Profile photo of harlee490

    We had Nazis, the Holocaust, Brad Carlton’s longlost mother, his revelation that he was really George Kaplan, stolen art treasures, Colleen getting kidnapped, Sharon and JT getting kidnapped, Jana as murderer and kidnapper, Nick playing detective, etc.

    The horror! The horror![/quote]

    Hehe…George Kaplan sounds like a comedian or LA Lakers basketball player! ;)

  33. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=pferrando]Plenty of yuck! :p Chris, not that I’m counting, but I think Dylan has now been on 7 days in a row. That’s definitely not the balance that most Y and R fans looks for.[/quote]

    And we have a winner…7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >)

    Psst…..5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 blastoff Y&R is starting…will let you know! ;)

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    Clear Springs? Can someone refresh my memory?

    Soo…..Kyle with long hair. Yuck.

    The writers have gone to great lengths to rip off Orsen Welles with his “Rosebud” whisper….. LOL…. ” I am so sorry, Rose BUD……”

    I love how lil Ms Lily is still seeing green over Tyler’s “new” squeeze and even Cain notices it. Cain, such a romantic leading man – not!

  35. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @TraceyAbbot101: The construction of a casino and resort at the fictional city of Clear Springs; this story ended in the so-called “Clear Springs Explosion.” This event was marketed as The Young and the Restless: Out of the Ashes, which aired from October 19 to October 26, 2007, in which a building collapsed due to the aforementioned explosion and many central characters were injured somehow. The Out of the Ashes storyline is notable for being the first time The Young and the Restless has used a special title sequence for a particular storyline. However, the extra budget dollars expended on Out of the Ashes – approximately $2,000,000 USD – produced little or no bump upward in the ratings.

  36. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    ok – I remember that… wasn’t it a collapsed parking garage? I get the storylines mixed up at points….. especially when the writers got some splainin to do.

    Like today, when Carmine is at the BLVD, hitting on Lauren when Fenmore is near and Billy is having an orgasm with that deck of cards…

  37. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Yes, the garage collapsed and many people were in there when it happened.
    A rock fell on Victoria’s head as she was escaping which put her in a coma and engineered getting Amelia out for maternity leave. That was the only useful thing that came from that storyline.

    I seem to remember JT figuring out it happened because of shoddy construction.
    It was just awful. :p :p

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Is Fenmore going to take on Kyle now??
    Loved how today’s episode ended…. and that song….
    that is my life, right now :([/quote]

    Yes, TraceyAbbott …Fen fighting for his love Chestie Newman…hey got to say nuKyle is cute and built…OH LA LA :love:

  39. Profile photo of harlee490

    Yes but on tomorrow and Avery…going to CBS FB again and complain (nicely) you need to like and post and send feedback to CBS…go to the source…today’s episode was very good. :bigsmile:

  40. Profile photo of pferrando

    Today’s show was good.

    No Dylan, but yes, he’s back tomorrow! J)

    I thought that nuKyle actually looks and acts much older. Not as hot IMO. He looks like he’d be Summer’s high school soccer coach or something. Too tall for an Abbott. Jill, Jill, Jill. I don’t think casting is her thing either.

    I liked the ending sequence, but that song…what the hell? Then I watched B and B and they had some similar soft grungy guitar ridden mess playing too. I hate it. Hate it.

    One more complaint…why do we have so many quick cuts from scene to scene when the writing calls for more of a “okay let’s hold the shot and pause since it’s a dramatic moment” ending. It happened many times today. Jill?

    I liked seeing Fen, and he really needs to be on more. Put the kid on contract if that’s what the problem is.

    Kay is on tomorrow too! 0:) 0:) 0:)

  41. Profile photo of pferrando

    …and thanks y’all for taking me through the worst Y and R story of all time…during Y and R’s darkest age… ;)

    Things really are soooo much better.

  42. Profile photo of harlee490

    It just shows you how much better Y&R is now days compared to past even with the bumps it has right now. nuKyle is taller as PB, a little taller but PB is tall, I like a tall man and nuKyle is cute but first day a wait to see but he seemed comfortable around the other players compared to nuAbby’s first day…sort of a deer in headlights look ;)

    Pferrando, need to send you the soundtrack of new music ….LOL cringe worthy…but I did like the ending and grouping and yes they do need to slow down the camera on some things to fade to black or hold the camera longer for dramatic purposes. I liked all the stories today and very much today (and relieved) of a well written episode today. I hope Josh doesn’t fall off the writing now after sweeps.

  43. Profile photo of pferrando

    Josh delivered the goods for Feb sweeps, so I have faith harlee!

    I think we are heading for a good May!

    And I do agree that the new Kyle does seem to be a better actor than Abby. I just think both Marcy and Blake were more attractive.

  44. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    I will have to wait til tonight to see today’s Dylan free show. Hopefully Josh can sustain his own momentum. It still baffles me with as fast as things move that they can produce so many shows where nothing of interest is happening. Now that Y&R officially looks and sounds like an ABC soap I just have to hope my interest doesn’t wane. It will be easier to say goodbye to classic Y&R’s current doppleganger as my interest in ABC soaps never lasted longer than 2 years.

    Thanks pferrando for reminding me of Clear Springs. ;-) I was so busy hating all that Maria did I repressed the memory of LML. I’ll never forget how Victoria went into a coma after getting hit on the head with that marble sized rock. Oh and that reliquary…DEAR GOD!!!!

    But I will say that the last 4 eps of GH…ummm…I mean Y&R have been good.

  45. Profile photo of pferrando

    Restless…the “sets” were pretty bad under LML, and especially all that Styrofoam they used for Clear Springs.

    Everyone walked around with smudges on faces for days…it was the most ridiculous thing I had EVER watched in my Y and R lifetime.

    I’m so glad Bill never had to see what she did to our show back then.

  46. Profile photo of Soapiegirl007

    I’m not a fan of the new Kyle. Hope he grows on me… I liked the personality of old Kyle. The new guy needs a haircut – he just looks slimy. The thought of him and Phyllis getting together in the future not only depresses and disappoints me (I like Phyllis with Jack) but also gives me the creeps. Can’t the writers just keep her with someone closer to her own age, like Jack?

    I don’t mind Dylan, though I appear to be in the minority here. I’ve never watched GH so he is completely new to me. I am looking forward to seeing him and Avery get together. The story of him thinking he’s Chelsea’s baby daddy makes me cringe. Simple math, people! I like Adam and Chelsea together. I want Sharon on her own for a while… Then she and Nick can find their way back to one another.

    I wish Senator Wheeler could be proven innocent and come back. He’s a great foil to Victor. The Gus story line needs to wrap up quickly.

  47. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    And that storyline was her swan song. The promo for Clear Springs was WAYYY better than the actual storyline. Poor Bill. He died and the viruses infested his show with their so called talent.

  48. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Today’s ep was very good(and thankfully Dylan/Avery free), highlighted as usual by Michael/Lauren/Fen(damnit Y&R, get Max Ehrich on contract! The guy’s a gem). While the acting with those three is always stellar, Christian LeBlanc was PERFECTION today(thankfully not resorting to the histrionic hand-wringing that he and his BFF Michelle Stafford tend to utilize). And poor Fen, getting rejected basically at all levels. Speaking of, gotta say Carmine is coming off more and more like he may be a little sociopathic(though I question if he’s actually smart enough to be) with regards to the Baldwin clan.

    Regarding nuKyle, I’ve seen the guy in other episodic television and I think he’s a good actor(though I can’t believe they let him get away with that hair; it’s actually distracting though I suspect we’ll forget all about that once the shirt comes off). I thought the transition was seamless and there was definitely a comfort level there that was missing when nuAbby debuted. I’m cautiously optimistic about this guy though I’ll miss Blake Hood and those gorgeous eyes of his.


  49. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Maybe we can all write a song and call it “Clear Springs” ???[/quote]

    TraceyAbbott it sounds like a song by born again Christian that was a hooker….”Clear Springs, we never left stains” ;)

  50. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]LML aslo had another gem of a story about a miraculous Japanese orchid that straightened black people’s hair.
    They had Phyllis and Drusilla mincing around what was supposed to be the courtyard of a Japanese temple or some such place but it was something that looked like somebody’s backyard in Jersey. :|[/quote]

    I roared LMFAO! :D Yes it was terrible and best part was Phyllis & Dru arguing over it! Isn’t that when it turned Drucilla’s hair green was this story? :~

  51. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    LML also had another gem of a story that was about a miraculous Japanese orchid that straightened black people’s hair.

    They had Phyllis and Drusilla mincing around what was supposed to be the courtyard of a Japanese temple or some such place but it was something that looked like somebody’s backyard in Jersey. :|

  52. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Actually, the Orchid storyline wasn’t LML’s. The orchid storyline began already in 2003, it was part of the Tuvia/Safra storylines. First was the launch, in which Victor committed commercial bribery, and then the Orchid idea came from Damon’s old fling Vanessa, and it all culminated in the hunt connected with Neil & Dru’s wedding in Japan.

    I don’t understand how someone couldn’t like that storyline. THAT was a great storyline! Those were wonderful times for the show, loved the Tuvia/Safra storyline as a whole.

  53. Profile photo of harlee490

    Yoryla you’re right, I just remember Drucilla’s hair turning green and she was freaking because of her wedding…I think Phyllis was working for Jabot first round of Phack, Drucilla was at Beauty of Nature. They both were trying to find the orchid for each company. It wasn’t Kay & Jack’s strongest storyline. But it was always a delight to have Phyllis vs Drucilla :love:

  54. Profile photo of pferrando

    Oh God, I hate to do this because it annoys the hell out of me when all anyone can do is complain about Victoria’s hair being a mess, but since he’s new I get a freebie…Kyle needs a MAJOR hair cut.

    Can’t stand it.

    As for the orchid story…I don’t remember the exact year, but I do think it was before that wretched LML.

    I think we all know that “once in a VERY great while” even the great Y and R (pre LML) had an occasional stinker of a story, but they were so few and far apart that I rarely remember NOT liking one. Because it involved Phyllis and Dru, and she lost her hair, it was kinda played for comic relief for me. I didn’t mind.

  55. Profile photo of harlee490

    There isn’t nothing wrong with nuKyle’s hair…I like it Pferrando. Hehe…I wish my husband still had hair he shaves his head now and has for years…you know I can remember when he had beautiful long hair, he would wear a long braid or ponytail never down loose in public, where me baby I let it fly everywhere. I had beautiful long hair always styled…short now but no loss of hair, Dom hates it because I still have a full head of hair…well not hating it because he can still pull it ;) What can I say, we are both grew up and our products of teens of the ’70s, tight jeans, harley davidsons, hard rock, sports and ganja and some things don’t change. This what brought us together our same taste in life…leave nuKyle alone now ….LOL :O

  56. Profile photo of pferrando

    harlee….yeah I know. I’m still a little bitter about the recast. I liked staring at oldKyle.

    I don’t usually complain about hair. I did have one other exception with Daniel when he was still on, but that’s just me…you can call me out on it! ;)

    And I’ve had my pic on here before…I couldn’t have long hair if I tried. Yep…so it’s shaved too. It happens whether some of us like it or not.

    Maybe that’s what our nuKyle is doing… >)

  57. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    [quote=Yoryla]…I don’t understand how someone couldn’t like that storyline. THAT was a great storyline! Those were wonderful times for the show, loved the Tuvia/Safra storyline as a whole.[/quote]

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison. If I remember correctly, Victoria Rowell said at the time that she loved the story. I hated it. I still feel that it was patronizing, if not downright insulting to people of African ancestry.

    I wrongly attributed it to LML’s regime because I remember not liking much of anything during her time at the show. As stated above, all regimes have the occasional stinker.

  58. Profile photo of pjc722

    i hate to say it because I had high hopes but I have to say that I am not a fan of nuKYLE and now EVEN less interested in seeing Summer chase after him while he chases after his father’s lover, her mother, Phyllis while Jack sees nothing.

    I also don’t see any energy from the recasts of Abby and Kyle and now even Summer. The old Kyle had a little bit more chemistry with Jack and with anyone where this guy just seems out of place. With the few scenes with nuABBY I didn’t notice the actress being able to hold her own with established cast like Emme was able to do. Now, Summer is dressing frumpy and looks less like she works in fashion as she looks as though she works in JCP.

    Sure, the actors have only started… SUmmer of course has been there since the beginning of Jill’s reign… but I don’t think the actors are prepared for the roles they are in.

    Holding out hope that I am wrong because the show is good with all the other actors.

  59. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    [quote=harlee490]Yeppers I know and sounding slightly envious and we have a winner Pferrando on post #69! J)[/quote]

    and the crowd goes wild. :cue auld lang syne: now everyone kiss. ;-)

  60. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I don’t care for nuKyle. I thought Blake Hood did a serviceable job.

    Ummm how can anyone equate EH’s hair to AH’s? That sh*t isn’t even in the same ball park. Granted a few months ago I was really starting to question EH’s hair choice, but this past week it hasn’t been that awful. Its been better.

    OMG….Chelsea just eats up every character she comes in contact with. They need to put her in a damn plastic bubble to save rest of the characters.

    My thoughts on Chloe and Kevin…either split that sh*t up (and fast) or write them off. I don’t need any long as break up. Kevin can screw Carmine and call it a day. I still think there is potential with Chloe (i.e. fashion and Billy), but MAB gave Kevin a personality transplant and it has made his character unbearable. He was never this big ass nerd. He could get get the boot

    I find this version of Noah to be a dud.

  61. Profile photo of tedew

    nukyle obviously comes from that agency where upscale chain restaurants go to to hire their generically good looking male waiters. oldkyle did have that more interesting edge about him.

    Now I’m just worried that Faith will be suddenly aged to become a Summer redux to cause Nick and his growing harem much friction.

  62. Profile photo of Yoryla

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison. If I remember correctly, Victoria Rowell said at the time that she loved the story. I hated it. I still feel that it was patronizing, if not downright insulting to people of African ancestry. I wrongly attributed it to LML’s regime because I remember not liking much of anything during her time at the show. As stated above, all regimes have the occasional stinker.[/quote]

    Oh, I agree on the hair turning green thing. That WAS a bit too much and a little cartoonish writing for Dru. However, that was in the ending stages of that whole Tuvia/Orchid saga. For me, it’s just thas this is one of the last storylines that I remember that I loved on Y&R. This was the era of 2003 to 05 and in 2006 LML came and it became so horrible.

    I tend to look at Cassie dying the Last Great Story that Y&R ever told.

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