Vargas Likes to Lick Nicole’s Whipped Cream on Days of Our Lives

Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Vargas (Sean Douglas) did a bit more flirting in the church office while eating some lip smacking fried chicken. For dessert, they had a cream filled doughnut, which Vargas topped with whip cream that he intentionally got on Nicole’s fingers so he could lick them off. The pair started making out on Nicole’s desk and all I have to say about Nicole and Vargas is, Eric (Greg Vaughan) who?

Brady (Eric Martsolf) questioned Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) about the baseball jersey. Maggie suggested that maybe John (Drake Hogestyn) was trying to get Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to remember better times and the woman that used to love him. Of course Brady, the idiot that he is, saw it as an affront to his relationship with Kristen and went off to confront his father.

Meanwhile, Kristen scrambled to hunt down the incriminating photos. Her hunt resulted in her digging through a trash dumpster while wondering what she’d been reduced to. I wondered the same thing.

Abe (James Reynolds) bumped into Cameron (Nathan Owens) at the hospital and pressed his brother-in-law about spending more time with Theo. Cameron didn’t like Abe nosing into his business and told him that he wasn’t family, Theo was.

Maggie confronted John about his intent for Brady. She told him she was worried that what he was doing would compromise Brady’s sobriety. He politely, but bluntly told her it was none of her business.

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    I don’t get to see Days, but sometimes I see it on one of the TVs at the gym. When I saw this Vargas guy i was like “who is this hot f****** guy?????” He should be the one everyone is after, instead of Daniel!!!!! Men and women! lol

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    The last couple of episodes have been good, probably because there’s been no Dannifer in sight(I know it’s way too much to ask that they stay off our screens for the forseeable future knowing the hard-on TPTB seem to have for the terminally boring twosome but is a week, maybe two, Dannifer-free too much too ask?).

    Vargas is definitely hot in that nasty, take-you-from-behind sorta way(nope, no experience with that ;) ) and Nicole definitely needs something–or someone–to do but I see this guy being rather expendable so I’m not sure how long-term those prospects are.

    Hope telling Ciara that Bo’s coming home soon makes be hopeful that that particular situation may be resolving itself soon(is praying for Peter Reckell’s–or Robert Kelker-Kelly for that matter–return too much?).

    Cameron, hot though he may be, still bores the hell outta me(I find Y&R’s Tyler equally not-compelling right now). Abigail needs to be with Chad like yesterday; both KM and CD are being wasted propping up a character that nobody has any investment in. The only thing I’ve liked outta this s/l is Abigail and Chad bonding–well, kinda bonding–and Anne’s snarky ass trying to get the one-up on everyone she hates(P.S. LOVE Meredith Scott Lynn).

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    Days really should have more stories taking place at the hospital (Please God, none with Dr. Done and Plain Jen). For much of this show’s history it was a hospital show and some of its most memorable storylines came out of that.

    There are characters there like Nurse Maxine, Anne, Marlena, and Kayla (off-screen like her brother Bo) that are just begging to be featured in good hospital-centered stories. It would also be a way to bring back Drs. Laura, Bill, and Mike Horton. They would, of course, have to spend some money on that dreadful-looking hospital set.

    (Does Nicole even know Vargas’ first name? Does anybody? :))

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    I had posted earlier and didn’t know where post it was about Tuesday’s episode. The last two days I have enjoyed Days, but Tuesday’s was the best simply lighter on Dannifer. I’m loving the Nicole\Vargas\Eric trio happening and Father Eric finding Nicole\Vargas on his desk ready to do the nasty… Days has been pretty good the last 2 days but today I’m loving all the Nicole bringing a smile to my face and loving this story I love Vargas…I would love to chew on every tattoo on his body…YUM! :p Nicole\Vargas is HOT! Now, put Eric trying to win Nicole back, Sami, Marlena, Roman blaming Nicole for Eric leaving the church and would be gold and puts Nicole where she belongs as town piranha and maneater. ;)

    SoapA…who needs a first, middle or last name when you’re doing the deed with such a MAN…phew! ;)

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    I hope they keep Nicole with Vargas. SHe needs a broken man who has done bad so that the character doesn’t have to explain herself and change for others.

    Think how cool it would be for Nicole to give up the good girl act because she has a man to be her muscle! She could go back to being the bad seed and when someone tries to call her out, hours later they meet up with Vargas… “by accident”… and he threatens them to give her what she wants.

    Or something like that.

    I like Eric but I hate a good Nicole. She should be bad and RICH.

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    I love Nicole and I like Vargas – but I’m not seeing them together. Nicole needs to be with a legacy character, a Horton, Brady, DiMera or Kiriakis. She needs to be the bad girl that insinuates herself into the family and whom people like Maggie or Victor try to get rid of, unsuccessfully of course. And also yes, the family needs to be rich.

    Putting Nicole with (another) con artist makes little sense. It’s frankly a little boring. I haven’t been impressed with Nicole & Eric either, but at least that creates conflict. Would love to see Sami and Marlena’s faces drop if Eric announced to his family that he’s giving up priesthood and marrying Nicole!

    And as for Vargas, I want him 100 % in the Nick/Gabi/Will storyline. He was coming in as the final force to take Nick down, and I want him to do that. They need not be partners, unless Vargas wants it so.

  7. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I loved seeing Nicole getting her ivories tickled (as my grandmother so delicately calls it). She had that man stripped down and in the sack in record time. :D

    I do have to wonder just how impressive Vargas’ “qualifications” are since she slipped up and called him Eric right in the middle of the proceedings. :)

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    I adore Nicole and Vargas! They are beyond hot. I can’t stand Dannifer and Abby/Cameron. This new Cameron has no chemistry with Abby, and Dannifer is like Chinese water torture. Both couples were on yesterday and I fastforwarded most of the show. It’s sad, because I used to really like Jennifer. Now, I can’t stand her.

  9. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Today’s ep, while not as good as Monday’s Dannifer-free installment, was not bad. The “strip” show was actually pretty entertaining and was the one time when I didn’t even mind seeing Daniel Jonas on my screen(hate the character but, good Lord, Shawn Christian and that sick body?!? Very, very impressive for a 45-year old man–and he looked right at home on that stage…hmmm).

    Agree, Abigail and Cameron do nothing for me. The guy who plays Cameron is hot, though somewhat flat acting-wise, and I think Kate Mansi’s being totally wasted here and really needs to be paired with Casey Diedrick(though I have a sinking feeling TPTB love this burgeoning, going-nowhere couple as much as they love Dannifer because they are REALLY trying to make them happen).

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