Another Fan Favorite Bites the Dust and Joe Plots His Final Act on Fox’s The Following

The penultimate episode of The Following required viewers to throw believability completely out of the window.  It was also rather boring and predictable, until the very shocking end.  Even though it’s not over yet, I’ve have no idea how next season could focus on Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) again.  His whole world has fallen apart. 
With the police closing in, Joe put a plan in motion to basically have his followers (the handful he has left) kill themselves for him.  Jacob (Nico Tortorella) was the only acolyte weary of being a human sacrifice.

The FBI finally found Maniac Mansion, but Joe and his cult had already left by then.  Debra, apparently a glass half full kind of girl, took this as a sign Joe was giving Ryan (Kevin Bacon) time to find Claire (Natalie Zea) before she could be killed.  Ryan more astutely reasoned, “[Joe’s] giving me a chance to watch her die.”  Yes, exactly, Ryan.  Good work for once.  Debra, on the other hand, has learned nothing during the entire investigation. 
The followers infiltrated the local townsfolk. It all culminated in a full-on surprise attack at the improvised community shelter, where everyone was supposed to gather for safety.  Having everyone meet at the same location is such a great idea when cult-killers are waiting to pop out and kill you at any moment. It seems like a much better plan than staying home and locking your doors– Not! Only on The Following!
The battle literally included axe-wielding maniacs striking bystanders down, which was pretty freakin’ awesome!  Meanwhile, the clueless FBI tried to figure out which townsfolk they should be shooting.  It ended with several followers dead, and Debra kidnapped.  In the shocking final scene, viewers saw Debra in the middle of the woods, being buried alive in a homemade coffin.  Props to Annie Parisse’s acting; her sobs of horrified terror and begging, seemed palpable.

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    I’m a BIG Kevin Williamson fan but I feel like the last couple of episodes have faltered a bit. Once they found the armory, the action seemed to slow down in a big way. I agree that this episode was slow but I cheered when Emma slit Jacob’s throat. He was so whiny and indecisive and just plain annoying to me.

    Kevin Williamson said he’s outlined three seasons of the show but no word as to what they’re about. I’m wondering if Emma is going to rise to the top when the dust settles. She can’t be the only angry, murderous nanny out there! ; )

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