CONFIRMED: Maura West Joins General Hospital

Over 10 days ago Daytime Confidential first reported hearing Emmy winner Maura West had joined the General Hospital cast in a “top secret role.” Well it’s not so secret anymore! According to published reports, West is already taping the newly created role of Ava Jerome.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I want to audit the books over there. I want to audit the books.

    I bet you franks traded in the Kraft services table for the Everything’s a Dollar one. Clothing is made in China. Instead of a Louis Vuitton bag on set the actresses carry a Lou Vatton. The men don’t wear Ralph Lauren suits they wear Raphie Lauren. The shoes are not Manolo Blahnik’s, they Manola Blanks. Hair is not Paul Mitchell or Vadal Sasson, but by Shanequia Johnson.

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    BEST. NEWS. EVER. This made my freakin day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I suffered through Y&R for her and they of course did NOT do her any justice…LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED every single minute of her on ATWT (and really ONLY watched it for her!!)

    I am soooooooooooooooo psyched for this and I am glad she is going to be a new character and not another recast!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maura, if your reading this…WELCOME BACK TO DAYTIME MISS DIVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Goodness. Is she contract? And is she portraying what they hope will be a long term character? I love her dearly (she and JE together in scenes? I’m there!), but the cost for her salary I’d guess isn’t bargain basement. Are they dropping others in the cast to recurring?… 0:)

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    Something about this woman just makes me smile when I watch her. I never watched ATWT because it aired when OLTL aired but if ever flipped the channel it was to watch her. I always kept up with Digest to see what Carly was up to. The last few months I dvrd the show & she immediately became a favorite. So I was one of the FEW that could not get enough of her Diane.. I’m nothing less than excited. WooHOO GH

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    Sounds like they are bringing back the mob stories. Ava will probably be going after Sonny’s territory just like the Alcazars, Ruiz family, etc. She’s gotta be either Julian or Olivia’s daughter. And Duke was very involved in the Jerome mob so I guess he’ll be involved in that storyline as well.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    GH has 25 contract players, 23 recurring and 5 more contract players on the way. That is if this one turns out to be a contract role along with Morgan Corinthos. How in God’s name is that possible?

    No, no no! I’ll figure that out. What I want you to tell me is when did Celeste become Montana’s mother? 5, 6, 7 when? — Soap Dish reference.

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    GH ED

    Well Well the Jerome Family lives on… does that mean Olivia is around? Either way she is out for DUKE i am sure..

    Also Now that Manning is becoming a quartermaine… Rumor is he is tony Cassadine and Alexandria Quartermaines son… Though they were married, Mikkos supposedly froze them in 1981, so this should be interesting.

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    Dont worry. Frank V knows how to manage a budget. He wouldn’t load the cast like this if he couldn’t make the budget work. Steve Burton leaving was the best thing to happen to GH in 10 years. Look at what Frank V has been able to bring back since Jason died…

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    Right. Victor Jerome! Thank you David. The one Lucy was with and who choked on a pendant he gave her.
    General Hospital circa 1990 written by HW (the late) Gene Palumbo is all coming back to me now….

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    At the end of the day, we really don’t know is what kind of pay and the terms of the contracts the actors are agreeing to.

    With that being said, as excited as I am to have vets up the wazoo return to the fold (in whatever capacity), I also like the new blood mixed in as well.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]AMAZING! Can’t wait for this powerhouse to rock GENERAL HOSPITAL.[/quote]

    I’m with you! Hope this is going to be an amazing story for Duke and Anna!

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    While the vets of the soap world don’t come cheap, I am willing to guess they come cheaper than some might think. Let’s be real. Exactly what has she done since ATWT went off the air 2.5 years ago? So, would you rather be making some money or no money? Maybe they will be cutting loose Kate/Connie and Sabrina to help with the budget crunch! I guy can only hope….

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jeff: Generally the network or EP throws out the first offer and they reject. Yet some of these actors are traveling from the East Coast to the West and back to work. So it interests me even more. So either ABC has expanded their budget, something is funny with the accounting or Frank is pulling some economical strings that would make Margret Thatcher applaud from her grave.


    “But what the honorable member is saying is that he would rather the poor were poorer provided the rich were less rich!” — Margret Thatcher

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    Maybe Ava Jerome is the daughter of Duke Lavery and Olivia Jerome! I would love Tonja Walker back on GH. I know she died but we all know no one is ever dead dead on soaps. I know that Ron Carlivati loves Tonja too because he brought her back to OLTL several times.

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    Ava Jerome? Okay. So she must be related to the Jeromes, or (hopefully) an ex-wife of someone, and mother of someone.

    Now, Julian Jerome has been mentioned during the Duke/Faison/Anna storyline a few times. He was the mobster who arranged for Duke to appear to be dead all those years ago. Otherwise, after making a quick study on the Jeromes, all I can think of is if this is somehow connected to Lucas Jones? His biological father was Julian Jerome. Hmmm?

    AMAZIN’ News to have Maura West join GH! She will be in DARN good company over there! :)

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    days4ever, I don’t think Olivia is dead. She survived the shooting and was sent to a mental institution. I would say that Ava is going to be her daughter since they are both blonde.

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    It just breaks my heart….my Carly :(( But good for her because she is WONDERFUL fun! Maura can play anything and everything, from scheming bitch, to emotional gut-wrenching heroine to comedy…I love her :love: :love: :beer: Ron do her right not like MAB and she will shine.

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    I like MW but that whole Jerome era on GH was pretty forgettable. Apparently Cartini must’ve been a big fan of late 80’s GH with the resurrection of Duke, Pickle Lila and now the Jeromes. Couldn’t they come up with another character for Maura? Do they really need more mob characters.. Personally I’d rather see more of the characters we already have on canvas. Oh well, good luck to MW on her new role.

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    Angie Lucy

    She’d be too old to be Olivia and Duke’s daughter, even if Olivia had her before she was introduced to the show. Still, I like the addition of Maura West. I just hope they focus more on the Duke/Anna angle than a revival of a mob storyline, especially one involving Sonny. I like him so much better when the mob is offstage.

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    Who says Ava Jerome is a mobster? Who has confirmed anything but her name? Funny how there are so many “psychics” here who’ve got all the plotlines figured out and hate them before they air.

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    Love her… GH ( and us viewers) are lucky … and I will esp.enjoy seeing her work opposite whatever role they’ve cooked up for RHowarth, I hope that their combo is a super-couple in the making… no doubt Laura Wright and Robin Mattson will be involved with them too … crackerjacks all’round!

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    RealityCheck 33

    GH is gaining a total package actress. MAB’s Y&R totally blew it with MW. She treated her like crap and I think it came back and bit her on the ass with both CBS and Sony. Another nail in MAB’s coffin. MW is wonderful, congrats to GH. Another great move by GH’s team.

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    Angie Lucy

    [quote=mfarris70]Who says Ava Jerome is a mobster? Who has confirmed anything but her name? Funny how there are so many “psychics” here who’ve got all the plotlines figured out and hate them before they air.[/quote]

    It’s reasonable to speculate on whether a character with a familiar last name will have ties to a former family of the same name. Of course, it could be a coincidence, just like Todd Manning’s last name on OLTL originally was a coincidence. It wasn’t until they decided to make him a long-term character and change his character that they said, “Hmm, Manning, Manning. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, Irene!” So Ava Jerome could have nothing to do with the Jerome crime family. Or maybe she is one of them (especially considering how Carlivati likes throwbacks). Even so, she may not be mobbed up. Or maybe she is. It’s fair to wonder. However, you’re right that it’s not fair to hate ahead of time. But people have a right to wonder and even be wary if they wish.

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    I hope GH does her right this time after her Y and R debacle.

    These days its seems shows are too quick to hire a big soap name without fully developing the character.

    So many examples to name…(especially under MAB).

    Lately it seems GH is doing the same.

    I don’t watch so I hope all these new/returning characters are working out.

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    Im guessing that since there are essentially ZERO other jeromes on the canvas, they can afford her the same way that they were able to afford jack wagner. they are probably going to film for a handful of days and parse out her appearance over a few months. For all accounts she is a terrific actress so Im happy to see her play for an arc, especially since im sure this will be story for my favorite character, anna, but GH does not need another longer term character. i remind others what was said when kdp came – that the show does not need another carly. my guess is that the Ava character will be very similar to the faith character but still i dont think the show has the airtime.

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