Liam and Steffy Get Confetti Bombed on The Bold and the Beautiful!

While Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) were celebrating their nuptials, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) were at the hospital helping Katie (Heather Tom) get discharged.

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) toasted Steffy and Liam, and wished them many happy years together. Did anyone else notice Caroline’s (Linsey Godfrey) dress matched the wedding cake? Bill (Don Diamont) then raised a glass to his son and new bride, as well. Lastly, it was Eric’s (John McCook) turn to give a toast, which included a nod to Steffy’s grandmother Stephanie (Susan Flannery).

Before leaving for their honeymoon, Liam revealed a surprise he planned for Steffy. The surprise turned out to be a performance by Julia Michaels.

In the hospital hall, Donna told Brooke she’d done everything right regarding Katie. I wonder whom Donna will side with when Brooke and Katie go to war over Brooke’s secret?

The episode ended with Liam and Steffy leaving the Forrester mansion amid a shower of black confetti.

All in all, I liked the black aesthetic to the wedding.

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    So B&B has redeemed itself with the Brooke sleeps with her sisters husband 2 minutes after she left scenario with great acting on all fronts in the Logan family. I have to say that I much prefer Donna as she has been played in these scenes then as the dumb blonde next to the crazy blonde at the front desk.

    That comedic setup has run its course and would actually like to see Donna having a promotion … especially since she was once married to the CEO and her son was adopted by him. ALso, from these scenes she has been proven to be the defender of all things Logan.

    Think about it, first you have Brooke, who is the wealthy yet selfish Logan woman who goes after what she wants, gets it and then realizes the mess she left behind.

    Then you have Katie, the insecure natural beauty who has it all from wealth, hot husband and child BUT thinks she has nothing.

    Then you have Donna. She’s beautiful. Single and could be smart. She doesn’t have wealth. She doesn’t have a child (that she raised). But she is fiercely loyal to her family… including nieces and nephews. Could you imagine if she was the “muscle” of this family and took it upon herself to defend them against those who want to do them harm? I would love to see her go up against Taylor and see her scheme to destroy that relationship with Eric. Or to do battle with Steffy if she goes against Hope. Even Thomas vs Rick could use some Auntie Donna.

    (Could you imagine if Donna discovers that Steffy’s child could be the product of a one night stand? That would be an amazing ripple in that story and seeing Donna with the evidence, wow)

    Sorry, went off on my love of creating a SMART AND FIERCE DONNA instead of a “CHRISSY SNOW” type blonde in daytime.

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    Long-Time Y_R Fan

    @pjc7722: Donna has plenty of money. She got 1/2 of Eric’s shares of Forrester, which she promptly sold to Bill. She may have spent it all, but there has been no indication that she no longer has lots of money.

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    pjc, I totally agree with your assesment on Donna! She needs to be utilized more. I love Katie, and Brooke is a fixture, but Donna, and Jennifer Gareis, proved to be a valuable force in her marriage to Eric. I loved her going up against Stephanie, and winning! Who ever did that (besides Brooke)? And I really liked Donna and Eric together, IMO they were very much in love. That’s another reason why pairing him now with Taylor is ludicrous, when Donna, a woman he actually LOVED, is on the market.

    But yes, Donna needs to be more fierce and get involved in the executive day to day thing of Forrester. God knows she has more credibility than many of the current employees!

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    Thanks, LONG-TIME…, but if she was able to garner 50% of Eric’s shares and then successfully sell them to Bill (I do remember Bill whispering in her ear about getting as much as she could), then other than comedic use I don’t understand why she is sitting at the front desk.

    I like Donna. I loved her as the middle sister who sort of was a cross between Brooke and Katie when the show first started… when she was a brunette. ANd I love the actress playing her now and think the show would do well to have her be the wealthy “protector” of sorts of her family. Sure, both Brooke and Katie can fight their own battles as do Rick and Hope but when you look at the Taylor she is always behind the scenes doing battle for her family, as did Stephanie. Donna could be that for the Logans.

    Get her out from behind the desk. Give her a different job. And have her be a little more intelligent and more like she was recently outside of Katie’s hospital room with Taylor telling her to mind her own business and with Brooke asking did she sleep with Bill.

    Donna could be the “Fixer” for the Logan family.


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