Who Is The Mole on ABC’s Scandal?


Scandal, arguably the hottest show on television right now, has me on the edge of my seat. From the torrid yet heartfelt love affair between President Fitzgerald Grant III (Tony Goldwyn) and Washington DC’s Top Fixer Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) to the craziness that walks into Olivia Pope and Associates, this show has everything. Currently, a mole is leaking information out of The White House and posing a serious threat to the United States Government. However, who’s the culprit? On a show with such dastardly grey characters as Scandal, it could be anyone. Here’s a list and breakdown of my top suspects.

Cyrus Rutherford Beene
Motive: “I wasn’t made to be Chief of Staff! Do you know what I was made to be? I was made to be the President of the United States.” Episode 2X13 Nobody Likes Babies.
Is Cyrus Beene’s (Jeff Perry) ultimate desire to become President enough for him to sabotage his dear friend Fitz’s administration for his own benefit? While I hope this isn’t the case, there is a definite possibility it could be. Cyrus is willing to do any and everything to ensure things go his way. I mean this is the same man who was literally seconds away from having the love of his life assassinated, because he was going to expose the election rigging. Cyrus’ love for James (Dan Bucatinsky) prevailed in the end, but it still didn’t stop him from at least putting a plan in motion to silence James. Power and love – to an extent – seem to be Cyrus’ weaknesses.
With James currently giving Cyrus the ultimate cold shoulder, it would be extremely plausible for him to attempt to augment his power by making a play for the office of president by sabotaging Fitz. Cyrus clearly has the means to leak the information, but would he able to go through with it?

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    Reading this has got me so hyped!!

    Ok everything listed as reasons for Mellie being the mole is so true. Mellie wants power and she will do anything to keep it. I could so see her being the mole and ruining Fitz. Outing his relationship with Olivia would make America sympathize with her and give her even more power. The only problem is that Mellie has no access to any special information.

    Cyrus, I could believe because the man was about to have his husband killed! He even said being short, gay and ugly is what keeps him from being president. But he was paranoid about who Jake was so that shows he’s not privy to any special information.

    It has to be Edison. He is part of the Senate committee when it comes to CIA stuff. It would be so easy for him to get information and leak it out of revenge. I think he knows that Liv and Fitz were together. Anyone with common sense can tell this. Edison should be able to tell since he dated Liv before she hooked up with Fitz. So he should be able to see little signs. I think he is someone who would do this out of revenge. He is the only person I can think of. I think Joe Morton might be his daddy or older brother.

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    SCANDAL is amazing and Shonda Rhimes really leaves me clueless on this one. It could be any of those people. I just don’t know who and that’s brilliant. SCANDAL has all these grey characters that you can expect everything from. So I’m just sitting back and enjoy the ride while being so excited. Can’t wait for what’s to come. SCANDAL really is must-see-tv.

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    I have given up speculating about anything on this show. Everytime I think I have something figured out, Shonda turns the tables on me. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of these suspects were in cahoots with each other nor would it surprise me if it were someone else entirely. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride and suffer the headaches I get from watching this show. :)

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    I don’t have a clue which is why this show is so darned good!

    I was equally shocked at the people involved with the election rigging, so anything goes!


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    This is such a great show…and I have no clue who the mole is..but plenty of theories. But here is where everything starts. What the mole is ultimately doing, is making Fitz look incompetent. Olivia is involved, but the mole existed before Olivia. So this is really about Fitz.

    Cyrus – He almost killed his husband, but I don’t see him being the one to make Fitz look bad. I do see him making Fitz turn to him to solve his problems, but if Fitz publicly does down, Cyrus goes down with him.

    Mellie – I never can tell with her. Her support for Fitz changes with the wind, and you can say this is her ultimate revenge against him for choosing everything and everyone over her…but this is a very well put together scheme…and Mellie always screws up.

    I am tempted to lean towards the VP (or someone working on her behalf) or the Business Guy.

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