Battle of the Hot Bods: Which Soap Has the Best Strip Team, DAYS or GH?

The men of Port Charles recently stripped down to their tighty whities, during the Nurses' Ball, to help raise money for charity on General Hospital. Not to be outdone, several Salem hotties shook their bon-bons to save Cameron’s (Nathan Owens) job and raise some cash for their hospital’s pediatrics wing on Days of Our Lives.

Who do you think took it off best?

Battle of the Hot Bods: Which Soap Has the Best Strip Team, DAYS or GH?

  • There was something magical about Milo and General Hospital’s men! (62%, 708 Votes)
  • Days of Our Lives’ men had the best moves! (38%, 443 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,151


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16 Responses

  1. Profile photo of pferrando

    Considering this is a very pro GH site, I doubt there will be any surprise here with the voting.

    I don’t watch either, but I think each show had one standout…the dude with the big glutes on GH (the one with the S on it), and I think his name is Cameron on Days.

    Both looked fun for the fans.

  2. Profile photo of gslam

    I voted for GH because the guys on GH actually “stripped” down to their skivvies. Taking your shirt off – something most daytime hunks do on a regular basis – does not a stripper make.

  3. Profile photo of nysam

    I watch GH and won’t even vote for them. If guys are goign to strip it should be guys you want to see strip…..other than milo on GH the other guys (spinelli, michael, max) should have kept their clothes on.

    The DAYS guys at least have bodies to show off.

  4. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I have to go with GH. Because it was a special occasion, the 50th anniversary, and it was for a good cause. Also, the ending with the letters on the mens butts was a cute and nice touch. Also, I liked it how there were different types of men in the GH dance routine. There were the traditional six-pack hot bods like Felix and Maks, there were some a little bigger like Max and also the youngster, like Spinelli and Michael. (Although I have to say, Spinelli is surprisingly bulky, especially compared to Michael. Who’d a thunk it?)

  5. Profile photo of aveRex

    Hard to vote on this for me because I haven’t seen the GH clip at all. Just the one pic though of the guy with ‘S’ looks damn good. Need more evidence though to judge. As for DAYS, clearly the dude playing Cameron is ridiculously fine. And so is Eric Marstoff. And considering his age, the actor playing Daniel is also fine. Only Galen was weak in that group. Would’ve been nice if you could choose ‘both’ as an answer because at the end of the day I would sure take a walk down low on all of them except for Richard Simmons on the GH side.

  6. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I don’t know, considering three of the four on DAYS are north of 40 years old–Gering, Martsolf and Christian, who’s actually 45–I thought they looked damn good(Christian esp.).

  7. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I had to laugh, the DOOL guys must have really worked out hard at the gym when they knew these scenes were coming up. They all have great abs. Cameron, Brady and Daniel really had the moves!! Rafe looked the most embarrased during his dance. I liked GH because they had the perfect guys, Milo and Antun, and also included a more skinny Micheal and Spinelli and a more beefier Max. It just made it so funny to watch.

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