Can Bill and Katie’s Marriage Get Back on Track on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Bill (Don Diamont) helped Katie (Heather Tom) return home from the hospital. Bill took Katie upstairs before going back downstairs to talk to Brooke about where their relationship stood.

They told each other they didn’t expect what happened between them to happen. Brooke told Bill he should be the husband Katie needed him to be. Brooke said they just needed time and things would improve for him and Katie.  In true Bold and the Beautiful fashion, there were also a bunch of flashbacks of Brooke and Bill, their romance and having sex.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton) jetted off to their honeymoon destination. Steffy knew how to put one plus one together and figured out Liam’s surprise honeymoon location was Aspen. Arriving in Aspen, Liam and Steffy celebrated their wedding night as most couples do.

Oliver (Zack Conroy) tried to comfort Hope (Kim Matula), who had been reading a blog with a headline announcing Steffy and Liam’s marriage. 

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    Brad Bell is the only executive in charge to be a constant in actual delivering classic soap. He’s has classic and true talent of producing old fashion soap with his writers and his producer. Regardless how ppl bitch & moan on here it’s a fact and ratings continually climb in total viewers. Look at the current ratings, B&B is only soap to add total viewers.

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    I am so ready to have Megan Mctavish “guest write” an episode for Katie’s demise! She bores me! Team Brooke! Maybe Megan M can have Katie eat some poisoned cheese to go with her wine/whine!

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    I am so disgusted with the Taylor/Eric combination. He lost his backbone once again. I thought he would get it back with Stephanie’s death. Now Taylor has him that way.

    Can’t you get a little more creative? Taylor most certainly has stepped over her bounds as a psychiatrist. I know this isn’t real life, but in real life I most certainly would sue her. When does she have time for her practice or is Katie her only patient? You all went beyond boundaries and lines with her showing up at the hospital! Please stop this nonsense with her listening at doors and attacking Brooke every chance she gets. ENOUGH – I am tired of this drivel. I am soon not going to watch my favorite show because of this UTTER NONSENSE. Give Taylor something else to do with her life besides blame Brooke for everything that went wrong in her life. As a long time viewer I remember when Brooke stepped in to take care of her children when she had been “kidnapped” once again. You would think she would be grateful to the woman who helped raise her children while she was gone.

    I am tired of Taylor acting like she has NEVER done anything wrong. Please give Brooke a backbone concerning Taylor. I was happy with the direction when Brooke’s Bedroom Line was brought back. What happened to it? Seems like it is already forgotten.

    Seriously I am finished with the show if you don’t change this story line soon!

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    I don’t think Brooke will be pregnant I think it will be a health issue, maybe breast bx or something. Something has to happen to get the sympathy flowing back to Brooke. I am a Brooke fan but don’t know where to go w/this storyline w/her & Bill. Taylor can go take a hike and not come back as far as I am concerned as well as Hope.

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    I am upset with Daytime Confidential that there is not a new thread for us to comment on B&B but I have to APOLOGIZE to everyone for hating this pairing with Brooke and Bill! Sure, I don’t like that she slept with Bill but I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE OUTCOME!!!

    I am definitely firmly in the camp that SHE SHOULD NOT be pregnant from that little tryst! That would be disgusting if she turned out to be only because it would truly destroy her character since Hope is proof of her tryst with Deacon while he was with Bridget… (i think that’s the case). Bridget is the product of Ridge while with Eric (even though she turned out to be Eric’s). Rick is the product of being with Eric while lusting after Ridge. ANd I think she has a kid under the sofa or in the attic from a tryst with another man while lusting after another man somewhere!

    BUTTTTTT… yesterday’s episode where Eric stood up for Brooke against Taylor was EPIC!!! I was watching that episode and kept screaming “BITCH FIGHT! BITCH FIGHT!!” like Alexis and Krystle on Dynasty!! I wanted Brooke to slap Taylor. I wanted Brooke to just stand up to her and scream she knows nothing (even if she has a clue!)

    But that last scene where Brooke says Taylor’s newfound happiness is because of Eric was AMAZING!!!! I almost thought that this was not B&B and that I was watching some other soap!!! Then to have Brooke threaten to take it all away with a flirt or two with Eric if Taylor didn’t shut her PIEHOLE was EPIC!!!

    PEOPLE, that’s what soaps are all about!! Ridiculous threats that make you scream YEAH, YOU GO GIRL!!! Now, I hope they continue that momentum today and don’t give Taylor the upperhand again. Brooke needs to be in control like Stephanie had always been!

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    Let’s leave the Bill romance to the side for a while and have Brooke unnerve Taylor more by being a “friend” to Eric at every chance she can take! Give Brooke the control!

    Sure, revisit the Bill romance down the road after Katie’s insecurity leads those two to divorce court.

    And Brooke should not feel intimidated by the cop. Even if he discovers that Bill crashed his car, there is nothing he can do now since he can’t proof Bill was drunk and any lawyer could argue that away.

    Brooke, babe, you have the upperhand EVERYWHERE now! RULE THE ROOST!!!

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    Oh… and have Hope move on from Liam. Sure, she can be sad a little but give over to Oliver and start a sweet romance with him!

    And, while we’re at it… Hope go down to the local NIKE shop and buy those men some tank tops! ONLY posers go shirtless at the gym to either have other men oogle over their pecs or gym ho’s to get all excited over them.

    I had to fast forward through the ridiculous scenes, especially with the very untalented and dull actress playing Maya, or Marla, or Mabel, or any other name starting with M.

    And can we make Caroline tone down the “crazy-pill” a little. I have no problem with her being a vixen but her scenes and that rolling tongue are a bit OVER the top and uncomfortable.

    Loving B&B.

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