Carmine Lifts Lauren’s Spirits on The Young and the Restless

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) returned home to a worried Lauren (Tracey Bregman). The two immediately started arguing, and their scenes were fantastic. The best thing that ever happened to Michael and Lauren was Fen’s (Max Ehrich) bullying storyline, because the residual emotional impact has been so dramatic.

After telling Fen and Lauren he was moving out, Michael tried to assure Fen he still loved him. Lauren told Michael she was afraid the longer he was away, the easier it would be to stay away. Ten seconds later, Lauren was off to see Carmine (Marco Dapper).

Billy (Billy Miller) told Carmine he could never to tell Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about his playing poker.

Hartley Sawyermade his debut as the new Kyle Abbott, and was quickly put in scenes with Billy, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Summer (Hunter King).

Speaking of Summer, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) wondered why she was dressed in such a mature way. Summer was happy for her mom, when she found out she was moving into the Abbott mansion.

Tyler (Redaric Williams) and Leslie (Angell Conwell) spent more time in the hospital waiting for their father to recover.

Lily (Christel Khalil) tried to explain to Neil (Kristoff St. John) nothing was going on between her and Tyler.

Fen met with Summer, and tried to kiss her. However, Summer pushed him away, and told him she only cared about him as a friend.

Billy continued to struggle with his gambling demons.

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    Poor Michael. Doesn’t he deserve a moment of grief? Lauren moves on to Carmine in a moment where her marriage seems to be over like Michael is worthless to her.

    I’m asking if the direction of the Kyle/Summer storyline has maybe changed now that the role of Kyle was recast. Upon till the recast I was under the impression that we maybe are headed for a paternity question concerning Summer. Now I’m not so sure anymore.

    Creepy Fenmore can’t catch a break. I’m interested to see where this is all headed with him. I LOVE Max Ehrich in the role.

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    TraceyAbbott you crack me up! :bigsmile:

    Carmine is being very “friendly” with Fen, which Carmine is getting aggressive trying to “win” Lauren which is looking like he’s almost in stalking mode. I’m curious if Josh is going there and Fen will be in danger because of Lauren’s affair and this would definitely bring out a darker side of Michael. I’m not sure it this is the case but…..? ;)

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    Why thank you, Harlee…. I do try my best to be entertaining.

    I would like to see Carmine in a “stalker mode” and it bringing out the dark sides of both Fenmore and Michael.

    Meanwhile, with the return of Traci, Lauren teams with her to help create and market a “mature couture” line for J’abot House of Fashion. Gloria travels to California to look at real estate for a possile expansion to California, when she meets Eric Forrestor at an upscale charity event and is immediately smitten by his wealth and gray hair.

    Carmine starts to get mysterious texts and phone calls from an unlisted number showing up in his caller ID as “California”.

    In California, a lot of females are always on their cell phones: (the current ) Steffy Spencer; Brooke “the Cougar ” Forrestor; Caroline Spencer;
    and the lemon bar baking queen Pam.

    The fall story arc begins on CBS Daytime when it is revealed that Carmine is really the son of shrink Taylor…..and that he has escaped the mental hospital she placed him in during infancy as she never wanted anyone to know she was a young, unwed “teen model” MOM……

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    I just don’t understand how all week Y&R’s episodes have been good and once again Avery\Dylan and everyone propping their storyline…it was boring :|

    Then with the previews for Monday more of same Avery\Dylan episode…WTF is going on with the thinking this is entertaining…it’s like watching a whole different soap as Pferrando had mentioned in one of his posts……roll eyes, breath deep and SCREAM! |(

  5. Profile photo of pferrando

    So all we get is two scenes out of MTS, but more of the Avery/Dylan show?

    I wasn’t that big of a fan about today’s either harlee…not bad but not like the prior shows.

    And after all the Adam and Sharon mess…now Adam is cooling off on her. That also doesn’t make sense.


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    Pferrando yes…tweeting back & forth w\Restless now and CBS! Monday’s eppy going to be the same thing…vets we had Adam, Sharon, Billy, Victoria, Nick,on today.. propping Dylan billy hires, Sharon & Avery propping Dylan, Nick & Sharon propping Dylan, Avery propping Dylan, Neil propping Leslie, Adam & Vicky really was no need today, they didn’t do anything. Chelsea & Anita propping Dylan. The Gus story shows the holes when standing alone like today, better to drive the beats w\Leslie with the vets…I’m just frustrated and more on Monday…counting 9 out of 10 days of Dylan & Avery, Nikki on 2 times, Kay 1, Jill 1, Victor 3, Jack & Phyllis 2 times, balance is way off… |( This is getting under my skin, we longtime viewers were played as fools I feel, vets everyday pre-anniversary and now over the cliff post of limited!

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    In the beginning when Dylan showed up I had high hopes for the character and what looked like a PTSD story from his time in combat and possibly that leading to issues with Nick and Avery. Then… silly me… in my head I thought we would see some sort of dramatic scene where either Dylan rushes to the rescue or he flips and is the one holding people hostage or something.

    But, alas, that aspect of his story has been thrown to the back burner so more and more of the back story of Avery and Dylan can be brought to the forefront EVER SO DARN SLOWLY! But Jill and Josh have kept that option open by having Dylan still shot writing in his leather journal!

    I get Dylan being in the story with Nick and Avery, but WHY damn why is he the third man in another romance? Do we need him over with Chelsea and Adam and their story? Couldn’t this story be given to Chavez? And what about what we all think will be a pairing with Dylan and Sharon? I don’t get why he is in 3 stories while Nick is only in ONE?

    And, can someone explain to me the odd and awkward friendship between Tyler and Noah? Those two dudes look less like “drinking buds picking up chicks in the bar” and more like two closeted queens about to get their funk on with one another! (One extra drink and either one is going down!)

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    With this new Abby, something tells me we’ll actually see LESS of my man Chavez who had a ton of chemistry with old Abby.

    Avery has really been pushed to the front of the show.

    I think this is because we got Jill’s golden boy.

    Prior to that I didn’t mind or notice if she was on a lot.

    And giving Noah scenes with Tyler “just because” irritates me too since he should be in his own story. And NOW the writers continue to back track with Tyler to show that all the women want him. (So that must mean that Lily does too!) |(

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