Erika Slezak, Vincent Irizarry and Thorsten Kaye Discuss What’s to Come With AMC and OLTL Relaunch on The View

TOLN soap stars Erika Slezak, Vincent Irizarry and Thorsten Kaye stopped by The View today to chat with the ladies about All My Children and One Life To Live being revived and brought back online April 29. The actors revealed to the audience what they can expect next Monday with the new format.

During the appearance Slezak dished how OLTL fan and upcoming guest Snoop Lion left her a sweet message in her dressing room. Check out the segment after the jump!

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    Yay! That was pretty cool of ABC to let them come on their show The View. I guess it’s because they get a percentage of the profits. This will really help people that are not aware that the soaps are coming back because a lot of people watch The View. I was hoping they would be on Live with Kelly and Michael since Kelly was from AMC.

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    They all look great! Erika Slezak is always the picture of class. Was never a fan of Zack, but I love Thorsten. I kind of wish he was on OLTL as Patrick, but maybe later when the shows are on longer.

    So psyched about the return of my shows!

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    Erika Slezak is always a class act. I always liked Thorsten better as Patrick, the romantic poet on OLTL and he and Marty were such a hot couple. I never could get into Zack and Kendall, since she always wound up cheating on him with either Ryan or Aiden. I always felt Patrick and Marty had such a romantic love story (no wonder they got involved in real life. Does anyone know if Thorsten and Susan Haskell are still together?) Thorsten seemed more interested in plugging Whoopies Mom Mabley’s project. What is Whoopies secret? She seems to get all these hot guys who obviously like her so much. May-be because she is so down-to earth and says what she thinks. Vincent I looked great!

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    rabbit on the moon

    [quote=GHvetfan]Love seeing Erika Slezak!! Wish the men had been gentlemen and allowed her to enter first.[/quote]

    Why does it matter who came out first? Such a trivial thing to worry about.

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