Olivia and Fitz Rekindle Their Passion, While Huck’s Backstory is Revealed on ABC’s Scandal

A lot happened on Scandal this week, and yet, a lot didn’t.  This episode was mostly filler, but it did feature some instant “classic” Olitz scenes.  It’d been a while for the star-crossed pair!
With Olivia (Kerry Washington) still in the hospital after her fracas with Jake, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) sat vigil. Due to his status as President of the United States, the Secret Service had to practically shut down the hospital to accommodate him.  

The lovers finally had the conversation they should’ve had months ago.  Essentially, Fitz felt betrayed over Defiance, and Liv felt betrayed for what he did to her after.  She also confronted him about having her monitored.  Fitz apologized, pledged his love and forced Olivia to admit she still loved him.  She couldn’t trust or forgive him though. 
Then, Fitz started in on one of those speeches he’s so good at, which always makes Liv melt and forgo her better judgment.  He was nothing without her, and they were meant to be together.  As his monologue went on, their song started playing (and I fangirled in front of my TV!).  Liv turned, ran into Fitz’s arms and they passionately kissed. However, Liv abruptly stopped the kiss. She uttered, “I can’t” to Fitz, and fled. 

This moment made my Olitz-shipper heart very happy, but I’m glad Olivia didn’t forgive him (though I’m sure it won’t last).  What Fitz did to her was so horrible.  He needs to really make an effort to earn back her trust.  However, I could have done without the shades of “Rapey Frat Boy” creeping in again to Fitz’s character.  This happened when Fitz went from “asking” Liv for another chance, to forcefully “demanding” it.  POTUS needs some therapy.

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    THis show is soooooo darn good! 100 times better than GREAYS ANATOMY and soooooo juicy in its soap opera roots!

    Only issue with it is the UNDYING devotion by Olivia’s staff.

    but love it

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    Gawd I love this show.

    1)I do NOT want Olivia to forget Fitz anytime soon. When he gave his panty dropping speech, I could see Olivia falling back into his arms. I totally understand why he was mad. He finally told her and she finally told him why she did it. That conversation needed to be done from the jump. But Fitz has been so freak mean and evil that Olivia better not give him the time of day for a while.

    2)I love that Harrison found out. The undying devotion of her staff is understood. She walked into Abby’s house with a crowbar to beat Abby’s husband for beating Abby. She got Abby out of that marriage. She kept Harrison out of prison. And we see what she’s done for Huck.

    3)I also didn’t tear up at the episode. It was trying too hard. We already loved Huck so he didn’t need a sad backstory. Usually that’s for characters we hate that the writers are trying to make us love. I now understand his need for fake families.

    4)The fact that Byron Douglas (joe morton character from different world) was Huck’s old boss means he’s with the CIA. So that also means Christian should know who he is. If Christian is really following Jake like he should be, he should have saw them together. I’m just confused about this storyline.

    5)Lastly, this Mellie thing is getting on my nerves. I know Olivia/Fitz needs angst, it shouldn’t be Mellie. As I recall the first season, Mellie was pissed that Olivia left and mad that Olivia didn’t play her role in keeping Fitz in line. Now I’m suppose to believe she’s upset that Fitz is still in love with Olivia? Also since Fitz already asked for a divorce, which made her induce labor, why would she use a divorce as a way of keeping Fitz in line? He was just going to divorce her some months ago!!! Makes no sense.

    I need more Jake/Olivia time.

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    Logan – I think this time the divorce thing works or the threat of divorce is because this time Mellie will use the affair to bring him down and build herself up. Knowing Mellie she will go on about how long she tried to keep her marriage together, she will come away looking like a great person and since there is no way in hell Fitz will ever speak about Defiance because of Liv, Mellie definitely has the upper hand this time

    I agree with you on #1 and he pisses me off when he gets so mean – And hypocrite why don’t you tell Olivia who you killed.

    I want more Jake

    I did tear up at the end when it was realized that Huck really did forget his family and to think that his subconscious was steering him towards fake families made me lose it.

    Oh and I finally get Huck and Christian relationship and why it seems the other doesn’t kill the other. I was happy that Huck’s family is alive.

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    1) This headline isn’t accurate. Olivia forcefully shut down Fitz and walked away from him. I don’t think any passion was rekindled.
    2) The reveal about Christian saving Huck’s life was excellent.
    3) Is Olivia running a PR/”fixer” firm or a cult?
    4) Olivia’s full backstory better be plenty dark if she’s going to say that she and Huck inhabit the same “dark side of the moon” while Abby, who was repeatedly beaten and mentally abused by her ex, and Quinn, who had her life destroyed, are somehow not equipped to understand and be there for Olivia.

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    So agree with you, BISHBAY. Even though the line to huck was sweet and definitely emotional, I found it sort of a ‘back hand slap’ to the other characters by Olivia since these people have given her sooooo much for what she has done for them.

    I love this show so please don’t take it wrong but I just don’t understand the loyalty to the extreme that people are willing to go to jail for her… Defiance. I mean, she saved people from situations they didn’t necessarily deserve and all of these cult followers… Hilarious whomever said that above… Simply bow their heads and protect NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    I think this is one of the juiciest and thrill riding soaps on TV right now. So when Olivia’s back story is finally revealed to the extent of hucks it better be that she survived being maliciously bullied as a young kid, beaten and molested by her father uncle and crossing guard as a teen, forced to kill a head of state as an 18 yr old army recruit, did 3 tours in Vietnam & Iraq AND ACCIDENTALLY RAN OVER HER NEW PUPPY WITH HER OWN CAR one day for me to buy that singularly great line abt being from the same dark side of the moon.

    Still love the show.

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    I missed the episode where Harrison past was revealed. What did he do that Olivia saved him AND PLEASE SAY IT WAS HE WAS A MALE EXOTIC DANCER, cause that man is fine!!

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    I have watched and loved every episode, but I have one HUGE, HUGE complaint. They have 3-4 week gaps between episodes sometimes and I don’t always remember parts of the former stories. It can be very confusing! :( Before next weeks show, I’m going to On-Demand and re-watching as many episodes as possible, one after the other, so I can figure out some of this stuff.


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    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, they said they are doing Harrison’s backstory next season. They already wrote the plots for this season.

    Harrison talked about his back story a little when he was telling Quinn what Olivia had done for him. Then in a flashback, we saw Harrison walking around with a monitor ankle. That’s all I know about him now. I just know she kept him out of prison.

    I also agree Olivia back story better be horrid for her to say that. I would think Abby, who was married to a rich man with a powerful family, getting beaten and emotional abused for years by her husband would understand Huck more.

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    What a hell of a ride! Scandal!

    I think Scandal and Revenge really should use the cable format of 15 to 16 episodes in a row without any gaps. It takes about 8 to 10 days to shoot a one hour drama and then you have breaks, meddling network executives etc… wanting to change the stories.

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    My biggest complaint with the nighttime soaps is the fact that there are ridiculous gaps for weeks between original episodes which, imo is the reason why the ratings aren’t better.
    Love that we have b/s on hick, but I think there is much more to it. What I am waiting for is the b/s on Harrison and Olivia. Why is Harrison so blindly devoted to Olivia? and what sent Olivia down this particular rabbit hole.

    As for Mellie, ultimately, the bluff won’t work and she will do something that will backfire…..again. The woman is way too power hungry for her own good.

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    I think Olivia was basically saying at the end of the day Harrison,Abby and Quinn could walk away and have their happy endings. While it is impossible for her and Huck to achieve this.
    Olivia’s true love is Fitz and she can never have a happy life with him regardless if he is the president or not. As for Huck, his mind is so destroyed he cannot commit emotionally to anyone. Plus they both have some much blood on their hands (as compare to the other three) it would hard to function in a normal day to day life.

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    I don’t understand the complaints about the gaps between episode. First of any long time viewer of network shows should be use to gaps between episodes. Personally I see the gaps as a benefit. It gives me time to catch up on other shows I have stock pile on by DVR.

    I admit for some shows (Revenge for example) I wish they would adopt the 10-13 back to back episode model that cable is doing. The cable dramas have no gap between episodes, but they do have major gaps between
    seasons. This can be a problem if the season finales end on cliffhangers.

    Perfect example is second season finale of Sons of Anarchy. It ends on the cliffhanger of Jax’s son being kidnapped. That episode aired on December 1 2009. The third season didn’t premiere in til September 7 2010. Nine months is a long time to wait to see the fall out. Yet most fans will came back with no reservation.

    It makes no sense how some viewers will complaint about the 3-4 week episode gaps for network dramas , but have no convictions for cable dramas 6-9 month gaps between seasons.

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    Does anyone else think Jake could be in the same position that Huck was just in a different position? I got that feeling when Jake was told he didn’t have an out. I also have a feeling Jake and Cyrus know each other.

    As much as I want Harrison’s backstory, I really want the whole backstory on Liv before we find out about the others. It will help us understand where she’s coming from and why she’s “fixing” everyone but herself.

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    Daniel St. John

    I think a lot of you guys are misreading Olivia’s statements about the difference between herself/Huck and the rest of the team. She was referencing the fact that she and Huck have done and are capable of doing darkly horrible things while the others have not crossed that line yet.

    And I was so stoked to see Jasika Nicole as Huck’s wife. I loved her on Fringe and really hope she returns to Scandal in the near future.

    I am also sick of Mellie stomping around like she is hot stuff. Someone needs to put her in her place really soon because she has become so insufferable.

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    I thought the show was disturbing. To see any human tortured as Huck was was disturbing to watch. It was not entertaining in the least. I am sorry I watched this episode. I hope it doesn’t give potential criminals any ideas on how to torture someone. And this Fitz, Mellie, and Liv triangle is getting mundane – I don’t know how long they can drag this mess out.

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    logan_echolls I agree with 99.9% of your comment, eventhough I expect “the big gaps between eppys” but I still don’t like them, especially towards season’s denouement (its a pain).

    My thing is all of my favorites has gaps “simultaneously” so I’m sitting around waiting…Momentum is huge for me in tale telling so when I get these eppys weeks apart my intrest flounders a bit.

    Excellent point re: Huck the extra layer wasn’t needed cuz I just like him but it did help me to understand why is character is like he is so I didn’t mind it.

    I went HUH? One of the biggest WTF? re: Mellie is this flip flop. Same as Fitz who was willing to walk away from the presidency/wife everything for Olivia so I’m confused…

    I agree w/RealisticV, Jorpa although not tired of the triangle as of yet but soon will; can’t do years of triangles,
    that’s why I bailed on TrueBlood’s Bill/Sookie/Erik got real old and it was time for a bitch to make up her mind; Sookie began to look fickle/stupid to me…

    Olitz is really my thing without a doubt but in the meantime I can do what’s his name Elliot? The dude who asked her to marry and/or Jake. I like her chemistry with all three. And I like all three…so its another triangle for me by default…

    I’ve caught some of Olivia’s backstory, also, they reveal tidbits via dialog…but I can use another dose of it like they did the flashback with her and Fitz’ relationship.

    Love Joe Morton’s character he gives me an Alex Cross vibe!

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    [quote=Cyberologist]Love Joe Morton’s character he gives me an Alex Cross vibe![/quote]

    I just wanted to quote this because I SO agree with you!!! I still pick Idris as my number one.

    That being said, I loved the episode for both the loud and the quiet moments.

    I didn’t see it being about making us like Huck more. I mean, we already love him. To me, this was fleshing out his relationship with Charlie..Joe Morton, and by extension, Jake. I assume that Joe still runs this agency and they are also trying to find the mole by using Olivia. I also think that it is reasonable to assume that Jake and Charlie can work for the same person and not know it..it is the CIA. I think Joe has found out, through Jake, that Huck is alive and he shouldn’t be, so Joe doesn’t trust Charlie. There is a whole lot of subterfuge going on and this episode laid it out.

    I think Mellie’s response makes sense. Fitz was willing to leave everything for Olivia and he stepped back when he felt that she didn’t have faith in him. I think he looked at his position differently, like he still needs to earn it, which is why he isn’t so willing to give it up now. Mellie was fine as long as Olivia was in her place. Mellie wants to be the main chick, and Mellie enjoyed the short period of time that she was the only person that Fitz trusted. Now, she doesn’t want to go back to sharing him (with anyone). So her only card to play is her son, and that is what Fitz reacted to. Since Fitz has an internal need to prove himself, I think he will go after Mellie. It will remain tenuous because Mellie wants to be in the circle. Fitz will keep Jake on Olivia and think everything is cool…and it will blow up again. I only hope that in the meantime, Fitz gets something on Mellie so that she can’t blackmail him anymore. That scene is getting tiresome.

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