Michael Muhney Signs New Contract at The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Michael Muhney has signed on the dotted line to extend his time as Adam Newman. Muhney tweeted the news to fans on Friday, revealing he’ll be sticking around until June 2015.

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    hey mon

    Hooray. Great news. He’s the daily dose of what is needed every day on Y&R. Cant wait to see Dylan versus Adam, cause Dylan v Nick is a sleeper.

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    Thank God. With all the new faces on the show, this is some stability that’s needed.

    He delivers every time he’s on and even though I’d rather not have him paired with Sharon his character is one of the most interesting on the screen.

    Thank Michael for staying put.

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    @mpbach I agree he’s arrogant as shit, but the dude does have some good acting chopps! He and EB where hitting those beats when Victor and Adam were in the hospital sharing those heart felts moments

    I wanted to hear Jillian say ” Damn you Eric Braeden.” Then there are times where the chewing of the scenery is obnoxious! There apart of me that feels he’s Adam in real life because he plays evil so well- and I love to hate the character of Adam. Michael ego takes the cake as well…

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    Yep noway…today’s show while not the worst, was continuing with the disappointing trend of featuring mostly new faces.

    Only Sharon, Nick and Adam were “vets”. All the other characters were introduced or recast by Jill. I’m not counting Avery as she really wasn’t on much until the new team.

    I’m pretty much fine WITH most of the new faces, but I think we HAVE to have that balance where old and new are mixed. Otherwise I know that a lot of the loyal viewers will get bored and start to occasionally tune out.

    I had read a post from harlee on here about this issue, and I know others have voiced it as well. I really hope this improves!

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    RealityCheck 33

    [quote=mpbach]He’s such an arrogant asshole lol! and he can’t act![/quote]

    Yeah right. I love to read crap from punks who can’t even write a post. Must be the meds.

    Muhney rocks Y&R and makes it watchable. The only Newman worth a shit.

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    This is good news. Adam’s not my favorite character–though he came along way with me once they paired him with Chelsea–but MM acts the hell out of even the shittiest material(not to mention having some of the best dialogue and one-liners on the show). It’s too bad we’re getting another Shadam go-round though(this is where I would normally insert a comment about Sharon’s man-swallowing nether regions but I’ll refrain….oh wait. Too late. ;) ).

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    I agree. I have never been impressed with anything that MM has done since he took over the role as Adam and I do think he’s a horrible actor. Half the time he’s onscreen he’s mean mugging and squinting like he’s in need of glasses. I will never find him appealing.

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    Great news! I love the scenes between him and Victor, both hate and love. There will always be that “Competition” between them, despite the fact they are actually getting along right now as father and son. I think MM is more important to the show then Steve Burton right now.

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    hey mon

    Adam is a classic guy, who has been forgiven, even though he killed in-uerto, his half-sibling. So if Sharon can move on, let’s all move on.

    Looking forward to him vs Victoria over at Newman Ent. It seems that being around him is even rubbing off on her — she acts better when she’s around him. Imagine what the scenes would be like if Heather Tom was playing Victoria!

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Love to hate him, love to love him, love respecting his artistic choices. I give him all the credit in the world for making a character who seemed beyond redemption evoke so much empathy… it has been a pleasure to watch both actor and character grow in the last few years. He’s electric with EB, PB, MS, and I never fail to chuckle when he’s in scenes with BM. He and MCE are ripping my heart out of late, and yesterday reminded me of liking some of his moments with Avery — it’s been a while since we’ve seen them in scenes together. Never would have imagined being able to tolerate the homicidal Phantom of the Ranch Staircase, and yet, I saw this bit of news and felt a huge sense of relief. He’s a great strength of the show and I’m glad “the game” continues!

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    I find him to be one of the worst actors on Y&R. Calling him an “artist” is a stretch. That’s like calling the pig who paints an “artist”.

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