EXCLUSIVE: Ex-General Hospital Star Erin Chambers Joins The Young and the Restless

Another former soap citizen of fictional Port Charles, New York is heading to Genoa City. I've exclusively learned Erin Chambers (ex-Siobhan, General Hospital) has been cast in the role of Melanie Daniels on The Young and the Restless.

Look for paralegal Melanie to mix it up with the always-in-need-of-legal-assistance Newman clan starting June 5. The role is recurring.

Photo credit: ABC 

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    NO! No. Just please no. Does that mean we have to ear that fake Irish accent again? ;)
    But well at least the role is recurring. Otherwise I honestly wasn’t a fan of her acting.

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    Melanie Daniels? Who the hell is that? Aren’t soaps supposed to follow the lives of characters and families we know? Para legal? SNORE zzzzzzzzzz

    Can’t Sony/CBS pay the bucks needed to give its viewers a story with someone we know and follow like JILL FOSTER ABBOTT? We can’t even have an episode of her speaking to HER SON Billy much less a storyline. Does Billy even know Kay is ill? SMH

    What about Jill’s career and her grandson Chance (Phillip Chancellor IV)? If Cane is taking over at Chancellor Industries why not return him to being the real Phillip Chancellor III? If Y&R can continually raise the dead and have ghost John be a part of his living family they can certainly reverse paternity and make some sense of this Cane connection.

    What about Jill’s love life? Jill was never a supporting character like Gina or Ester. We have followed her life since 1973 and now she has NO life to follow. Y&R under MAB was a show of ABC vets, under JFP it’s a show of CHEAP newbies. Why should anyone get involved with them, as soon as they become expensive they will forget about them. There is NO reason to invest in anyone.

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    @pennywise555: Jess Walton is only on recurring and is spending most of her time with her family outside of California. That was her own wish.
    I don’t think we’ll see Jill involved in much major storyline.

    And besides that all vets are played at Y&R. Victor is front and center, Nikki is on-screen with the MS storyline, Paul is there as Chief of Police and just was involved in Wheeler’s arrest, Lauren and Michael are front and center, Katherine has a storyline, Jack is involved in Jabot, Neil is finally seen on other days than Winters-Wednesday…

    The do play a lot of the newbies. But it’s not like the vets are losing their place on this show entirely.

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    Come in from outside and see this dear God in heaven…..my question is recurring like Tracey B. when on recurring or Jess W. recurring rarely seen grant as Soapjunkie that is Jess’s choice (hopefully)?

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]@pennywise555: Jess Walton is only on recurring and is spending most of her time with her family outside of California. That was her own wish. I don’t think we’ll see Jill involved in much major storyline.

    Jess Walton may have no interest in being on contract (Thanks MAB!), but I’ll bet $$$ she’d do story arcs. She has always loved playing Jill so there’s NO WAY she’d limit herself to work 1 day a month or less. What actress would want their character to play a potted plant by choice?

    Jill’s lack of story is ALL Y&R’s choice. Jill’s an expensive vet and they don’t want to pay her for her to do a story. The over 60 females aren’t valued like the older males vets. There seems to be plenty of money & time for Victor & Jack, but not for the females. Recurring doesn’t mean a character can’t do a story, TB/Lauren was recurring for years and had plenty of story. Y&R seems able to work around Steve Burtons commuting schedule and give him plenty of storyline & episodes, they could do the same with Jess Walton IF they wanted to.

    I’ve been watching Lucy Coe & Anna Devane on GH,(rumor is both are popular in focus groups too). Females audiences want to see their long time older female characters too not just the OLD MEN.

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    Irish Stew coming to Genoa City? Why, Lord, why????? (in my Aunt Song voice!)

    Erin Chambers is a good actress, but this is just silly…………………..

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    Jill continues to create more noise.

    I wonder what’s going to be the breaking point?

    I know we all feel the same way on here pretty much…I wonder how much of this, and from the other fan sites bubble up to CBS/Sony?

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    UGH- BIG SIGH- I wish somebody connected to The Young and The Restless and tell JFP/CBS-Sony to stop the madness- I hated when MAB brought in ABC stars to Y&R and dammit Jill play the damn characters you have on this show. Stop bringing your damn friends and crossover lovers to Y&R.

    This show was so good during the March, but I’m starting to get bore with Nick/Avery/Dylan and would they stop playing that song…OMG Josh/Jill I’m with Smitty I can’t either-

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    ANOTHER ONE?!!! Honestly… make the show EXCITING not just better writing. This show moves at such a snails pace in delivering exciting story that the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL has me more excited for the next day’s episode!!!

    Honestly, pay attention to the stories you have and if you are going to bring YET ANOTHER NEW CAST MEMBER TO THE FOLD, tie it to a veteran! Make this woman one with mystery and strength and not the LATCH ON TO A MAN type you already have on the show. Or even make her connected by family or SOMETHING!!!

    Almost one year into Jill being in charge and all I can say is that the writing is better and Maria is not around. DON”T HAVE the majority of fans on here missing MARIA, Jill, cause then you have lost us!!

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    Restless Fan

    More and more I just don’t have the energy to make Y&R a priority in my day. I’m already back to it being on and either not really paying attention or dozing off to it.

    Yay to the reboot! How did we get so lucky? Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Oh No!!! I hated Erin Chambers on GH and that fake Irish accent. The whole story with her and Lucky was awful!! Can’t believe JFP is bringing her on Y &R. She has to give up her obsession of the GH actors. It is so rare that an actor from another soap works on a different soap. History proved it.
    I did like yesterdays Y &R episode, especially Phylis rejoicing over Nick and Avery breaking up. The Avery character was just too “Miss Perfect”, Miss cup-cake homemaker. I am starting to like Dylan more, just wish JFP will stop forcing the character like he’s Mr. Perfect. Would like to see more flaws and have a feeling Dylan and Avery will hook up in the cabin. I just can’t get into Lily and Tyler and his facial looks in the camera. No chemistry! Lauren and Carmine have a lot more chemistry together .

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    [quote=Amtronic]Enough of the goddamn GH castoffs and rejects! STOP IT![/quote]


    Yeah, Chambers is far from a cast off. It was pretty clear that they brought her in for a short story arc and made up reasons to keep her around. They even had her play a completely different character to bring her back for one extra episode.

    She’s much more talented than the average daytime actress. Accents may not be her thing (I’ve heard mixed reviews in regards to that) but she’s proven herself more than capable in many other shows/movies.

    Of course, I’m sure you’ve done *many* shows yourself, which makes you more than qualified to disparage everyone… oh wait, you haven’t. ;)

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