After Seeing The Following’s Final Chapter, Do You Still Want More?

The Following finale mirrored a season that was full of some highs and lots of lows.  The first half concentrated on the FBI trying to locate Debra (Annie Parisse), who was buried alive.  Joe’s (James Purefoy) followers had left clues, which included a cell phone, so Debra could talk to Ryan (Kevin Bacon) and Mike (Shawn Ashmore).  She tearfully told them Mike was a good man, and her death wasn’t Ryan’s fault. She also wanted them to tell her family she loved them (even her culty rape parents!).
Ryan and Mike were led to the location of her kidnapper’s car, but it was a trap. A follower-sniper opened fire on them.  A gunfight ensued with police, but dozens of bullets missed their targets, before Ryan had the perp in custody. 

The follower taunted them, basically saying “I’ll never talk and you guys can’t do anything ‘cause you’re cops!”  An awesomely choreographed fight/torture sequence commenced that mirrored what Mike faced when Roderick kidnapped him.  Like most of Joe’s followers when faced with violence, the guy talked.

He led them to Debra’s “gravesite,” and smirked as they frantically tried to dig her up before she ran out of air.  At first, I thought this might be a fake-out site because it’d be too lame to have them save Debra in the nick of time.  So, I was disappointed when they pulled Debra up from the ground and started giving her CPR. I honestly thought after all that, she’d be fine.  However, I misjudged this show’s love of killing off main characters.  Debra could not be revived, which left Ryan and Mike devastated, and the follower gleeful.
Ryan and Mike shared a look, and it seemed like there was an understanding between them about what would happen next.  Ryan walked up to the follower, who was kneeling with his hands cuffed behind his back, and shot him right between the eyes!  Then, he threatened to shoot Mike if he followed him.  Joe had left a copy of his finished novel for Ryan in Debra’s coffin, so Ryan would know where to go rescue Claire. 

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    Kevin Williamson said he already had a story in his mind for the first three seasons of the show and that it’s gonna be different from season one. so one main thing a season that is different, however the finale will tie the seasons together.

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    Joe was a terrible character and if brought back, I would not want to watch him for another season. I detested Emma and was really sorry not to see her killed. Too bad about the FBI lady, she should have survived. I doubt that Clare will survive, but Ryan, being the main character should.

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    This show started out with such promise – when the body fell from the ceiling in epi one I literally jumped out of my chair – then it fell apart. I think they totally blew the whole concept of killing off major characters. Yes, 24 did that but it wasnt killing off a major character JUST to be shocking – each death propelled story for years to come. Just as an example, when they killed off bauers wife, that sent jack to a dark place that he never totally came back from and his guilt over his affair and the role it played in her death kept him from forming major attachments over the duration of the series. Compare that to killing off paul – sure that made jacob darker for a few episodes, but then quickly he forgives emma and then emma kills him. That makes paul and jacob both fairly meaningless, at least certainly there deaths, so why even go there. in fact, she could have left jacob and we could have been left to wonder if he escaped in case the writers needed an emma connection at a later date. I agree with jenna too that there was really no reason to kill off the fbi agent and if they were going to kill her off why make me waste 20 minutes f my life on her backstory.

    we had two new serial killer stories this year in the Following and Hannibal. Im far more vest in the latter.

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