Casey Moss Cast as JJ Deveraux on Days of Our Lives

Jack (Matt Ashford) and Jennifer's (Melissa Reeves) baby boy is headed home to Salem! Days of Our Lives has cast Casey Moss in the role of  JJ. Deveraux.

DAYS newcomer Jen Lilley posted a picture of the actor on Twitter and announced his first airdate is for this Friday. Now that J.J's coming to town, maybe he can talk his mama out of being so sprung on Daniel (Shawn Christian)?


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    SO not looking foward to this! He is just going to be yet another foil for Dannifer, and eventually either sacrificed at their altar, or made to “come around” to the “greatness” that is Dannifer.

    And, ummm, pretty heavy sorasing once again? What is wrong with keeping these children at least a LITTLE younger? He was born in 2004, they didn’t have to make him 18…

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    From what I hear, JJ will hate Daniel and cause problems for Dan and Jen. I guarantee though they will have him calling Daniel “DAD” by the end of Summer.

    Days is done, IMO. Chrishell Stause and Jen Lilley will be looking for new jobs in a few months as Tomlin and Whitesell continue to dismantle the show.

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    Was hoping that they would bring Jack Jr back (but I hope they don’t call him JJ still because it sounds too much like EJ). I wanted them to SORAS Joy Wesley (Chloe’s little sister) and put him with her.

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