Controversial Ex-Elmo Performer Kevin Clash Receives Daytime Emmy Nomination

The man accused of tickling a whole lot more than Elmo received a Daytime Emmy nomination today. Ex-Sesame Street puppeteer Kevin Clash is nominated for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series.

Clash, who has had multiple legal actions filed against him, alleging sexual relationships with teenage boys, will compete against Jeff Corwin, host of Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin; and fellow Sesame Street-ers Joey Mazzarino (Papa Bear, Murray Monster, Blogg and AM Carson Daly)
 and David Rudman (Cookie Monster and Two-Headed Monster).

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I wonder if you'd be so quick to say "Congrats" if Clash were accused of having sexual relationships with underage teenaged girls?

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He is innocent until proven guilty. Thst is the American way. Congrats!! I love me my Elmo.

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If a convicted child rapist like Roman Polanski can win an Oscar after the fact, then an accused-but-not-yet-convicted Clash can get a Daytime Emmy nomination.

It's about the work, not the character of the person behind the work.