Days of Our Lives Shut Out of Supporting Actor Daytime Emmy Category

Days of Our Lives may have earned some Daytime Emmy love in the Lead Actress and Supporting Actress categories, but not among the Lead Actor or Supporting Actor categories. General Hospital’s Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Scott Clifton (Liam) and The Young and the Restless’ Jeff Branson (ex-Ronan) and Billy Miller (Billy) all received nods.

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    Yeah, this isn’t a particularly strong showing. I’m over Miller’s mugging, not to mention being reduced to being that weak-ass Victoria’s bitch, and while I was in the minority that actually likes Jeff Branson as Ronan his limited stints in the last year or so didn’t warrant a nom.

    Biggest snub for me on the entire ballot was in this category–where the hell is Peter Porte? The guy was mesmerizing in an almost impossible role and played the hell out of it(until MAB made another of her many grievous errors and axed him). Sorry, but his work was better than all four of these combined. JMO.

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    Scott Clifton as SUPPORTING ACTOR on B&B? Isn’t he on every day? Good grief! What more can he do to be considered LEAD lol. Sew the costumes and design the sets? Write the scripts and empty the trash?

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    Weak category for sure, how about none of the above.

    Scotty Clifton-as can’t make up your damn mind, commence open mouth and drooling-Lame?? This is a joke right?

    Billy Miller-why for carrying Victoria’s purse? He did nothing else the last year….

    Ronan-for what sleeping with Syphyllis? His voice is commanding but other than that meh….

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    What Emmy-worthy scenes did Spinelli have last year? Or ever?

    I’m shocked to see Scott Clifton as supporting. I love him as an actor but his waffling back and forth between Hope and Steffy? Perhaps we’re the ones with foul taste for not enjoying this triangle?

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    Glad for Bradford Anderson. He is usually either over- or underrated. The thing that he has is a unique style. He has managed to make himself a quirky fixture on GH despite that some may think the odds were against him.

    If not Bradford, then Billy Miller for the win! I don’t think he did anything spectacularly good last year, but he has been giving a good performance of a rough around the edges billionaire for years. So in that respect I won’t mind if he wins.

    Jeff Branson? Please. What did he do last year, except hold Phyllis’ purse, and helped her dispose of a body! Was that the episode he submitted? LOL! Hardly Emmy material.

    Scott Clifton….Sigh. His best days in acting were as Dillon Quartermaine. Enough said.

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    I was actually liking Ronan there at the end especially when he was paired with Phyllis. Like Billy too.

    I’d be fine with either.

    Don’t know the guy in the glasses….and Liam….well…..

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    I’m extremely disappointed by the lack of General Hospital stars to be nominated and by the ones who were nominated. There is no way that KA or LM deserved a nomination in my opinion. And that there were no General Hospital leading ladies nominated is unbelievable!! I hope that JT, JMB and BA sweep the Emmys!!!

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    BA is overdue for an award and his geeky charm and attention to detail in what is a thankless role are often overlooked. I may not always care for what Spinelli does but that doesn’t lessen my admiration of the young man playing him. Billy Miller is the obvious choice but for once I’d like to see someone who doesn’t fit the “soap hunk” mode get a chance to shine. DZ and BrBa should have been in this category. JB? As Yoryla said “Please.” SC? Seems he’s been relegated to recycled material… 0:)

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    Billy Miller, hopefully I couldn’t stand Ronan and I truly hope not, when he won playing Shane on GL I hated him as Shane, overrated actor in IMHO.

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    hey mon

    My man Billy is so under-rated. He can really bring out the best in any actor or actress. His scenes with Jack are so good, one really gets ‘the feel’ that the two could be older brother-younger brother. His few and brief diatribes with Ashley were top-notch, as well.

    A little bit over-and-done with are his scenes with Victor Newman. Getting a little tired of the ‘Billy Boy’ dynamic he has with his father-in-law.

    Not crazy about him having a restaurant, either, seems a bit too much like when he owned Restless Style for me. I guess we are going to see ‘Billy the Gambler, Part 2′, soon.

    But he deserves a lifetime achievement Award for making Amelie Heinle as Victoria completely bearable. Who can forget how the Daytime World felt when it was announced that Heinle’s real-life husband, Thad Luckinbill, was leaving Y&R. Pairing her with Billy, in my humble opinion, saved her rendition of the character.

    So Go Billy Go!

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    I’d be good with him obviously. And he can definitely carry the scene whenever he’s on. I’ve said it before but he reminds me if Terry Lester!

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