General Hospital’s Jason Thompson Competes With Three Y&R Actors For Lead Actor Daytime Emmy

The Young and the Restless dominated the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category with three Daytime Emmy nominations for Peter Bergman (Jack), Doug Davidson (Paul) and Michael Muhney (Adam). General Hospital’s Jason Thompson (Patrick) earned his soap's only Lead Actor nod.  

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    [quote=pferrando]It really HAS to go to Doug. He had some blow out scenes.[/quote]

    Actually, he doesn’t HAVE to win. Jason was phenomenal in his scenes following Robin’s death.

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    If Jason Thompson or Doug don’t win, the Emmys are a sham, but then again that Bell kid didn’t win a few years ago smh

    Muhney finally got his nomination so he can’t stop bitching on twitter, YAY…*rme*

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    Yeah, I gotta say Davidson has long been the unsung hero of Y&R and he’s long overdue. But, in my mind, if I were choosing exemplary work day in and day out and not just a couple of strong episodes or a story arc I’d give it to Muhney(in spite of the fact that most of the time I can’t stand Adam).

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    I’m rooting for Doug Davidson! He’s always been a fine actor and even though I hated Paul killing Ricky I thought Doug Davidson’s acting was STELLAR!

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    I love Peter Bergman but Don Diamont got robbed here. $Bill and Stephanie’s death shined on BB this year even though Bell kept pushing that horrible Liam triangle down viewers’ throats. Don’t understand why some actors like Diamont, Case, and Melody Thomas-Scott constantly get overlooked for their work.

    Hope Doug or Jason win. Muhney just rubs me he wrong way.

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    TOTALLY and utterly rooting for Jason Thompson! He is probably the best male actor GH has right now. He was fantastic in the Robin dying storyline.

    If not him, then Doug Davidson. His scenes in the Ricky storyline were palpable and REAL. He is long overdue for the award anyway, after being the longest-serving male character and cast member.

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    I’m extremely disappointed by the lack of General Hospital stars to be nominated and by the ones who were nominated. There is no way that KA or LM deserved a nomination in my opinion. And that there were no General Hospital leading ladies nominated is unbelievable!! I hope that JT, JMB and BA sweep the Emmys!!!

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    Doug Davidson has this in the bag.

    THOUGH, I must throw in there…Jack’s addiction storyline was great material for Peter Bergman, and he acted the hell out of a lot of those scenes. The detox at the cabin included…

    Would that be included in this year? Or would that be for next year???

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    Is it calendar year? I’m not sure either…I noticed that Josh is nominated for writing, and he didn’t start until 10/12…

    I need to find this out!

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    Restless Fan

    stoney the detox scenes won’t be eligible til next year. They aired beginning of January. Peter did some great work.

    Josh and Jill would both be eligible which is why their names are on the list. Technically Jill produced the drama series eps. Maria wrote them but they were filmed after her termination.

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    JT had a such a powerhouse storyline with Robin “dying” and the subsequent grief stricken widower sequences that this time around I have to go with him for this category. DD and PB both turned in some really fine work but the rawness and the ragged delivery on display from the character of Patrick Drake was a constant gut punch over an extended period… 0:)

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    I’m for Jason T but have a strong feeling they will go with one of the Y &R guys. Peter B had the big pill addiction storyline. Micheal M., don’t feel it’s his time yet, and I just can’t get into Doug D. His voice annoys me. Sorry, just my opinion. Think Peter B will win again!

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    The fallout from Paul killing his son was great to watch Doug play. He had some fantastic scenes with Tricia Cast. To watch his numbness and guilt was some of the best Y and R moments under MAB.

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    hey mon

    This really belongs to Doug Davidson. His scenes with Ricky, all during Peter Porte’s stay at Y&R, were well-acted and believable. From Paul observing Ricky first expressing his non-love for Heather in the Fall 2011, to Paul ‘catching’ Ricky ‘helping’ Patty after she shot Jack Abbott, Doug D was great.

    He’s been nominated before, now is the time for him to win.

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    hey mon

    Besides Paul is 58 years of age, and we old guys need someone from our age group to cheer for. Yeah, we can cheer for Peter Bergman, but he’s already won, at least once that I know of. Michael Muhney, he can’t win, wouldn’t be fair, this is his first nomination. And I don’t know the General Hospital fellow.


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    Doug Davidson is so deserves the Emmy as KKL, he was outstanding in the story. MM even said he doesn’t deserve the award from last year on twitter and in article posted on SON. Now next year a good possibility with his work so far this year, and I know some don’t like his acting but I think he’s a fine actor regardless I might not like some of his vile storylines in the past.

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    As much as I love Jason T on GH, I’m almost sure it will be either Peter or Doug who will win. Since Peter has won before I think Doug should get it,(just for all the years he’s been on the show and this was a strong story-line) but who knows???

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    All of u YnR fans will be so surprised that I’m going for Jason T for the win. Patrick and Robin were an amazing team as husband and wife. Losing his wife because she went back into the lab to retrieve the antidote to save Jason Morgan (Gasp, Steve Burton) was a tribute to the character she played, a Dr., a wife, a mother and a best friend. However, more importantanly she was the wife of Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason T.) and momma to their daughter Emma. His performance while learning of his wifes death and then dealing with it was amazing! He was trying to mourn the loss of his wife (of five years) trying to be a single father, while realizing that AIDS could have taken her life through their long journey as a couple and turning to pain pills to cope with his loss. JT all the way! I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

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