Two Veteran Actresses, Over 70, to Compete For Outstanding Lead Actress Daytime Emmy Award!


All those focus group-wielding ageists, who have long tried to demand daytime soaps revolve around models under 40, can suck it! Two soap senior citizens have been nominated in the Outstanding Lead Actress category for this year's Daytime Emmy Awards.

Days of Our Lives' Peggy McKay (Caroline) and The Bold and the Beautiful's Susan Flannery (ex-Stephanie) will face off against The Young and the Restless' Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and B&B's Heather Tom (Katie). May the best lead female thesp win June 16, when the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards air live on HLN!


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    Congrats to all of these! I can’t believe Sharon Case didn’t get a nom for her delivering her take on Sharon’s decent into crazy (via MAB’s bad writing).

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    All great actresses and great performances. Again, categorizing is always suspect with the Daytime Emmys; I don’t know, just because your the lead in one particular storyline I don’t think justifies being in the Lead category but in the end I guess the voters only take two episodes into consideration instead of the last year’s worth of work. Either way, I’d be happy with McKay or Stafford but I’d personally be stunned if Flannery or Tom didn’t win(HT seems to rival Christian LeBlanc of late in getting Lead noms for what is, at best, a supporting role).

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    Susan Flannery should win it and deservedly so. I am completely shocked that Finola Hughes is not even on this list. That woman deserves another Emmy and can outshine any of the others on the list.

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    [quote=richalan67]Peggy McKay leading actress? Are these people are hardcore drugs or what?? She is one of the worst actresses on daytime.[/quote]

    Well for her age, she is great. She also comes from a different time, when that 1950’s acting style and Trans-Atlantic speech were popular.

    I personally don’t think she had enough material to be even nominated. She had a few isolated scenes, but her Alzheimers’s story arc should have been much longer. Ariane Zucker should have been the lead actress nominee!

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    I am SO rooting for Peggy McCay! I love her, and she deserves it, if for nothing else, then on her 30-year stint on the show. And she was great in Caroline’s memory loss storyline. And I love how the show has kept it going. Other characters are always asking her if she remembers something. I love that the show hasn’t just swept it under the rug (at least not yet).

    Having said that, I’m sure Susan Flannery has a big chance to get this one. And not undeservingly. If this is to be her last Emmy as Stephanie, than so be it!

    Love Heather Tom, and she is the few people who in my opinion can get it every time she wants. She is THAT good.

    Michelle Stafford? Umm, no thank you. Not this time. Even though she is a good actress, Phyllis was just flowing all over the place last year.

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    @angrierblackerman–yeah, I agree, I think PM is great and was terrific during the two-short Alzheimer’s story arc. And yes, while I think her chances would have been slimmer in the category, the great AZ should be in Lead.

    Also, sorry to see Melody Thomas Scott snubbed yet again. She got robbed last year when her best alter ego–Drunk Nikki–resurfaced and entertained the hell out of us Y&R viewers and she did some great work this past year as well.

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    I guess with so few soaps in competition , they now have only 4 nominees per category, acting wise – though some categories only have two or three nominees , in crew and production crafts… though there are 5 noms for best supporting actress its usually cause of a tie, I’ve read.

    it will be hard to beat Susan, being the sentimental favourite… but if anyone does it’ll be Heather. I guess one can’t count out Michelle but I didn’t really watch her much.

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    Am I right that Jane Elliot declines to be nominated? If not I’d be really shocked she wasn’t up for Lead or Supporting Actress.

    “General Hospital” is the only soap I watch, so I’m biased, but over the past year on a day-to-day basis no one portrayed grief as realistically as Finola Hughes. No matter what “Anna” was doing, the sadness was always in the background. Touching, subtle work that deserved Emmy recognition.

    I was hoping Kelly Sullivan would have been nominated, as well. Those scenes where she was recalling (and virtually reliving) her rape were so astonishingly raw, compelling and, overall, the bravest acting I think I’ve ever seen. As a man, I think I really understood what it was like; for the character and for women in general. I was really hoping she’d get a nomination at least.

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    Actually #17 I think Nancy Lee Grahn deserves an Emmy for everything she does. The only reason I didn’t mention her “non-nomination” as another Emmy oversight is because I don’t really think people should compete the year after they won. I feel the same way about people who have four or five Daytime Emmys already, really how exciting will it be to see Susan Flannery to win, yet again?

    She’s not even in the industry anymore. If she had never won-then an Emmy would be a nice career capper for her, but at this point how much can they actually mean to her. I’d really like to see Peggy McKay win, after being treated so abysmally (along with so many, many others) during James E. Reilly’s last writing reign of terror, a victory by her would be a cool symbol of the value of veteran actors-especially the ones working for Ken Corday!

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    This has to go to SF so im not totally bent about the nominees because it wouldnt change the outcome but i cant believe that neither kelly monaco nor kelly sullivan were nominated. I call total bs on that. I thought they both had banner years.

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    I’m thrilled Kelly Sullivan wasn’t nominated. She is so out of her league in the soap genre it’s not even funny. Her acting is hideous and painful to watch, and I hope she goes back to wherever she came from soon. I’ve had enough of ConKate and Sullivan dragging Benard down. He has given his all to GH for years, and deserves much better than stupid storylines that make Sonny look idiotic, and having to act opposite a wannabe who had to be told that you don’t actually slap your co-star when the scene calls for it. :~

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    I so agree with you mon. Michelle Stafford deserves it and so does Peter Bergman.
    I’m not at all surprised that Tracey B and Sharon C didn’t make it. “Lauren” was being the usual bitchy self and “Sharon N.” was being her flaky, crazy self. I didn’t realize she was acting, I knew they could do some ad libbing and assumed she was.

    Go Phack!

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    Maura West & Michael Park won in the same year I think it was in either ’08 or ’09 as Carly & Jack so it’s very possible.

    I love Phack :love:

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    I’m sure most likely it will be Susan F. who wins, if not Heather Thom, but she always does the best acting on the show and has won before so I think they will go with Susan.

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