Corbin Bernsen Reveals Y&R’s Jeanne Cooper Back in Critical Condition


The Young and the Restless matriarch Jeanne Cooper (Kay) is once again fighting for her life, according to son Corbin Bernsen. In his latest Facebook update on his mother's condition, Bernsen revealed just how close he came to losing her, only for Cooper to bounce back, astounding doctors.

The legendary actress is now back in critical condition, however. See Bernsen's update in its entirety below.



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    Time for me to continue the prayers and the positive thoughts. I feel for everyone who is going through this.
    I went through a time where an Aunt of mine spent a month in the hospital. Thank God she was able to leave and survive and (*knocks on wood*) goes on today to harass us all but the hospital crisis experience–waiting to know if someone will survive–it takes a toll. And I imagine it to be that much more agonizing when it’s a parent.

    Again, my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family for a positive outcome for her health.

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    Fight Jeannie..I have been with you since 1973 when you first came on the show..Have seen all your movies and your appearances on all the TV shows..Life for me would not be the same without you..Love you so much.

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