Ejami Tries to Figure Out Why Nick Has So Much Cash on Days of Our Lives

EJ (James Scott) questioned Sami (Alison Sweeney) about the $30,000, which had fallen out of her purse. She admitted she stole it on impulse. They both wanted to know what Nick (Blake Berris) was doing with that kind of money. Isn’t it refreshing for Sami to be able to admit her bad behavior to a man and not be judged?

Kate (Lauren Koslow) went to purchase a gun. The dealer told her it fit in her purse and would give her maximum protection. Why does Kate need a gun?

Eric (Greg Vaughan) met with Abe (James Reynolds), who asked  how Vargas (Sean Douglas) was doing.  Meanwhile, the ex-con was putting pressure on Nick to deliver the money.

Vargas was interrupted by Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) arrival. She revealed she and Eric had worked things out. Vargas said they should give each other a wide berth.  Nicole had other plans; she wanted to talk about the phone call she’d overheard.

Eric returned to the church and found Nicole and Vargas in a tense moment. Wonder how long she’ll let Vargas get away with his sneaky behavior?

Rafe (Galen Gering) quizzed Nick about Gabi (Camilla Banus) . Nick let it slip he was doing everything he could to keep the cop's sister safe.

Kate called Sami, after learning of Nick's suspect behavior. She later went to Sami's office, where Kate presented her rival with the gun. 

Abby (Kate Mansi) did a bit more Daniel (Shawn Christian) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) pimping — just in case viewers hadn’t been clobbered over the head enough with Dannifer.

Cameron (Nathan Owens) scrambled to figure out how he was going to pay for his date with Abby. He had no cash and his credit cards were maxed out..

Daniel got wind of Cameron's money problem from Maxine (Aloma Wright). He quickly changed his plans, so the younger doctor and Abby could go on the date he'd planned for Jennifer.

 EJ gave Rafe a hard time about stripping for charity. Rafe shot back that no one had cheered for him as loudly as Sami had. Nick discovered his money was missing.


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I got to say DOOL has been enjoyable to watch lately. I love little Ciara, she got the detective gene pool btw Hope & Bo, she literally the next Nancy Drew. Sami showing that gun, who will end up dead? Nick is frantic right now and desperate right now. Loving Kate & Sami scenes did Kate take out her colored streak and give to Sami?

I love this thing between hate\love\hotness btw Vargas & Nicole, those two have excellent chemistry. I'm so ready for Eric to bed Nicole Wink

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Am I wrong but aren't Hope and John still MARRIED?

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Days has been a gazillion times better lately for only the sheer fact that Dannifer ended.

However, this Will/Nick/Sami/Gabi storyline is getting a little tedious. They really should have been able to deal with Nick already. These people all have been around the block. I've kept hoping for someone to mention all this to Kristen. I have a feeling she would have had Nick wrapped up with a nice little bow months ago. Don't drop the ball on this, Days.