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Ellie confronts Maxie about the miscarriage. Ellie confesses to tricking Spin into helping her hack into Maxie’s records.  At first, Maxie claims she never had a miscarriage, and is currently pregnant with Lulu and Dante's baby. Ellie doesn't believe her, and knows Maxie had a miscarriage. Ellie believes Britt implanted her with one of the 2 extra frozen embryos, and decides to head to the lab to check.

Maxie stops her, and admits she miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby.  Ellie realizes Maxie’s carrying Spinelli’s baby.  Maxie tells her neither Lante nor Spin know the truth. Ellie feels Spin needs to know immediately, and she must be the one to tell him.

Milo breaks off the kiss with Lulu, and tells her they can’t do this because she’s a married woman. He points out Dante is his friend, as well as Sonny’s son.  Lulu doesn’t remember her past, and is focused on the present. She likes that Milo has no expectations of her.  She admits the kiss made her feel less lonely, but Milo insists it can’t happen again.  Lulu’s upset she’s being forced to have someone else’s feelings, instead of her own. However, Milo doesn’t want Dante to show up and find them kissing.  
Liz breaks off the kiss with Nikolas, and informs him she can’t do this again.  Nik feels there is nothing standing in their way, but Liz mentions Lucky. She doesn’t want to disturb the peace they currently have.  Nik points out Lucky isn’t here, and there was feeling in their kiss.  Nik believes they shouldn’t feel regret, but he wants to take her places. He left because of Lucky, and wants to get back everything they had.  Liz knows they were wrong before, and can’t do this.  Nikolas wonders if it’s about Lucky or AJ. 
Liz thinks she overreacted to AJ, and feels she needs to work things out with him. Nik thinks AJ is manipulating her, and she shouldn’t go.  He lists all of AJ’s sins, and claims AJ hasn’t changed. He declares she’s better off without him.  Liz mentions AJ was there for her when Steven was sent to prison, and she owes him.  Nik feels he survived the shooting because of his love for Liz, and they’re meant to have a life together.  Liz insists on leaving. 
Carly and AJ head up to his room and proceed to have sex.  Once they’re done, they are both shocked by what they’ve done. Carly swears it won’t happen again.  AJ just wanted to forget he messed things up with Liz.   Both swear it won’t happen again, and are caught off guard when Monica knocks on the door.  
Monica tells AJ she heard something break, and wanted to make sure he was all right. She thinks he’s having a panic attack, but then realizes he’s not alone.  Monica assumes Liz is in AJ’s bed. She gets really happy, because she feels AJ deserves to be happy. Carly overhears Monica’s disgust at some of the women that have been with AJ. Once Monica leaves, Carly’s ready to go.  AJ warns her no one can know they’ve been together, especially his mother.  
Spinelli shows up at Betsy Frank’s door.  Betsy’s not thrilled to talk about her precious Franco, and what he suffered at Jason’s hands.  Spin tells her he’s looking for Franco’s daughter. At first, Betsy denies there is a daughter. However, when Spin mentions Heather confirmed it, Betsy admits Lauren is out there, but being protected by her mother.
Spin explains AJ wants Lauren to have her part of the inheritance. He thinks once she’s away from her mother, she may feel the need to get to know her grandmother.  Spin asks where Lauren is located.   Betsy only has an old address, but gives it to him anyway. After Spin leaves, Betsy calls out to a mystery person and says "You can come out now".

Dante knocks on Milo’s door.  Lulu’s angry he hasn’t left her alone.  Milo apologizes, and Dante realizes Lulu has actually been with Milo the entire time. Dante loses his cool and punches Milo.  Lulu angrily accuses Dante of assault, and threatens to call the police. Dante claims Milo is in the wrong, but Lulu says Milo’s only crime has been to be nice and helpful to her. She thinks Dante owes Milo an apology.  
Dante apologizes, and then asks Lulu to come home. He knows she needs to heal from her trauma.  He promises he won’t pressure her. He just misses her a lot. Lulu can’t go back yet, and admits she feels more comfortable with Milo.  Dante decides to stay with Milo as well.
Monica is shocked when her doorbell rings, and she finds Liz standing there.    

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    Dante honey, I love you, but back off just a wee bit.

    Lulu honey, I don’t care if you don’t remember you’re married, kissing another man while you are is not kosher.

    I laughed so hard when the Q doorbell rang and even harder at the look on Monica’s face when she saw Liz standing there.

    I hated Niz the first time around. I found them oddly endearing and cute during the hospital scenes, but now, I hate them again. Back off Nik.

    Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, WTH? Also, if we’re too assume that Betsy was talking to Lauren after Spin left, then that means Lauren can’t be Ellie. Which is rather disapointing for me.

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    Lucy D.

    So does that mean KA is Lauren? My hope at the end of all this is that Franco was NOT a Quartermaine. I’d prefer to forget Franco ever darkened our TV screens.Unless it was Lauren’s mom hiding back there

    I think Ellie has gone over the top–and Maxie should have her fired. And what she did is actually against the law, so Maxie could have her sent to jail. She started off with a lot of promise, and her need to protect the baby doesn’t even make sense.

    Still liked Nicholas and Elizabeth –and found Carly and AJ pretty amusing, though I like Elizabeth and AJ too. Nicholas mentioned he sent for Spenser. Is he going to be significantly older? Old enough for KA?

    Lulu is so wrong in so many ways. If you were Dante would you leave her there with Milo? She’s not even trying. Which is fine–I used to love Lulu and Dante, but I think he’d be great with Maxie too.

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    Dante is being Sonny Jr., too intense. And Sonny even warned him against being that way!

    At least Milo was a bit less swishy in this episode. Yesterday was a different story.

    I bet that is Luke with Betsy Frank.

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    TV Gord

    I’ll be watching today to see whether Lulu excuses herself to the bathroom after that steamy kiss with Milo. If she does, I think we’ll all know what she’s doing in there. ;-)

    Kidding aside, I’m glad to see Milo getting involved in an actual storyline. He has more than proven himself to be a member of this impressive cast (and this is coming from someone who doesn’t care how impressive his dorsal fin was at the Nurse’s Ball).

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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Niz! So much so I wish Lucky (the character) were owned by Prospect Park too so he could never be mentioned on this show ever again. He is the ultimate cock blocker for Liz, and frankly, I’m sick of it. Why should his feelings matter at all when he left her high and dry – and during the holidays, I might add – to raise their two kids by herself? I mean, he can’t even be bothered to talk about them (according to Nikolas). He’s a deadbeat dad and it’s about time he be treated as such.

    I know he’s only been gone a year and a half but I despise this character with a passion! Mostly because my fav’s constantly sacrificing her happiness for him. And if I didn’t love her so much, I’d probably hate her for this. Whether she’s battling her feelings for Jason or Nikolas, Lucky’s “needs” always come before her own, and while I get why, I just think, enough’s enough. She is too grown to STILL be going through this.

    Nikolas and Elizabeth, as a couple, have the chemistry, history (however sordid), and right storyline at this moment to go forward. And I hope they do. Without anymore interruptions from Lucky, the worst character on GH since 2000.

    Ok, I might be exaggerating, but you know what I mean.

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    “I miss you so much. I feel so empty it literally hurts my chest. Elizabeth, I dream about waking up next to you, don’t you understand.”

    Nikolas and Liz’s scenes were the best. He doesn’t want to sneak around anymore. He wants to be able to take her to dinner, out to a party, out for a walk. He wants to wake up next to her. Oh my oh my!! I had to watch those scenes at least 30x. The way he touches her face. The way he grabbed her thigh when she was about to walk away. The way he grabbed her arm when she was leaving then she HAD to touch him before she left. This fangirl head burst.

    I hate that Liz had to mention Lucky. He has no contact with anyone and he shouldn’t matter. Let that cock blocker keep chasing the pot of gold he’s looking for in Ireland. But I totally understand Liz being hesitant. The aftermath of that was not good. Every hypocrite in PC was calling Liz names. She’s in a good place and AJ has been by her side during some rough times. Also Liz likes to save guys. Ric, Lucky and now AJ. Still, love the angst. Whoever wrote Nik’s dialogue needs free cookies for life!

    AJ/Carly, yuck. After the woman tortured him for years he has sex with her. And Monica. What the heck was that. Never saw a mother that happy her son was having sex. But her face after she saw Liz at the door was priceless.

    Love Lulu. She is being a little too rude. Milo is cute but Sonny Jr needs to back down. He is too pushy. I like Lulu and Milo though. Heck I love this Lulu. FIRE ELLIE!! She doesn’t deserve to work at GH. What she did is a federal crime. She’s not suppose to access patient’s records even if she works there. I can’t stand her now.

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    i thought that Liz and Nikolas’ scenes were amazing and show that they still have it going on in the chemistry department. the one thing that bothered me though was why Maxie did not go along with the “using the second embryo” story. she could have told Ellie that it was true and Ellie would not have gone to the lab to check (than Maxie could have called Britt to take care of one of the embryos corroborating the story) so i wonder if this means that Maxie was wanting the truth to come out because this was not the Maxie i know that doesn’t go down without a fight. lastly, i think that this character that Maura West is coming in to play (something Jerome) is going to be Lauren’s mother.

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    Ughhh why did a perfect episode have to be ruined with the mention of Lucky, let him go Liz because he let you go to sit in a cemetery. There is no coming back from this as a one time L&L fan…I will never accept him back into her life so please can she just have a scene where she talks to a picture of him and tells him what a dickhead he was and then she can move on

    I too think that Mrs. Frank was talking to Luke it would make sense as Tracy keep saying she sent him out to check

    I must admit I love watching Carly’s blood boil when Monica was waxing on about Liz and all those other skanks that AJ usually hooked up with…So much fun (and mind you I love Carly, I just like seeing her get hers sometimes)

    I must confess that I was not in Dante’s corner the first few days but I don’t blame him for being pissed at Lulu and definitely ok with him punching Milo. How was he supposed to act like it was ok for Milo to lie to him, maybe if Milo had told him initially and told Dante that she just needed space it would have made Dante calmer.

    I also agree with Dante how is she supposed to remember things if she is at a place that holds no memories at all.

    I do find it funny that while Lulu does not remember being married to Dante she thought she was married to Stavros yet even with that memory she is still kissing and lusting after another man…Wow you may finally be Carly’s niece.

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    I liked the whole AJ/Carly scenes. Laura W. seems to have chemistry with everyone and I just love that both AJ and Carly hate each other but still have that “heat” between them. Loved the look on Monica’s face when she saw Liz at the door. I love that Cartini is including Monica more and more in the story-lines. Watching the flashbacks of Liz and Nik, they were really hot together! So curious to see what will happen between them. I think Ron C. is reading the fans comments because Liz is suddenly getting more and more of a story-line.
    I think KA may be Franco’s daughter and Maura West will be her Mom, (and will Roger H. be her husband?) This way Roger and KA will still have a relationship together, like Todd and Starr. I hated the whole Franco character, he was just TOOO WEIRD!!

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    Stories are going down hill fast for me.

    Lulu’s lost-memory story has to end ASAP. I’m FFing 90% of that now. It might have worked if JMB were still playing the part, but with Emme in the role, it’s just not interesting. And I wanted so badly to like ER in this role. Neanderthal Dante isn’t working either. I wouldn’t leave with him after he slugged Milo.

    Liz & Nicholas are still as gag-worthy as the first time around. Nic was like a bully yesterday when Liz said “no.” I was happy TC was sticking around at first, but not if it’s to play a stalker story.

    Ellie needs to go. She is officially as annoying as Spinelli and should be fired…from the hospital and the show. Britch should have reported her as soon as she caught her in restricted hospital records. And if Maxie doesn’t report her to the hospital, then she is not in character anymore. I couldn’t believe Maxie spilled so quickly.

    I did get a laugh out of the whole Carly/AJ/Monica scene, but if Carly turns up preggers, I’m going to be furious. I liked AJ with Liz better and hope they’re the end-game.

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    If I was LIz I do not think I would have been able to say no to Nic… Bring on the Niz for me. It was all so sweet..

    The Monica part sort of icked me out.. Maybe it’s time for AJ to move. I hate to defend Carly- but AJ and Carly tortured each other over the years. He is not totally innocent in everything that happen.. I still love watching them though just becuse of them. It is also maybe because the conflict between them was the catalyst for the slow change of the show.. So to revisit that brings me in. It would be interesting that after all these years and all that happen they end up together..

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    Milo is hot and sweet as a peach and he needs to be my boyfriend stat :)

    Dante is acting a little crazy, but at the same time Lulu should not be kissing another man when she knows that even though she doesn’t remember, she is married. She needs to figure that out first before she decides to bed hop. Both need to come to an agreement. That being said, I am really loving Emme Rylan as Lulu. J’adore.

    Carly and AJ are hot, Elizabeth and AJ are hot, Nikolas and Elizabeth are hot, AJ and Nikolas are hot…oops, I mean…a gay man can dream eh? Seriously it’s a hot quadrangle and I am looking forward to more of the story. Loved Monica’s face when she saw Liz. Priceless.

    I don’t have a problem with Ellie, not one bit. She was concerned after something she heard and looked into it cause she was able to do that. I am sure a lot of people would have done the same thing. And it was refreshing to see that instead of trying to lie and deceive like Maxie does best, she confessed to Ellie. Love Ellie.

    I don’t know if Ellie is Lauren Frank or not. If she is, why would she lie or does she not know she is Lauren Frank…

    Couple things that bother me about Cartini is that sometimes they don’t tie up loose ends with some things and just keep going like we are going to forget. For instance, although I like Ellie, what she did by looking at someone’s personal medical records is a fire-able offense. Also, what was the point of Ellie not being able to walk for a few weeks whenever she gained complete walking ability a few weeks later (even dancing at the nurses ball) ALSO, what was the point of hiring a private investigator to find out Britt tampered with Sabrina’s test? Nothing happened to her. She should have been fired. Did they just want a scene with Britt and Epiphany squaring off? Stuff like that bothers me

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    If Maxie were to report Ellie, she would have to explain why. She doesn’t want that secret coming out, so she isn’t reporting Ellie.

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    If Vimal and Rama of NuLTL hadn’t already been confirmed as the blind item soap couple that is due to have an open marriage, I’d be eyeing Dante/NuLu/Milo to become a throuple. Perhaps with Dante/Milo even going eventually Bi. ( poor Felix!)
    But then again I liked the idea of LuLu/Maxie as sister-wives to Dante after Ellie thought Spixie was angling for that with her.
    Gotta keep it fresh!

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    [quote; szima] but if Carly turns up preggers, I’m going to be furious[/quote]

    Me too, because Carly has had fertility issues and had trouble conceiving both Morgan and Josslyn, when she was younger than she currently is. So if she turns up pregnant with AJ’s baby, after one time, with her reproductive past, I will call bull on that.

    What I do find fascinating about CarAJ is that they didn’t simply give in to their carnal lust and do it right there on the living room floor, which is what I was expecting. They took the time to go up the giant flight of stairs to AJ’s room, which had to have taken a minute or so, which means their lust would have cooled off a little. So if either party wants to play the “in the moment” card, I will cry foul on that too. They knew what they were doing and should now own it.

    [quote] Britch should have reported her as soon as she caught her in restricted hospital records[/quote]

    But Britt doesn’t have a leg to stand on, considering she went into test records and changed things in order to set up Sabrina.

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    I don’t believe that Lauren Frank knows she is Lauren Frank. It would make sense since Lauren’s mom wants nothing to do with the Franco clan. I too believe that Maura West will be Lauren’s mother. But I am keeping my fingers cross that it will not be Kristen Alderson. I like Kristen but I can not see her as Franco’s daughter. Her as Serena Baldwin would jive better because it is not such a far stretch from Starr Manning. all they would have to do is give her a new shorter darkish blonde cut.

    I think Lauren should be Ellie. With the reveal of the baby the only thing that will keep Ellie quiet is this new revelation. When her mother pops up Ellie would be too busy worrying about her life than Spinelle and Maxi’s.

    Yesterday all three shows were great. I am hoping that AMC can find its groove. I am already getting bored with it. I think they have great potential but we need some soapy sexy drama. I want Miranda to be more like Erica Kane.

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    I know this is going to sound out of left field for me given my dislike for the character of liz for years – basically all the years post luckys faux death up to about a month ago – but I was practically yelling at my screen when liz was going on and on about stupid lucky. WHen GV was playing the role, lucky was a screw up BUT he was a dedicated dad. When JJ came back – and i dont know if this was playing to who they thought the actor was and his strength or a desire to make lucky more “luke like” because of the TG/JJ working relationship – but they took lucky in a totally different direction. when the wrote niz last time I HATED that story line – because despite the chemistry the characters were written horribly. I hated that they had liz lying and leaving her kid in the damn hospital to go have a tryst. Nik was no better because again it was not written that their feelings were so overwhelming but rather that they both were unhappy and this was a panacea – nik using liz to replace emily, liz wanting something more than what she had with lucky but not necessarily nik. That was THEN, and this is now. I cared about luckys feelings then but I sure as hell dont know. Yeah lucky was hurt and betrayed but not by his kids. When JJ left I thought they should have given laura a medical crisis or called gv and begged forgiveness because the minute lucky just left he became the douchebag that doesnt want to parent his children, leaving liz to deal with everything. THAT guy deserves no consideration what so ever.

    Oh and um, they have a “peace”? Then why hasnt he come home to be a proper father to the boys? If he has no intention of ever coming home what does not speaking to one another look like compared to having peace look like – because I would think they look the same. Meanwhile the Quiz pairing once again seems like exactly what it is, a crappy substitute. I cant have jason because he chose sam and then died, I cant have lucky because he chose siobhan and she died then he fled life, and i cant have nik because then people would be reminded that of my bad behavior during my lucky engagement, so Ill settle for jason lite. Her feelings for nik are the real deal, her feelings for aj are a mere substitute. I wish liz would just own her shit like carly or sam. I wanted to shake her and say who cares what anyone thinks in this small town, so you were a ho? That makes you just like everyone else. Where your ho-ness on your sleeve and let nik take you out proudly. If someone calls you out, say yep and hes going to flic my bic tonight too thank you lol. Nik and liz are the first liz pairing ive been excited about since young liz and i just need her to just forget everything else. Its time that they broke liz out of this mold where she has this unending need to be admired and liked but everyone. Get over it liz and dont let this guy get away. She needs to run in to sam at kellys so sam can tell her exactly that ;)

    And did it seem like aj was about to talk about how incredibly hot he found the sex with carly right before she started saying GROSS lol. i hope that we have a scene with her telling sam or olivia that while she still hate hate hates aj, she cant stop thinking about the sex. enough sex and that eventually turns in to a softening and then in to a relationship. Those two are fire. I think if carly hadnt been so negative aj would have been up for round two lol.

    I just cant seem to warm up to nuLuLu. I cant help but imagining JMB in those scenes. Lulu seems way to young now. Im not loving dantes reaction but I give him a pass because this has to be incredibly difficult and hes getting little to no real advice or support.

    Maxie is wrong – dead wrong – in what shes doing no matter how noble the intent. Ellie is wrong too – not as wrong as maxie but still wrong. Ellie said she was worried about the baby, so once maxie said the baby was fine why did she keep going with it? So what if maxie had britt reimplant her? Would lante love the baby any less? If maxie hid the loss from them would that be so so so horrible and so necessary to reveal at this point? So Ellie continuing to question and dig and wanting to go to the lab was so over the top for me. I was surprised that maxie owned up to all of it. Now that she has, its on ellie. I get why maxie is doing what she is doing – she doesnt want to break her best friends heart, shes trying to atone for her role in robins death, and spinelli doesnt want a future with her which the baby would tie him to forever. I hate what she is doing but I will eventually forgive and forget with the character because of her motivations. If ellie does not tell spinelli, i am going to have a hard time liking this character going forward. She isnt clouded emotionally by the things maxie finds herself torn over. Her only loyalty now should be to spinelli and she knows spin wants a child.

    I have to say this was a great episode – cartini is finally giving us couples to root for.

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]WHen GV was playing the role, lucky was a screw up BUT he was a dedicated dad. When JJ came back – and i dont know if this was playing to who they thought the actor was and his strength or a desire to make lucky more “luke like” because of the TG/JJ working relationship – but they took lucky in a totally different direction. [/quote]

    Wow, were they ever different. I’ve been watching the GH repeats overnight on SoapNet and right now, they’re in 2009 and Greg Vaughan’s final few weeks. GV and JJ are like night and day. GV so much more “manly” (for lack of a better word — no disrespect meant to JJ) and JJ being written as so much more introspective and, as you put it, “Luke-like.”

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    Ugh. I really wish Liz would stop thinking about Lucky’s feeling. He’s a deadbeat father and snot nosed crybaby. All Liz talked about six years ago was Lucky’s effing feelings if he found out that she was pregnant with Jason’s baby.

    Nik still being in love with Liz is not true. He moved on with Brooklyn in 2010 and left town in 2011 still grieving Emily’s death and losing Aiden as his son. I hated Guza writing in Becky’s last pregnancy because it kept the character firmly tied to Lucky’s lame ass.

    AJ/Carly scenes were hilarious until they entered his bedroom, and then it became really, really, gross.

    Monica looked flabbergasted at seeing Liz at the front door.

    GH really needs more hot and sexy men!

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    I loved this episode … the Carly and AJ scenes just made me laugh out loud. Carly being forced to listen to Monica talk about how wonderful Liz is … hahahah!!!

    Monica’s look at the door when she saw Liz was awesome … her head is gonna explode when she realized AJ was with Carly!!! I can’t wait for that scene.

    Hate Dante … never cared for him. People have been calling AJ a caveman??? Puh-lease … “Caveman Dante here to take my woman back now! Me beat up kind innocent looking hot man.”

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    Daniel St. John

    Liz and Nikolas do nothing for me and I was put off by how overbearing Nikolas was in those scenes. Honestly I haven’t liked the character of Nikolas for years (Tyler Cristopher was awesome in the early days but then he developed that awful overly nonchalant acting style that Maurice Benard and Steve Burton have been doing for years and it irked me) plus the only relationship of the characters that worked for me was with Gia (which TC wasn’t even around for). Nik/Emily was a vile coupling, Nik/Courtney was just dreadful and Nik/Liz is just off-putting to me.

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