Victor Warns Todd to Never Go Near “His” Family Again on One Life to Live!

Viki (Erika Slezak) woke Todd (Roger Howarth) up in the hospital waiting room to let her brother know Dani (Kelley Missal) had come to. She insisted Todd be prepared to tread softly with Dani. Todd tried to change the topic, by congratulating her on sticking it to Dorian (Robin Strasser).

Viki attempted to stop Todd from bursting in on Victor and Dani’s reunion. She told him to think of someone beside himself.  It didn’t work. Todd stormed in demanding to see his daughter.

After Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Victor (Trevor St. John) left, Todd asked Dani why she was taking drugs. Dani promptly blamed Todd for everything. She threw what he did to Tea in Port Charles back in his face, along with a slew of other things.

Victor and Viki shared a moment, where she told him how glad she was he was back from the dead. Dani started getting upset with Todd, at which point Tea and Victor returned. They threw Todd out of the hospital room, withVictor warning Todd to never go near "his" family again.

I’m still not getting why Victor's miraculous return is barely eliciting reactions from anyone in Llanview other than Tea and Dani.  Maybe the little David Vickers dog can return and have an appropriately shocked reaction?

Dorian was having an emotional meltdown, brought on by her political scandal. She asked David (Tuc Watkins) and Blair (Kassie DePaiva) for their help, but quickly decided she knew what she had to do.

Nora (Hillary B. Smith) told Matthew (Robert Gorrie) no matter where he lived, he’d always be her baby. I found it odd that Nora was apologizing, when Matthew was the one who'd brought drugs into his parents' home.

Tea told Matthew she loved him, but if she ever finds out Dani is doing drugs again, and he doesn't tell her, she will make him regret it. Right, because it's Matthew's job to be her daughter's sober coach. Tea and the two Todds are going to have to take some responsibility about what's going on with their kid.

Viki offered Dorian the chance to let The Banner break news of her resignation from the senate. Of course, Dorian told Viki where to shove her exclusive.

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    I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. I could go without “The Shits” in every scene Lbs! I do wish they had played the Tea/Victor reunion a little better. Paced it more like AMC did with Jesse and Angie. They played it to fast but I now why…at least I think I do Lol! Im thinking they want to get us a little faster by pacing it faster. But that’s what I love about soaps, take time and tell the story. Don’t have to be super slow(Passions)! LOL!! Oh, and I’m so glad they kept Sam!!

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    Luke, Tea told Matthew if she ever finds out Dani is doing drugs and he knows and doesnt tell her then he would be in trouble. The point was Matthew not keeping it a secret from Tea like he did before, if he was aware.

    The actual Victor reveal was good but the reactions are just poor writing.

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    They rushed the Victor return because they only have Roger Howarth for a few weeks. They need time to set up his leaving and they want lots of Todd/Victor conflict, but will Todd leave on his own or will Vic Jr. get rid of him (perhaps the same way Todd tried to get rid of Vic Jr.).

    I too could do without the gratuitous cussing. It comes across as a little child that has learned dirty words that Mommy and Daddy don’t want him to say so he says them as often as he can to get a reaction from his parents. Cussing just because you can doesn’t make this more realistic.

    And I was glad to see Viki finally tell someone to watch the way they speak to her. She should have smacked Todd down yesterday when he said bullshit to her. Viki is too much of a lady to tolerate language like that. And if I talked to a potential employer the way Jeffrey King talks to her I’d be shown the door so fast it would make your head spin.

    I’m all for the show being realistic but but it also has to be believable.

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    TMAC, I love how Viki and Dorian take the curse words in stride, I mean Viki more than Dorian who just curses in Francais. Initially, the swearing didn’t sound contrived, but on a daily basis, it is.

    The BJ in the VIP room doesn’t bother me like some people…this is the show that Robin Strasser improvised said technique on Tuc Watkins during Dorian seduction of buddhist David…this is very passive content and those who are threatened by it or need to make constant mention of it, obviosuly need to go have a BJ session of their own.

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    I am not bothered by the cursing when done correctly. I think the issue is that people don’t realize just how much people curse. I think what is jarring is that in spite of how much people curse in real life, you don’t see it on television shows.

    Either way, I don’t mind.

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    Looking for an earring, only if she was Kim Kardashian.

    The BJ scene I feel emphasizes the underbelly Dani has been exposed to by abusing pain killers and booze. It’s sad.

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    When you come back from the dead in a soap universe is money not an issue? Victor was only around for a few days in soap time between when his identity was revealed and when he was kidnapped. Certainly he has neither a credit card, id nor a debit card – how does he get around town?

    (I know it’s only a soap but it would be interesting to have one back-from-the-dead story in history that covered these issues)

    Does Victor know that Tea was pregnant? And why isn’t Blair aligned with Todd against Victor?

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    Is anyone else not bothered with the fact that they have kept all the things that RC write on GH for these characters, yet they are slapping ABC with a lawsuit for three things that would have needed their approval?! Talk about a double standard! If they think what RC has written is so wrong, and that he has made such poor choices, then why are they using other stories scripted by him? It’s as if they want to have their cake and eat it too. To me, this all only proves even further that they have no real and valid claims for a lawsuit, and are doing it ONLY for the sake of gaining publicity and throwing a childish temper-tantrum.

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    I have no problem with it because if they had tea’s kid alive or Todd didn’t do all his evil deeds or the fact that Tomas was Tomas and not possibly alcazar we would be not only confused but mad that it was all fantasy on one show and not even reality on another.

    Look at it this way, abc is being paid for the rights to a show and its characters. Abc during that contract hires away 3 of the major actors to 3 yr contracts and even kills off two of the characters in the process and writes another into a corner, what would you do?

    PP had to keep the stories because they can’t keep howarth or get michael or Kristin. Sure it’s up to the actors but if abc hasn’t signed them away they may have reupped with nuOLTL (which they did initially before financing fell through)

    It could be looked at like this: you own a company. You sell it to me. But right before I get the company you hire away all the employees and change the product for which I am buying the company. What’s he company worth now?!

    We need to stop worrying abt ABC since they are the ones who cancelled the shows to begin with and PP tried to keep them going.

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    Dorian’s sotry is entertaining. I for one am enjoying everything on the show. Its OLTL and seeing everyone is a joy. too be honest I can not find one bad thing about the way the show is going. Now if you want to talk about AMC I have a lot of problems with it.

  11. Profile photo of bren

    i’m loving the new OLTL!

    the bj scene was hilarious. doesnt bother me. gave me tons to talk about at work today. i was shocked because it was hilarious and i was NOT expecting it.

    dani overdosing makes sense. this poor girl. she’s been through the ringer with these parents. star should be the crazy one but instead is always perfect and sweet. i thought when GH killed her baby and her man she was gonna become an interesting bad girl but her sweet innocence won me over. glad dani gets to be a wild child.

    i’m so happy they kept sam. that kid is so darn cute. and now he gets to be reunited with his bio daddy victor.

    the dorian storyline while silly is fun for me. i love watching any excuse for dorian and david to ham it up on screen and be dramatic and this is just that. and it is the start of a new feud with dorian and vicki which of course is the show’s bread and butter.

    natalie needs a storyline…. but damn she is looking sexy!

    cutter is hot. please have him walk around as near naked as the new internet freedom will allow. everyday.

    i love blair and todd. i just do. i love todd and carly (GH) too. i am so torn. and i’m sad because todd is leaving and when he comes back to GH he isn’t allowed to be todd anymore. this sucks for the fans.

    victor! the writers deserve a medal for keeping this secret under wraps. so much info leaked about the show before it even aired and this was the best reveal. i don’t care if it was rushed i loved it. victor and tea are so hot. tea is the most amazing actress. she was brilliant on OTL before it went off the air and even had a big storyline on GH losing the baby and i’m so happy she’s back and we’re seeing her deal with all of it finally. she is the most amazing actress.

    i don’t give two flying leaps about the cussing or rama and vimmal. meh.

    bo and nora were great. i love seeing them united couple. bo is a good dad. and i’m glad it wasn’t matthews drugs. and i’m glad nora said everything she said after when she apologized too. they are like super parents.

    i don’t mind the new song, it’s growing one, even the cheesy video with characters dancing is growing on me. i can’t help it. i just love this show.

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    I think you missed the point. Of course it is good that OLTL mentions what happened on GH. But the point is, they should have just kept ALL the things that happened there because they were all equally good. And they certainly shouldn’t have resorted to a childish lawsuit.

    And the other point is, that if OLTL can take into consideration all the things that happened on GH, than GH should be able to talk about the OLTL characters if they choose to.

    The point is, there should not BE this kind of silly fighting. GH and OLTL should be able to co-exist and be able to talk about each other if they choose to. Now the situation is that this is not the case, and for that I blame Prospect Park.

  13. Profile photo of nessaj85

    Ive always been a GH & OLTL fan but why does OLTL get to talk about Todd being on GH but GH cant even mention any of the OLTL characters that were on GH? I think Prospect Park is mad cause GH is still on TV & OLTL was cancelled by ABC they need to get over it. The lawsuit against ABC just makes them look bitter

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